“From Here to Eternity;” That’s Where I’m Going!

“Loudmouth Good Guy,”

Thank you and same to you brother!  They done me wrong, and did try taking me out, breaking me or ruining me a few times now over the years; but God said He wants to keep me in the fight, so I do!

Now I’ll announce to the world what I told some of these no goods and bastards to their faces over the years “face to face,” you want me gone, you have to blow my brains out you mothers!  I might be like the Frank Sinatra character “Loudmouth Good Guy,” Angelo Maggio in the Classic Film, “Here to Eternity” who had the guts and faith on his side to hang in there against the brutes and spineless thugs of the world, and in the end he got it; bad, but he was NO COWARD or a QUITTER, he was ALL HEART!

“His vibrantly cocky attitude gets him into trouble again and again.  And Again!”  But, his benevolent attitude is demonstrated in some touching scenes, one in particular that I won’t spoil by telling you, so that you can watch it and get the impact fresh!  Ya know, like a punch in the face!  Don’t worry; I won’t breaka you face, goomba; ( Italian: (KUM-PAR-AY) really meaning fellow country man, friend, buddy, comrade.)  Yea, I’m like that guy in that story and maybe a tad like Sinatra being a “WOP” just like the character Sinatra played where he got picked on and “called one of those which he wasn’t,” but to me that was same as calling a black person the N word!  But, I’m also much like his best friend in the movie played by Montgomery Clift as Private Robert E Lee Prewitt, another very good guy with heart who’s a bit of a romantic like me too, but in the film he is the guy that’s a real boxer and knows how to kick ass!  “Maggio is very protective of his family and all his loved ones, including his best friend, Prewitt.  Despite Maggio’s almost reckless impulsiveness and his human character flaws, he really does care about other people deeply to a fault, and is willing to take part in his friend Prewitt’s sufferings if for no other reason than personal affection and his overriding sense of fairness or justice.  But in the end, the sum total of his benevolent characteristics of loyalty and justice coupled with his acute propensity for friendship redeem him which ultimately inspires his best buddy Prewitt to be willing and able to risk his own life for the sake of Maggio’s memory, a lasting legacy of true friendship.

Yea, Angelo Maggio he took some lumps but never quit and that’s me now, had some lumps and willing to take more until I get home!  Or the fat lady sings; whichever comes first!  God’s justice  be done on earth as it is in heaven!  Let no man attempt to stand in the way or flaunt that which God decrees!


Lawrence Morra

For your convenience this link will provide some background and memorabilia on the film.

From Here to Eternity: Sinatra, Rumors, Myths and Casting

BTW this is a line from a comment to me today from a Patriot connection that acted as a spark as I was working out a massive dilemma I’m still dealing with for years now which was a response to an earlier comment I made on the net!  Like I always say we  never know where the needed inspiration or vital message is going to come from! This helped me get my thoughts and heart on this new Blog!

“I sure hope so, brother. God Bless you for fighting the good fight in a socialist pit.”

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

4 thoughts on ““From Here to Eternity;” That’s Where I’m Going!”

    1. Hi Mom! Oh I’m so happy you are there and saw this immediately upon my posting it. I thought of you as I wrote it because I knew you would very much recall this GEM and Masterpiece with such amazing phenomenal talent from another era, and nothing is made like that anymore just like people aren’t like that anymore! These films actually make me cry not just by the touching performances but how much I know we lost a lot when we lost those people and filmmakers! But in the end all will be right with God! I did contrast a bit with the two tragic sentimental characters because this just came to my head today while struggling with my own major dilemma and how I fight back but they keep knocking me down and I see how mean and unfair the system is, while I’m actually a lot like both of those guys in the film; it just came to me today out of the blue!
      Like a cousin on my Mom’s side who once said to me when he was living in North Jersey Bergen County once told me when I was visiting and we talked about a great uncle who only in his 60’s got Alzheimer’s and had always done so much for his loved ones but before and during his illness and tragic sudden rapid death some of those he helped the most, even blood were not so helpful and in fact we thought they had weighed him down too much which brought on the illness more! The cousin who was a Vietnam Veteran said “nothing is sacred anymore there’s no justice here!” Very sad and I feel lots of the same things like in the movie and that story but much of my relatives pain too!
      Son in Christ,

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      1. Dear son, I think it started for us with the Korean War. The wars were simply money makers for the elite. Things have gone downhill since. So many young men lost for nothing, I think and the wars that we are now in. The wars that continue to help the poppies grow have taken our women also. The middle east keeps esculating, and fear fills our young. The only hope is in our God and His love. Love in Christ. Mom.

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      2. Dear Wonderful Mom, you bring a tear to my eyes, because what you say here is TRUTH.
        Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito rose as the axis of evil during WWII which was all satanic influenced and the dress rehearsal in a sense for the time we are in now; but to overpower the entire human race was not doable then and so after that the nuclear age and race began which recently did segue to combine with the digital age which now has brought together the necessary components to overwhelm, divide and conquer the entire human race, and I’m sorry to say it is coming sooner rather than later.
        So, you are 100% absolutely right, no man or human capacity is going to fix this or save us and our ONLY HOPE is our GOD ALMIGHTY, the “Christ Jesus!” “Every knee shall bend to Him alone!”
        Thank you so much for being there Mom and God Bless You and Yours every moment; and know I pray for you.
        Son in Christ,


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