Connecticut ‘Satanic’ Desecration Marks 11th Attack on Christian Church

Connecticut ‘Satanic’ Desecration Marks 11th Attack on Christian Church
St. Joseph Church in New Haven, CT
JOHN NOLTE 18 Jul 2020

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by Lawrence Morra
“Many Multitudes are Serving the Beast”

Excellent and very truthful reporting on the actual situation as it’s occurred. Far too many people in the United States and around the globe have already disposed of God and worship Satan or in other words are serving the beast! Many years ago I used to work with a man who was far more devout in his faith than I was but my heart was always in tune with or belonged to Jesus Christ; I just needed to put my focus on the will of God more and not on what I wanted. This friend told me that he and his wife had been to some religious retreats and were aware of some visionary revelations that they shared with me. The one thing I see now with the mob scenes and public figures entrusted with the leadership of some major cities is that they are all serving the beast, and, my friend told me it would be this way in the near future with wild mobs not even thinking or realizing what they are doing or serving! We are there folks, and, this is the real deal; that many people will not be saved from the bowels of hellfire and are going to burn there and suffer for eternity! But, it’s so easy to avoid, by just turning to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while there is still that opportunity! The rest of us who remain steadfast in our faith must keep praying every day while doing our best to serve God the Father, seeking only to do His will by remaining close to the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Lawrence Morra


St. Joseph Church in New Haven, CT

JOHN NOLTE 18 Jul 2020

“St. Joseph’s Church … was vandalized this week, as an unknown individual or individuals painted ‘satanic’ and ‘anarchist’ symbols on its doors,” reports the New Haven Register.

According to St. Joseph’s pastor, Rev. John Paul Walker, the church was desecrated using pink paint, including a pentagram and the symbol for anarchy.

The church announced in a Facebook post:

Between the hours of 9 PM last night and 6 AM this morning, a person or group of persons had painted anarchist and satanic symbols on the doors of St. Joseph Church in New Haven. This follows an apparent trend of desecrating Catholic spaces throughout the nation, as evidenced by incidents in Chattanooga, Queens, Boston, Sacramento, and Ocala. The underlying motive of these sacrilegious attacks is clear: to intimidate and instill fear in the hearts of those who worship Christ.

After being shut down on Thursday…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

4 thoughts on “Connecticut ‘Satanic’ Desecration Marks 11th Attack on Christian Church”

  1. I have not heard of any mosque being attacked by the protesters. The coven of satan has also not been attacked for all I know. I thought it is time for all to realize that the whole thing is targeted at the Church, the last institution standing against the evils trying to overrun America. Americans should pray and do the needful by voting massively for Trump in November. Another four years of Trump will shame the lucifarians and other bunch of evil men and women seeking to end America’s civilization. Great piece I dare say.

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    1. Yes Spot-On Matthew! Great investigative point to mention how could this not be a targeted attack upon the only bottom line strength and glue that has held together America’s true greatness from its inception that It is One Nation under God, the Judaeo-Christian God Jesus Christ who has been its saving grace through its own Civil War and many major conflicts to World Wars and having this type of carnage unleashed upon it; all the while like you said muslim mosques or anything satanic has been attacked or molested in any way! Obviously those are entities that are part of the problem and I dare say primary driving forces behind these unprecedented internal attacks upon this Nation under God and its entire heritage!
      Stepping aside to the fact that we’ve been out of touch I actually thought of you just yesterday when I was having a conversation via telephone with a lady friend who is a devout Catholic whom I haven’t talk to in several months who resided in New York, when during our long getting back into sync hours conversation we talked about many things one of which was the global crisis and NWO agenda being escalated now by the satanic evil foretold like it would happen in Biblical prophecy and we happened to discuss how she prays her rosary daily which I already knew but has now started with a simultaneous worldwide group rosary, and then I happened to just mention that I have a friend in Nigeria who worked in journalism as well has lived in the UK when she said she has friends that are Nigerians and devout Catholics too who pray the group rosary and some are in the UK and Nigeria! That was just several hours ago all this along with the fact that we talked about how Bill and Melinda Gates are part of the diabolical plans and have used, abused and had a part in the murder of many Nigerians or other Native Peoples on the African Continent with their vaccine scam; who thought they were receiving help from the Gates Foundation but who actually poisoned and infected them all, a genocide; part of the build up to what we see now happening with the whole Plan-Demic! So, her just calling me yesterday telling me she is praying for me in this global rosary daily while she is out of work, after several months of no contact at all, and, now you commenting here after a lapse or break in communication of several weeks means only one thing; that God is with us and working in mysterious ways to assure us His faithful all is well, because He is the one true God who is watching over us and will bring us who have abiding faith in Him and His Son Jesus Christ; to Salvation and everlasting life! Amen. There’s no lapse in His infinite love for those that belong to Him as He continues to lead us by the right hand. This brings to mind; “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him” This is our inheritance for being metaphorically one of His lambs here on earth, a child of God’s, which brings a tear to my eyes to know I’m truly loved as you are also by Him who gave us all this abundance and opportunity, the gift above all gifts and to have the peace as well as everlasting life in His kingdom we so sorely need and hope for! Our trust is in Him through whom all things are made possible! God bless you and yours Matt. Thank you for the compliment and I’m happy this piece provided some interest and positive truthful insight on your part that you’ve shared here! Amen.


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      1. Oh my God! What a relief Larry, to read you scintillating pieces again. I have been troubled not reading from you nor getting your posts. It got me so worked up, praying that you were in good health. I could have reached out if I had your email address. The urge was so strong and thank God I saw that post from Zero Lift Off and went into it directly. Thank God you are in good health.
        My family has been praying for God’s intervention; we pray the Rosary specially for that purpose daily. The days are terribly evil. The prayer call is more urgent and we keep feeling the nearness of the close of the age. I thank God for the faith of the sister with whom you chatted on phone. May God bless her and answer our prayers for the salvation of God’s faithful.
        I am glad reading from you again, Larry. God bless you with the wisdom to continue to serve His purpose of saving souls on the highway to hell. Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.


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