The Lost World Earth

With the lightning speed advancements of AI along with the accompanying immersive VR/AR/MR worlds being developed for mass distribution throughout the planet I envision what is coming as the acceleration of mankind toward its final destination, the Apocalypse!

The building of a high tech world that will have No Character or Real Substance, but instead just a lot of fakers and delusional misrepresentation of past reality!  Humans are attempting to move deeper and deeper into the artificial and non-existent realm from the land of the actual living, then on into the Dead Zone.  Not an upgrade for the human race but a decline in HUMANity.

Profit making allures are being executed while distracting people from the value and true importance of life, into a world of deceptions and nefarious sinister designs; to make mankind OBSOLETE!

Mark my words if this trend continues the “human beings” on Earth will “cease” to Exist!

Lawrence Morra

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

2 thoughts on “The Lost World Earth”

  1. “Imagination Era is here.”
    So is the culture of death, along with instant gratification and a disposable society! This is all a toxic cocktail in my mind! Giving mankind a built-in obsolescence!

    “Acting skill related to the limited Special Effects they had in the Golden Era of Motion Pictures, and working around them, it’s all too easy nowadays. Just stand in front of a green screen.”
    The Classic entertainers are breathtaking to watch because they did the WORK and put their heart and soul along with their guts into PERFORMANCE! Sure there is a novel gratification to imagining one’s self dancing alongside Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly, but what true artists would want to see themselves in a fake world with past LEGENDS except for some daydreamer or egomaniac that has no real life! All this novelty for curiosity sake is one thing but to think this should replace the real deal is stupid to be quite blunt! Like I say more for people that are lazy and have nothing going on and want to pretend they are something they aren’t; an extreme version of living vicariously through another! Lest people forget AI has at it’s root, “Artificial.” Only God can Create!

    “AI will continue to evolve and permeate most if not all industries in the future – including creative ones.”
    This gives more people an excuse to be lazy bystanders and not do the hard work of building character and actual talent, say like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page to name a few true great guitarists who worked very hard to achieve the level of expertise they did. Where is the greatness in having AI with countless algorithms processing feverishly to concoct a tune so the person or actual human can try to take credit for doing something great? Nonsense! No heart or soul in this scenario, a person may as well be an earth worm!

    “My true fear is that actual musicians will be swept under the carpet and replaced by software. The end result will be same tasteless drone sound that is pushed upon the public currently! Advancement in technology, while helpful and meaningful in many areas, needs to remain a tool, not the operator.”
    I concur with you totally. We need more great teachers like you who inspire young people giving them a passion to learn and hone their craft or artistic talent and personal creativity! Nothing great should or does come easy, and you know that! Hard work and dedication to push the limits is what I see it as being all about, and this concept of AI as the greatest thing since sliced bread is saying give growing artists a crutch from the get goes to avoid ingenuity or even genius to flourish! Self-reliance and just being able to go the distance separates the real dedicated professionals from the wannabes! This nonsense is all part of the newer generations foolishness that everyone is a winner for just showing up, and now they would like to think their son or daughter will be a highly praised artist because the AI made them so! Ridiculous!

    “Instant gratification has no heART. The process of seeing a piece come through variations of idea, to placement is irreplaceable. Children especially learn so much about the world around them when going through hands on process of creating.”
    I applaud you and your family of artists and I truly appreciate real artists! I do agree with all you said but I want to stress that there is a sinister side to AI which will be utilized and even worshiped by many people! There is an inherent danger in having tools that become our masters because we enslave ourselves to them out of laziness, nefarious designs or even stupidity! I look at it like the alcoholic even, who is in perpetual denial until the one day the sickness does him in! I want to be as self-sufficient as possible and strive for that bench mark in all I do! That is why I’m a jack of all trades and a master of a few! They won’t make any tool or machine that will replace me very easily nor you and all true artists! But, beware of the diabolical application of AI to rule the masses; it is out there on the horizon!
    Just like cloning and gene editing and the like, we were talking about those new arenas of technology and science decades ago and how unethical it would be to play God and manipulate genes or try cloning people! Now all of that is here and the capabilities are there to do what was the unthinkable a few decades ago with all of the ethical and moral implications being sidetracked many times. Societies apparently go along for the ride and toss out moral implications in favor of making a buck or getting it over on another Nation! Combine all of this and we are on a frightening trajectory make no mistake about it someone will use these TOOLS and TECHNOLOGY to do bad things! Pandora’s Box has been opened!

