I Notice How Some People are Going Off the Rails

Seek this enlightenment and life is not a problem but a joy

So many rant or complain about all the things they see wrong with their lives or even life in general!

It’s about what one wants to make of life and whether a person places value on the unseen and the beyond or just this simple material plane of consciousness.  Some people will never be satisfied or find peace of any kind but if they see beyond the singular purpose of passing along DNA and that something much bigger than that is happening, then that person will achieve everlasting peace and joy.

Meanwhile, doing one’s best with what they have to work with and appreciating each moment of this life as a golden opportunity is the answer one needs to get the picture and see things in the right light.  Unfortunately too many people only see mundane drudgery and have no purpose to be alive other than to function as a biological machine that takes in and puts out!  Think of it, how stupid that would be for a high and mighty Creator to plan such a stupid thing as that, the Creator being that dumb makes no sense so therefore we must stand in awe of this miraculous gift and opportunity of a basic life each of us has for now set in motion toward a grandeur destination!  We need only to worry about these simpler things that we can handle and leave the giant and miraculous to the Divine One who has it all under control and we’re not expected or able to do anything more than be thankful each and every minute we live!  Seek this enlightenment and life is not a problem but a joy; if not it does seem pointless and a waste.

Some men and women talk about how bad women have had it and how they were and still are so repressed.

Women are not repressed at all and that is a false statement.  They are quite the contrary, especially these days; but not accepting reality is true repression because it restricts one from just living life as it is and was intended not by you or me or any person but by the Creator.  We are not the makers we are the partakers!  Think and face the awe and mystery by living in reality, face it head on, be strong and not a complaining weakling fool!  Far left thinking is a trap to conquer and destroy minds as well as hearts!

Then a woman comes along and shows just how it is done proving that it is up to the individual to make up their mind and face the truth and reality before them.  Perhaps to finally grow up!  This is what I say to her who is awake and positive.

You are a woman which is an honorable thing and you are wise enough to see reality, accepting the greatness of that fact you move forward into the light and joy of being alive, not backward into despair!  The enemy wants any of us to not see the great value in being what we were intended to be while in this plane of material existence; so you decided to live it to the fullest and work your way through it instead of quitting before you start!  Simple truth and facing reality will bring enlightenment and wisdom; but not facing it brings ruin and despair!  In these parts guys would say, “it is what it is,” which is only a fraction of the truth, because “appreciating what it is” shows enlightenment and broadens the perceptions and happiness of living this life to the fullest, even learning how much joy there is in appreciating the simplest things around us!  Then and only then, it all seems so beautiful and enriched!

God’s Love Blessings and Peace.

Lawrence Morra

Added thought here after a conversation with another connection later in the day:

Absolutely true Ishita, so many bad influences out on the information, pop culture highway!  Not just women but men too have to recognize that many highly publicized or acclaimed persons and their mind-sets or organizations are not interested in helping anyone other than themselves!  The Democrat party in America has done this in spades and morphed into an organized conspiracy of thugs, criminals, despots, freaks, and even evil diabolical plotters, a giant nefarious tyrannical machine influencing or controlling media and politics to maintain the agenda to take over the masses!

Subtle humility and simple truth is easy to recognize and know amongst such rabble-rouse nefarious minions! At least for me as I’ve learned sometimes through hard knocks how to see them for what they are straightaway.  Yes, both women and men beware there are those forces in the world that seek to suck you dry like the proverbial Dracula!
But to your main point, women should embrace their positives and negatives because it is what makes us human and different sexes which ultimately together makes us all stronger complimenting each other not tearing each other apart!  In doing this complimentary approach I believe there actually isn’t so much or any negative anyway, as they are not significant within the give and take or ebb and flow of genuine human interactions!  Peace.



Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

18 thoughts on “I Notice How Some People are Going Off the Rails”

    1. Dear Sister in Christ Jesus Marcia, its a blessing to know you and brings joy to the heart to see such goodness and faith at work in others such as you, and I see you are ever so vigilant and that is beautiful! Praise the Lord and may He “Bless and Enrich You and Yours” with His Divine Gifts this Christmas and throughout the New Year! Merry Christmas! Thank you so much!

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    1. Hi Nadiiag, Thank you for the positive feedback and encouragement! I will certainly try to continue expressing my best thoughts and ideas to others and perhaps I will make a difference!
      Take care of yourself.
      Привіт Надіаг, дякую за позитивні відгуки та заохочення! Я, безумовно, спробую продовжувати висловлювати свої найкращі думки та ідеї іншим, і, можливо, я зміню щось!
      Бувай здоров.

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      1. Hi Nadiiag, I just returned from a hike with my dog and found this message waiting. No, not at all, I didn’t see mistakes and I actually thought you must have been using a translator to send messages out to your followers like me. I’m very impressed that you know so much and English isn’t an easy language by any means to learn! I hope your evening has been good, and rest well. Pleasant dreams!
        Good Night.

