Either Demonic Possession or Absolutely Insane

“people will do what they do.”



Authorized Vandalism?

By Conservative Research Group– July 11, 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is finally facing the social media wrath after encouraging lawlessness and mob rule around the country. She was criticized heavily when offering a dismissive statement on vandalizing and tearing down historical statues.

When Pelosi was asked about a statue of Columbus that was thrown into Baltimore harbor by protesters she responded, “I think that’s up to the communities to decide what statues that they want to see. If the community doesn’t want the statue there, the statue shouldn’t be there.” Quite the wishy-washy response we would expect from a Democrat.

She admits she is not the biggest fan of monuments, noting that she hasn’t even kept her grandmother’s earrings, and that she’s more interested in terms of what people have accomplished. She went on to say that the vandalism against the Columbus statue hasn’t diminished her pride in her Italian heritage.

Pelosi has remained completely dismissive in asking for a formal process where a community could be involved in the political process to tear down a statue. Of course she has because she has no solution. Democrats whine and whine about the problems, but are never the ones to offer up a viable solution. She might as well shrug her shoulders and say “people will do what they do.” Oh wait, she did actually say that.  Critics surfaced in the comments section after Pelosi’s video hit social media claiming that the House Speaker who runs the House of Representatives is encouraging mobs to tear down statues in our cities. It’s been pretty clear the last few weeks that Democrats stand with violent mobs.

Pelosi has failed; to ignore the destructive mobs vandalizing statues and destroying public property. “There is a legal, civil process for putting up and removing statues. That is what makes us a democracy, not a violent anarchy,” replied Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.).

The left is encouraging lawlessness and mob rule. It’s time to hold those accountable to the law and not just letting it slide because it’s trending in the media to do so. Protesters have used the outrage of George Floyd’s death to justify public property destruction, looting stores, and ripping down all historical statues that don’t agree with their political narrative.

These left-wing politicians do not care about the destruction of America. There’s been no consent to the protesters roaming around cities that aren’t theirs and tearing down statues. There’s been no consent from the citizens for such actions. Zero morality and no moral compass from Pelosi. Politicians will only care when the rioters show up to their house.


Zero Lift-Off  Only The Beginning

“Summary Opinion of the Situation” by Lawrence Morra

This highly newsworthy accounting regarding the Speaker of the House in the US Congress Pelosi, should give anyone who cares about this country let alone their own life cause to want something done ASAP to rid our government of this vile destructive menace that is on a hell ride down the road to perdition with complete destruction to soon follow!  Pelosi has been and is totally out of control and is nothing more than a power gloating slimy crooked and wicked politician, that doesn’t care one iota about you, your children or any loved one and if we were to all die today; she wouldn’t bat an eyelash! Her thinking is that of a DEMON and only wants hate and misery to prevail.  I see clearly that she is ruled by Either Demonic Possession or Absolutely Insanity!  The time has come for We the People, citizens, to DEMAND that she and others in her cult be removed immediately from their offices or positions to be followed by indictments for treason, fomenting mayhem, sedition, crimes against humanity, espionage, racketeering, conspiracy and many other related breaches of law both federal and state!  Petitions and forming public action committees is now a necessity while Patriot Citizen’s Arrest Groups are to be formed to step in where our current DOJ and Law Enforcement Agencies are either reluctant or even complicit in not performing this duty of upholding the US Constitution and maintaining Law and Order, to afford that proper governance is being maintained.

Pelosi says; “people will do what they do!” And I say; what Pelosi, be criminals like you and your cartel!

Lawrence Morra

Remember what Edmond Burke said:

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

The following links to articles I’ve written may be of some value I hope in conveying the seriousness of where we all stand as a Nation of Free Citizens under the US Constitution and how we must answer to the need placed before us now; by these most despicable human beings this country has ever had in its government!  God bless America!










The Face of Abject Corruption and Evil

Biden the face of abject corruption and evil

Biden insane over the top docu.jpg


Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

20 thoughts on “Either Demonic Possession or Absolutely Insane”

  1. They know what they’re doing they stir up conflict to proceed in their agenda therefore making people feel like they are in control when in fact they are just being like Lambs led to the slaughter in a way that is sneaky, as time rolls on people will see and they will keep going along with it because people don’t want to see what’s really happening, for the majority this is too far-fetched and on the lines of conspiracy theory, too bad most people don’t understand that life truly is Stranger Than Fiction but we worship the Living God who we know is in control and he is coming back so let them do what they do we just go out there and and be a lamp fill of the lords true light, because the laborers are truly very few

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    1. Thank you Jennifer! Wonderfully said and I agree! I want to share with you and anyone else as interested what I just wrote to another blogger who was trying to make sense of life and these trials and tribulations from an intellectual standpoint and I’ve been there done that so I had this to say about the mounting chaos and it dovetails perfectly to your response here which i actually read first thing after clicking send on the other blog! Tell me God isn’t working in mysterious ways and that He is our light and only path to follow the real hope for anyone who will open their eyes and see and listen with the ears he gave us to do so. Quite remarkable after not seeing any comment from you on anything here on my blog for a time to suddenly provide this insight at this pivotal moment that fits perfectly!

