“Fight Back Like a Fire Breathing Dragon; I Will Not be Defeated”

I won’t be defeated by lies or nefarious weak devils, who want to destroy me, no, no, I will turn into a fire breathing dragon

Yes, someone sparked my imagination and I just had to let this out!!!!   Part me, Part what the world did to me!!!

Life can be complicated or simple and usually we get some of both regardless of our disposition!  I used to be called a procrastinator by my Dad but then I could just decide, that’s it I’m going to LA and toss my suit cases and tool boxes into my car trunk and in a few days I was in LA checking out the beaches and then UCLA!  Then right from that I was in the WB Studios or Burbank Studios as well.  As far as knowing more than I say; in my case it was a match I know a lot to be honest but I talk about stuff I know just as much as I think it, which means I’m almost none stop mouth piece built into my brain.  I think I shoulda gone with the suggestion of “Radio DJ Talk Show Host” I got thrown at me a few times or the other was, laugh here; auctioneer!  I do notice a lot too, but did miss a few very important signals a few times and “got burned big time,” so that is a big one to be sharp on!

That people hating how you show them up for how dumb ass they are did happen; or outright jealousy did get in my way but not as much as life did sometimes, so it’s all about rolling with the punches I would say now!  You know; get up, brush yourself off, and get moving on to the next chapter, and just be better prepared next time!

I think the control issue isn’t so bad with me I really prefer to be congenial and kind but just being so sure of myself and what I will or won’t do can make me seem hard or controlling even.  But, I’m good with admitting when I’m wrong and want to try hard to fix things always!

OH, I’ve had fire in me plenty of times, passion or ambition came and went but just like romance and infatuation did too!  Life is like that, because people are fickle and unpredictable if you know what I mean; unless you get a steady as a rock almost saintly one, which is harder to find in the modern day fast paced me, me world!  I know my grand’s and other old-timers would tell me stories about the simple times way back when and it does seem beautiful in many ways that there was way less pressure to prove shit for them back then, but they had more time to grow slowly in their work and family through genuine love and daily, sweat of the brow.  Not this overly competitive trying to get more and do better than the next one asinine worldly BS!

Oh man; so I know about what someone’s lies can do and they did to me, then the truth was all that could set me free, from the pain and headache or heartache the liar can cause!  This is the worst area of your piece here, the lies and backstabbing some rotten people do to another; and I mean life altering horror!  Not quite Edgar Allen Poe, but, A Little House of Horrors, perhaps?

But, when the going is tough the tough get going, and that is my story, I won’t be defeated by lies or nefarious weak devils, who want to destroy me, no, no, I will turn into a fire breathing dragon, if I must; to push back to the edge of the earth if need be!

Ohhhh, this next one about doing it to myself I sure did and in more ways than one!  Yea, and once you do that to yourself I learned it isn’t always easy to undo it to myself.  Most of it was bad shit too, so I think doing that to yourself isn’t all it’s cracked up to being; at all!

Well, I’ll exit stage left here as I know I’m on a rant and if it keeps up you’ll really think I’m crazy if you don’t already!  Ya catch my drift!  CIAO!  Or is it Meow!!!

Tiger of the neighborhood

Lawrence Morra

PS If I didn’t bore you completely and you have a bit of Tiger in you just continue another moment and read my comment below! I decided to not add this additional commentary to the body of the Blog, but to instead separate some this way to leave an option! Which life doesn’t always give to us; or are our options what we decide they are?  Hey, at least I’m giving you one this way upfront!  Fair enough wouldn’t you say!








Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

16 thoughts on ““Fight Back Like a Fire Breathing Dragon; I Will Not be Defeated””