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      2. Hello, Lawrence. To be honest, English is one of the easy languages, just like Spanish and Polish, for me at least, as for Greek, oh, that is a very very difficult. Still fighting with it)

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      3. Oh I have to agree with you, I believe the romance languages that are derived from Latin are so similar that if you master one the others are then easier to grasp. Sorry I didn’t state more clearly what I was getting at, which was that for some people to jump into studying English coming from say Greek, Arabic, Hindi or Chinese and so on; English can tend to be strange to make heads or tails out of, but I think it’s really all relative anyway, and depends on the person mostly. You Nadiiag, must be a quick study or have a mind that can grasp languages well as not many people can be multi-lingual so much. That is highly commendable that you are motivated to learn these other languages and I think it makes perfect sense when you are in a region of the world where there are many cultures and different languages being used daily all around you. I’m sure you’re aware that our President Trump’s wife the First Lady Melania is from your region of Western Europe/Eurasia and I believe she is fluent in six languages which I think is highly commendable and interesting. I’d say it sounds like you’re well on your way to being the same very soon; if you aren’t already! 👍👏
        Well, back to cooking my dinner, organic chicken with organic vegetables, rice pilaf and lentil soup with mozzarella cheese. I hope your day and evening have been happy and healthy! Thank you for the support!
        God Bless. See you later!

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      4. Thank you for good words. I have no idea where Presidents wife from, Russia? If so, she is not from my region, she is from enemy region) I am from Ukraine and you know, there is a war between us and Russia. I do love languages, I learned some Spanish, Polish, Greek, of course, because I am not using them much now, I started to forget, so, trying at least, to read something daily, at least small article on this languages. I feel pity that I got much worse in those, but will practice again.

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      5. Hello again Nadiiag! Oh yes I should have included before about Melania she is no enemy to you or me or our respective countries and I know at onetime the USSR had infiltrated and had taken possession of so many countries in that region even into Western Europe, but many of those countries like Ukraine are once again independent and free to have their own sovereignty thankfully! Melania is from Novo Mesta, and grew up in Seneca, in the Yugoslav republic of Slovenia.
        Oh but of course as you drift away from using those languages not having need to interact daily it doesn’t take long to forget or get rusty as they say with them and that is only natural,, that happened to me over the years with the Italian and French, now I never use them so it’s not easy to jump right back into the groove. Just that you learned them is a great accomplishment and having a chance to look at an article now and then to freshen up on reading those other languages is a nice thing to do too.
        Hopefully you have a nice evening and sleep well.
        Take care.

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      6. Hello, Lawrence) It is nice to get your feedback. Well, yeah, then she is from Europe, I heard the way she talks, honestly, scratching my ears) Not saying I talk perfect, but I thought she is Russian because of that) Well, as for languages, reading is not healping much too, need to talk a lot and I have no person to talk Greek and Polish) As for Spanish, I guess, I already embarrassed my Spanish, forgot a lot.

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      7. Definitely that is what is comes down to is talking daily or at least frequently enough to keep the mind and ear tuned to those other languages and if you aren’t using it then like a muscle it develops atrophy and gets much weaker! Over here there was an expression growing up in general about not using your skills or mind; “use it or lose it.” I think that might apply to just about anything as I’ve seen even vehicles that sat outside in the weather for years then they either rust up or various seals and bushings deteriorate or rot and then it needs an overhaul to be safe! That might not be the best analogy because the vehicle has to sit idle for many years and losing language skills is more accelerated if not speaking it for even many months, I would say. That was a funny remark saying her talking is scratching your ears! I never heard it put that way but I like that! And, I imagine you speak very well, so not to worry! It must be very late there and I won’t be staying up that late here tonight I didn’t sleep well last night a cold was coming on, but I seem to be kicking it good and shaking it off with all my home remedies so far! Sleep as you know is the biggest part of any cure for most illness, when the body does it’s serious repair work.
        Well, thank for all the insights and we can share much more thinking or ideas I’m sure now that we have an opportunity.
        Thank you again.
        Sleep well!

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      8. Hello,again,sorry for late answer, you might be sleeping already, it is only 7 pm here, in Phoenix. I was painting the doors and before we started to pain exterior of the house, were trying new sprayer. Gonna change the color from dark one to Pearly white. I know sleep is important, but important as well not to sleep the whole night and half day) I feel good if I sleep 8 hours, well, if I am too tired, can be 9, but if more, I feel bad and sleepy,tired, no mood.
        Sleep well too.

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      9. Another surprise Nadiia, I thought you were in your homeland of Ukraine and there it’s quite late so I was concerned about sending more messages so as not to not keep you up but this is interesting! The painting sounds good especially the white being a better color to not absorb so much sunlight or heat it makes some difference and that will look classy and very nice I’m sure! Unfortunately the last few nights I wasn’t sleeping straight through so broken sleep pattern and maybe 4.5 hours to 6 each night and I’m feeling like I have jet lag, LOL. Very good having the ambition to paint this time of day or start the project, let me know how it’s coming along! We’ll touch base soon, so now I’ll sleep better tonight I hope!
        You do the same!
        Talk to you later.

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      10. Ok, Maybe will make a post later about renovation, because we done lots of stuff, painting inside, outside still going, changing bathrooms, kitchen is done, garage still in process. But I share personal stuff on my other blog.
        Ok, sleep tight, have a good rest)


    2. Nadiiag, I wasn’t sure if you understood English very well but this is great news that you are fluent in it! I wish I understood Ukrainian this makes me feel sorry I do not. But thank you for your ability! I also included the translation in case your audience many being Ukrainian would not know what I say to you here; this way it’s simple for all to be on the same page immediately.
      Good news; and I feel happy about this!

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