      GET WISE!
      You can’t look at life or what you are doing in it from a purely intellectual standpoint; that is mere folly and a dead end for sure! Wisdom not intellect or just playing heart strings internally will give one the proper focus and lead you to the light and TRUTH! We are mere children of God’s but the Devil wants any of us to either think we can lick it and figure it out for ourselves and get to be somebody important or to cower in fear so overwhelming that we’re afraid to take a step in any direction! Those are ways the devil gets us to defeat ourselves and like the old expression an idle mind is the devil’s playground well I say a mind and heart not seeking God’s truth through His Holy Spirit is lost to all manner of folly and ruin. Worry and or being deluded is what many people end up doing and I dare say the majority of people these days are deluded and living in a world of chaos with no point to existing and not knowing or caring where they are going as long as they can get things or have lots of money! People have gotten mesmerized by technology and more stupid lacking basic common sense and intestinal fortitude and are a bunch of complainers or crybabies so when the shit hits the fan they freak out or go insane and do bad things to others to take revenge on something or anyone other than themselves for being so blind and asinine! People that want to make it to the promised land in the great beyond better start waking up fast and realize they were created by God who has a plan and not us we have as you said nothing to go by only our silly half-assed ideas of what we can do here on earth to get ahead or outdo the next guy! We need to humble ourselves on bent knee to the awesome power of all the universe which is God Almighty and He is going to make straight and proper all things, but, meanwhile we have a job to do which is to seek His truth and understanding in order to live in accordance with His will not our own petty stupidity of thinking we can rise to power and be godlike beings and then crash and burn anyway, it happens every day to billionaires or paupers alike and we see it especially in the political realm with so many that are drunk with earthy power, but, degenerate into lumps of meaningless wicked flesh beings that only cause ruin to all they touch! Work of the devil or working to serve God and His plan for us; which is it going to be, that’s the most important reason for being here; each person’s free will or choice and God wants it that way for a good reason. That’s the way God planned it to be, and, then we can be free of all this madness or going nowhere finite dead-end existence to be in eternal bliss and perfection! I want to be with that holiness and nothing in this world can entice me away from that one goal! All is vanity here unless this one truth is applied and accepted!
      “Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, Vanity of vanities! All is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 1:2,
      Romans 8:20 says that all creation was subjected to vanity because of God’s curse. When Adam sinned, God cursed all that He had made (Genesis 3:17–19). In other words, perfection was lost. All of creation is now falling short of its original purpose; rather than working in harmony with God and creation, inhabitants of the earth have turned on each other and against God. We still reel from the effects of that curse. Everything meant to be right side up is upside down. The chaos and insanity of the world as we know it are due to the fact that God has subjected creation to vanity until the time when it will be set free (Romans 8:21).

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      1. Yes I agree, the verse that comes to me a lot after all these upheavals of my life and what seems like standing still is when the Lord stated “those that lose their life shall save it”, so I know though the road is rough the Lord will make it smooth by his peace that passes any man’s understanding so with everything going on now this is just a tip of the iceberg of how things are going to change, but glory to God for the time is coming as a stated though it tarries it shall surely come and that day my hope is in the Lord as we all should have hope in, I don’t have to understand everything but just do what I know to do right and strive to love God with all my heart and then I will love my neighbor as myself because if you love God with all your heart everything else falls into place being a new creature having the old self die off , and all these things going on in the world will keep happening and on a bigger scale As Time Ticks by though I do pay attention to what’s going on I don’t involve myself too much with the news or anything like that because we know internally with the spirit of Christ what is happening, anyway God bless you have a wonderful evening brother🙏🏻🔥