    “Is it so hard to write a song that you need AI to assist you? Is it so hard to learn a bit of music theory, chord progressions, arpeggios, chromatic scales? Quality of the song matter infinitely more than mass produced songs/hit singles.”
    I agree completely! If a young artist thinks it’s too hard to learn the chord progressions and music history along with theory then I dare say that person is looking for instant gratification and should give up any delusion of becoming a great artist of any kind. When I was a young kid I imagined myself as I hero worshiped a certain great movie star, that I was doing all the things that he was on the screen! But such flights of fancy were childish daydreaming at best and as I got older I of course GREW UP and went on to work and make a living! I think too many people today have too much time on their hands or don’t want to GROW-UP!

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  2. Good to know many others see the truth and understand how important it is that we are vigilant in protecting ourselves and all those we love or care about from the trappings of high technology. You’re spot-on in your pointing out that we the masses of populations around the globe are the last to know because these things that come out of that Pandora’s Box are molded and developed by the most nefarious and powerful on the planet to seek more control and power! Secret Government Programs an actual X-File category of high tech development is always in motion to get to the finish line before some other nation does. I believe like we have had the race to nuclear weapons during the Cold War and the Space Race which is still about military strategic capability not traveling to distant stars; we now have the AI race to have capability to CONTROL MINDS and manipulate the masses like never before! They “ARE OUT THERE” our own “secret government and nefarious persons” that will not stop in trying to DOMINATE! The future is all about control way beyond the media and cultural manipulations we see used extensively at the present time!

    I understand having fun is one thing but the danger is in this rapidly developing technology and medium or modality of escapism just like a drug people gravitate into delusion and unreality far too easily then to face hard-nosed blatant reality of doing the work and having to struggle in life as being a natural component of what makes us Human and adaptable to conditions which stretches our muscles both of body and mind to have more endurance to continue on into the future! Turning that over to machines to do the work and thinking for us will only be a roundabout way of saying we are obsolete and committing suicide! Being real and self-sufficient trumps anything else! For simple entertainment purposes being able to utilize these technologies for brief period would be a good thing for relaxation and mental pleasure which we all need too. But, I see how smart phones and computer technology has taken far too many younger people far off course from being the very active self-reliant individuals they should be when building their futures and instead becoming a fish in a sea of fishes reacting and behaving according to impulses or inputs they are sent or directed to! Mary are being misinformed and diverted from what is more important to the trivial ridiculous!

    Some of us We see the same thing happening because we see the heart or in much of it the lack of it, as we peer deep within this ARTIFICIAL WORLD of REPLICATION! I just thought about how some of the Legends of the Silver Screen the likes of Judy Garland, Chaplin, Gene Kelly, Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, James Cagney, Bogart, Brando and quite a lot more, how they were Great Personalities with very interesting, even tough backgrounds or struggles that made them who they were! So like the comedian/impersonator would do a James Cagney impersonation and make people laugh with the “You Dirty Rat” was great fun to watch for a bit, but who didn’t want to see the REAL DEAL the actual great talent and artist, the man himself either performing on a stage or in one of the great films he worked in! I saw him in person once as a young fella in some production work before he passed; I would have loved to have known and seen him back before I was born in his heyday doing the incredible WORK he did on stage and in front of a camera! UNREAL, just AMAZING! These youngest around us and even some close to our own age don’t know what they are missing, or how foolish it is to settle for a cheap imitation and fake greatness with all these SFX, CGI mimicry!

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