  1. Meanwhile back on the ranch the guys are all getting pissed off over the Nation’s political debacle and simultaneously while this other idea had come to mind about fire spitting dragons this real-time real-life battle was ensuing and I thought how ironic this all plays into the nightmare I experienced a short time back in my own political battle with nefarious persons and agents of doom; so I include this slice of life or the minced meat pie for your edification!
    I knew exactly what you meant but you don’t get what I meant! When civilizations or societies are forged rules and regulations as to how the people of those entities will or will not behave or act in accordance with the society must be established and that can and does vary greatly depending on who was in charge in the first place and what the ground rules are established during any foundational period! America was a new land and nation from the ground up to all the settlers from Europe those forebears did design and establish a masterpiece called the Bill of Rights and US Constitution! Since then we have had some various interpretations and implementation of additional principles or amendments added, but all in all its been a very stable system of governance “Of the People and By the People and For the People” until very recently, when nefarious designs were implemented by some of the most evil despicable humans on the planet that got together and figured they have a better plan for us all, and while most of the public was sleeping these SOB’s have been working overtime to set us all up for a fall, and they will rob the candy shop and that will be that! And not coincidentally at this time this book comes out from a Vatican author while the Pope has been going rogue doing very strange things, “The Secret Knowledge of Catholic Exorcists Compiled Into A New Book;” which of course are mounting evidence of just how bad things have gotten in our God Forsaken wretched human race world! Spiritual warfare in motion, Jihadists in America!
    But, now back to the slice of life minced meat pie for your eating pleasure! The main thrust obviously to me in the forefathers thinking was to prevent government from becoming oppressive and controlling to the point of tyranny which they had escaped with the “King George” and other European tyrants who had for centuries ruled over peasant classes of people with impunity; so here in America this was the Grand Experiment they fought for and we should be willing to do the same and preserve it or we have tossed it all in the toilet to let some new tyrants step on us and tell us how we can breathe, shit and live! Now the Fd-Up Dems and some Rinos with Bureaucrats and Fat Cats have been rigging the system to sock the screws to us all so they can rule with impunity as those in the past have! But only now with the digital age they will know what and how you do whatever you do pretty much 24/7, 365 days of the year! Look at the elitist scums that have gotten away with bloody murder and live like Kings and Queens and what did they do to gain that stature, NOTHING but ruin! Now they have flooded our nation with non-Christian thinking hateful enemies of both Christians and America to create a crisis and gain votes that will service their AGENDA! This is what happens when people are not of Godly devotion and lying tyrants have such vast power over the people just like in past civilizations, when we now have ungodly bastards in control in too many places joining forces to gain ultimate power! This while they feed the people a steady diet of “bread and circus”as in the ancient Roman Empire, legalized pot and all manner of perversion allowed just about anywhere now to appease and place the people in a drunken stupor! Look at China and we can see that we are not far off from being like that if things aren’t stopped in the short term! Look at the garbage like Bernie or Omar and AOC; shit like that gaining power is absolutely INSANE! Balls to the wall folks if the paradigm isn’t reversed very soon!

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  2. Hi Lawrence🙋‍♀️ Sorry u experienced these bad things and nasty lying people. Just to let u know there still r some real sweeties out there that would love to bump into u. I dont know how the dating scene is these days but I feel that if two people really get along it’s a wonderful sign. Maybe living in LA its maybe best to stay away from the kind of girls that want the spotlight and look more so at the woman who just have a normal life. Keeping grounded and respect is so essential for all parties involved 🌻

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    1. 🙋♀️ Hey how are you!? Thank you for this warm, heartfelt supportive comment and I couldn’t agree with you more! The sad truth is though that our social culture has gotten so poisoned with nefarious ideas and operators that thinking about finding others of like mind with genuine integrity, character and conscience is very much hit and miss to say the least. It’s a real demolition course for any of to take chances anymore like years ago when one could be more footloose and fancy free and all would end well regardless of agreements or disagreements resulting. Now many more people than not can be vicious and even revengeful to another so easy regardless of how much damage or conflict it causes! God knows all we need do is look at how the major political arena behaves to see how serpentine some humans have become in their efforts to win or out do the other guy or gal. That said I know there are some sweet dear hearts and souls out there but getting to find and know them in a proper fashion and over time is the only sensible thing to do, just an unfortunate byproduct of the too secular materialistic gimme culture that has evolved. Meanwhile there are plenty of us genuine caring harmless sorts out in the world but having to keep out of the spotlight to not end up being like the proverbial moth that gets too close to the hot light or flame getting burned badly! I like to tell people let’s keep in touch and see what happens, what’s the hurry anyway? Hey, here’s a novel idea; “Let’s Keep in Tough!” One never knows what good surprise might be waiting up around the next bend in the road or on our chosen paths! 🌻

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      1. Culture has changed and availability of steadfast relations sure has changed. But I believe there is someone out there who is just going to click with u. Keep urself open or u might miss opportunities available to u.