      2. Hi Jennifer! Yes you said it right here again, I can appreciate your difficult passage and the good in this world are being tested I think like never before because so many things are out of whack and the old school that I can remember from parents and grandparents is virtually dead and buried and a few Remnants remain here and there, even in people like you and I. Again you’re right about how these things will only get worse and escalate because the evil one is working overtime to bring on sheer mayhem and suffering the likes of which this weary planet has never seen. I still want to do what I can to serve the Lord in constructive ways which will enhance any good as well to perhaps be His instrument to enlighten others or even awaken the dead in Christ Jesus before their opportunity is gone. Key here is what you mentioned which is something I wrote the other day; how anyone who saves his life will lose it and anyone that loses their life will save it. We should not love our lives here in this, what I have to call nightmare now because it’s so corrupted and on the precipice of doom; why would I want to be glorified here? I’m not falling for any material half-baked promise of fame or fortune and a dead-end. I want only the peace, eternal love of God and tranquility that can only be had by being in God’s presence in His glorious kingdom! I really appreciate your valuable insight and wisdom that you bring to these discussions or narratives about God and our purpose for being here! I will look forward to any additional thoughts and sharing of Scripture anytime!
        God bless you also and have a wonderful evening sister🙏🏻🔥

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  2. Blessings brother Lawerence,
    God is truly good and he is wise and he is Almighty in all his ways, I appreciated your comments as well if there’s ever any prayer requests that you need prayer about please let me know and I will pray.🙏🏻🔥 Thank you for your encouragement and I pray you have a blessed day in the Lord, and likewise with you if you have any additional thoughts and scripture to share I would be happy to read it.

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    1. Thank you Sister Jennifer and of course blessings back to you!
      God is all of what you say and I’ll take you up on that prayer request offer sometime soon I’m sure! 🙏🏻🔥
      You recall that your notice came out of the blue in my message cue nearly a couple of months ago when I had done some demolition at home and may have been contaminated in my respiratory system and was not wanting to run to a clinic with all the Covid situation and needed reassurance and after praying that night I woke just after midnight when your notice simultaneously came along with another Christian lady’s which had this Scripture, “God’s mercies are new every morning.” Lam 3:22-23 I hadn’t contacted either of you and we hadn’t crossed paths on here in months but what you both had to say dovetailed perfectly with the situation! Today another lady’s message came who I never had anything to do with until the past couple of days had sent me a comment during the star of the new day and her text ended saying, “remember who wakes you each day!” I tell you this because I’m always amazed, but, totally sure and have been for years that the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ speaks to us and is always there if we have faith and open our hearts to Him and listen. So, I guess I’m saying there are no coincidences and we are surely part of God’s beautiful glorious plan, even though we struggle as imperfect broken or even frail beings the way we are, but, no worries because we have him the Almighty and with Him there is nothing to fear or that can defeat us; not even death! It’s all covered for us and we just need to believe and love Him! I hear that positive strength in you and what you say so that makes me smile and I’m happy for you! Keep that glowing truth in you constantly and I look forward to more sharing in Him! Yes, don’t hesitate to just say hello or ask anything, we can talk for sure.
      Have a beautiful day. 🙏🏻

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      1. 🎼🎼🎼😇 Right back at ya Sister! Oh isn’t that beautiful how our precious Lord is confirming many things so often and hasn’t given up on me or you and so many others in need now. I just a moment ago responded to another fine Sister with this, “God gave us so much good to work with yet humans continue to find ways to bring more ruin and misery upon themselves and others! Such fools the people are in so many ways! Me too, I still know I don’t do well enough, but, I have to try harder! I send my prayers out that God will bless all of the afflicted!
        Of course I ask that God bless you and yours! Amen.”
        That was for her whole extended family of grandchildren and of course I pray the same for you and any of your loved ones!🙂
        We’re now confronted with pestilence not just a crisis, which I sadly feel like you, had alluded to previously will only continue as these things are coming upon a world in trouble. But, then all God’s plan must unfold and His prophecy fulfilled in accordance with His Holy plan. Amen. 🙏🏻

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  3. Yes it is beautiful 🙏🏻 instead of trying harder try to rest in God’s word and just let him flow through you so the Lord spirit will work through you in a way where you know it is God and you glorify God because it will be nothing of yourself this is what I’m learning all over again oh, I hope that helps , and like I said any prayer requests send them my way and I will pray. I have one for you …I need prayer 🙏🏻🌾for the Lord’s discernment in me I have some very hard-pressed spiritual matters that I’m facing right now and I need the spirit of God to open my mind for discernment and edification so I can see properly and divide the word of Truth properly, because as time keeps rolling on Satan knows it’s his last hour so he’s throwing out all the punches that he’s going to throw which God is allowing for his purpose and for the alignment of his will to be done so things can be more intricate and more deceiving oh, so please pray for me because I could really use them. Thank you again may the Lord bless you Shirley with all this grace mercy love fruits of the spirit Walking In Love affirming the time because the time is Drawing Near.

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    1. OMG!!! Jennifer, I will pray for you and work on this process of edification now! What I just went through was an attack by Satan no doubt that started Saturday and ended tonight when I faced it head on with I must say a Rosary on as I went to investigate something with one of my camera’s, knowing that the way things happen these days I could have walked into a set-up and mayhem that would result in me being physically attacked and harmed or killed! I came out into the light of God and paths of righteousness now; I have on the song I love so much sang by Johnny Nash, “I Can See Clearly Now,” which only came to my mind now because as soon as I got online and read one notification the first one in the cue just ahead of yours it was about the rain and getting caught in it, then I see what you’re talking about now and it blows me away because God is working in us now this moment and loves us so much, He will protect us because as you said Satan is throwing everything including the kitchen sink at all of us to drive us crazy, ruin, discourage or anything negative to knock us off our path to Jesus, but, we have the power girl!
      Here is some of what I just said, prior to your notification I’m reading here from you!
      “On that note it reminds me of Gene Kelly doing Dancing in the Rain which is a classic scene I actually LOVE, so wow that is so cool to have inspired this idea in my head, because now I want to “dance in the rain;” not that I can even begin to dance like a Gene Kelly, but, just the frolicking in the downpour idea seems magical to me right now and you had a little magic come your way, really! I used to think that way you did, back when I was a kid with my buddies when the summer thunderstorms would move in we would go put on our swimming trunks and play to our hearts content in the rain, puddles and lie on the lawn rolling around like flapping fish out of the pond!
      On a serious note to mention the vanity and pride that is good you were able to toss that burden off because we know they are actually killers and you had a case that was literally physically doing that, and, you were by the grace of God able to address it properly and with Jesus walk through the storm to the new “bright shiny day.” This brings me precisely to the one thing that came to mind this second Johnny Nash singing, “I Can See Clearly Now,” the rain has gone, which is one of my all-time favorite songs and the voice touches my soul; so see how the rain coming is good because a “bright shiny day” comes after it passes, and, it helps to wash away so much that needed to be addressed, to move on and grow too. Storms even have a place in the scheme of things as they punctuate the complacency we can fall into just being creatures of habit getting into that proverbial rut, and, the storm is a boot in the ass to shake things up, but, also to REFRESH!
      Look Straight Ahead, Nothing but Blue Sky All Around! Here is that Rainbow I’ve been Praying for!
      But, I needed this boot in the ass! It was a spin-off of your experience Saturday and I had a lousy one, people caused not the rain, but, that just got straightened out today and this came to top it off!
      We can all be victims or champions the latter of course being the preference which we get to be with Jesus as our leader and loving Lord. Amen.”
      I know there is something in here for you Jennifer I can feel it, and, sure I’ll work more on this with you Sister! God loves you and so do I!
      Get back to me!
      God bless you! 😉 🙏 🙏
      Brother in Christ Jesus,


      1. Thank you brother Lawrence,. Well the Lord has shed light on the situation I’ve been going through I talked with the sister in the Lord and the Lord’s grace and mercy discerned it so God is good 🙂 and the lord loves you too :-)! Thank you brother blessings upon you and your family as well, as always we have to remember as it says in the word of God be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove , I’m so thankful to the Lord when we pray to the Lord he is faithful and just to answer us as we seek and find the answers in the word and in prayer with the Holy spirit, just trusting in the Lord alone , I’ve been getting reproved lately praise God for that!🙂he is trustworthy and true and his love truly never fails just wanted to share that praise report have a wonderful evening brother the Lord is always working , may we be ready and found faithful when that day comes, the Lord’s grace mercy and love this is possible as we seek the truth and love the truth will all our hearts, and feed on the word of God the bread of life resting in Christ Alone. Anyway have a wonderful evening brother🙏🏻🔥

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      2. 🙂 Hi Jennifer, thank you for his thoughtful response and explanation! I’m so glad to hear that you’re been getting reproved and basically if I can say it this way, seeking and finding a more focused and clear alignment with Jesus through the Holy Spirit in order that you will be doing our Father’s will continually. I hope that was a good explanation because I think it’s also what I seek and these are most troubling of times putting us all to the test in our faith and just daily living. As even now is a new day last night I thought perhaps things would be calmer today and I just after a conversation with an official and then a priest/friend find that I may need to work more on these concerns to see to it that justice prevails; maybe this is the work God has me cut out for, or maybe not, but, I must seek and discern to make sure I’m doing whatever I should be doing. Pray for me in this regard, that I deal with man-made powers and authorities that are in some cases being used and manipulated by nefarious spiritual powers to do harm! I will let you know anything more as I can, but, I’m sure much prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit is needed. 🙏🏻🔥
        Thank you Sister Jennifer.


    1. I was so excited about the connections and dots being connected after what freaking happened to me I didn’t even notice Jennifer! I understood deep enough that mere physical human frailties and glitches were not there! Such an amazing sign from above!!! 🦋

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