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      2. Oh how true your words ring clearly in the soul! To your main point here that I will get to; first let me preface here with a comment I made on another bloggers post just the other night that dovetails with what you brought up now!
        “Partly due to aging but mainly because I got hammered by physiological insults to my health due to an orchestrated major workplace industrial chemical/toxins injury then that coupled with having to fight my way out (be my own lawyer in a rigged system) of the predicament the nefarious had put me into as the system was not going to lift a finger for me which is a major sign of the times! — ‘When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know your nation is doomed.’ -Ayn Rand
        Then I went on to say; “but was only back East for a short time when I met Angela; we hit it off immediately and her accent was to die for; I absolutely loved that and everything about her at the time. But, again I was falling out of the loop too easy being a bit transient, although still after a couple years down the road I called the wealthy family she worked for to check in with her and she had gone back to Scotland, but the lady of the house gave me her telephone number and I called immediately! Got hold of Angela’s mother who said Angela had gotten back to Scotland and an old close friend of hers apparently wasn’t taking any chances or going to let her slip away again, so he proposed to her and they got married! I decided to leave well enough alone and didn’t call her. Kind of felt like a dummy as well, so not an easy thing to deal with at that point!” Here is the clincher, “I even had a dream one weekend of another such lady who I never met but that same day I went to the seashore to relax by the rocky coastline that I loved for solitude, and wouldn’t know lying on this tiny beach there with not so many people around, and just like in the dream (no fooling) was this lady another European fine person who worked for a very wealthy family that her father was friends with because of a company partnership they had between Holland and the US. Same story with her though, after a while the old friend back home made the move and faaa-get-about-it. My cousin once said Lawrence you snooze you lose!”
        “Ha,ha sure that’s a funny one to remember anyway, just too bad I didn’t let it sink in sooner! I got the laughs but not the prize! You hear that out there folks, you can laugh too but don’t snooze too long; you might miss something special!”
        Anyway you or others may have read this text previously but even if you did it’s worth thinking about more than once, at least for me right! 🤗 Anyway, I guess I’m a funny guy, too funny!


    1. 🧚‍♀️I hear that, if you were I would be at the head of the line! I told the other Blogger when I got into this rant I better hold back this isn’t “Dear Abby!” 🧚‍♀️ All good my friend, have to roll with the punches, and it all comes out in the wash anyway! I tend to use “Shout It Out” with my tough laundry stains, works rather well! Maybe tonight I’ll howl at the full moon we’re having, even though I don’t have my 🐺Samoyed’s,🐺 I used to practice enough that I’m still up to it, like riding a bicycle; you never forget how! 💫

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      1. I know what you mean. I had a cat once that I had to take in because a sister moved and couldn’t keep it as no pets were allowed in her new apartment. But, that cat was very cute and grew on me waiting for me to return from work each day, and I was her hero; we grew very much attached to each other and she would even sit on my shoulder at times. Then once I got back to having a dog again after many years without one, the dog person in me came out into full bloom! I had a few Samoyed’s along with mixed breed adoptees and at times it was like Jack London’s call of the wild around here with me howling like a wolf with them! Ouhoooo….

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      2. Ha, ha yes indeed! I suppose I’m not only “a dog person” as they say, but perhaps more succinctly put, “its the dog in me,” as I don’t mind at all getting down to their level; in a sense! Being animals too, we do have “The Call of The Wild” in our DNA! Being real is always fun over the alternative, like night and day or life and death; wouldn’t you say? 🙂

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      3. You’re so right! God said upon completion of His universe it is good, more or less one might say. But, your point is accurate I know from my own observations, even on my own property as I often times watched the new litters of squirrels playing so happily with one another, so precious and innocent, truly blissfully they would hold each other and scurry up and down the trunk of the massive tree I planted as a teen in honor of my mother in the center of the property; which served as their safety and playground! Over the course of many years I captured their antics on video with several squirrel families that called that same tree home, until something changed all of that which was an act of human vengeance or retaliation by government officials that were hell-bent with a nefarious agenda going unchecked as they carried out their actions with impunity, all because I dared to speak up and point out truth in behalf of my community and nature; all of which meant nothing to them! These men were and are my enemies and of course ultimately the animals and God’s too! This is the dichotomy of this realm of existence at work where such beauty and innocence is corrupted and even attacked by opposing force! I to this day now and for over the last several years still work to fight back and hold accountable these nefarious persons who walk among us with no conscience or mercy! This is why through this example of stark contrast we much learn to appreciate every second of the good and beauty that is all around us as we breathe; even unto our last dying breath!
        Thank you for pointing out this wisdom here on the Blog, and stimulating my deepest inner thoughts and feelings about what truly matters! God Bless You and Yours.

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