No Midnight Mass at Midnight This Year! Could it be Due to the Desecration in the Vatican Last Year?

My first thoughts before I even finished reading this article, was that final preparations have been made directly in the most Holy of places within the church that Jesus instructed St. Peter to build; this all happening to usher in the antichrist who will declare he is god but to first ceremonially crucify Jesus Christ again in essence saying Satan is killing Him, Jesus Christ via this imposter pope Bergoglio a pseudo Pilate, along with His church He established in order for Satan to take possession of the flock! Back when Bergoglio held the ceremonial pagan ritual to begin this process, in one of the photos used to illustrate this event I immediately saw a hand on Bergoglio’s shoulder from behind him, which told me he is a puppet now of Satan’s. Everything that has happened since the Synod and what you describe here absolutely confirms my suspicion and fear of what is about to happen just ahead. Even the American fixed or fraudulent election coup adds to this picture of deception where a most vile criminal politician racketeer for 47 years a cohort of Satan, Joe Biden, who is wrongfully being assigned the lead position of the US Government and seat of massive power on earth; to help facilitate Satan’s plan. These and many other factors are not coincidental but are orchestrated steps in bringing on the antichrist and enslavement of mankind forcing them to bow to Satan! We are in the midst of The Prophesied Holy War to come upon the earth and its people in End Time! Per Garabandal the visionary if not mistaken did say a pope was seen fleeing Rome and the Vatican in End Time, whether that is a metaphor or actually an event doesn’t matter because Bergoglio a false pope has relinquished his responsibilities to our Father in heaven and mother church which in essence is the same thing as fleeing from it; and can only add up to a final crisis being upon us now in this time of more deception and lies the likes of which I have never witnessed my entire life; painting the most ugly picture we can imagine of a fraud being perpetrated against all mankind on a scale which is unparalleled in history. All I know as a mere lay person is those who remain vigilant must pray that our Father in heaven will bring miracles to us soon to save the faithful and those who will awaken to the truth; through Jesus Christ and all the saints in heaven to save as many souls from hell that will result from all of this trickery and demonic hatred being thrust upon God’s creation and His children in this world. God bless you. Amen.
Lawrence Morra III
I’m posting this as a reblog and will include the photo I mentioned here.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

“A demonic cult bowl was placed on the altar of St. Peter’s after a dreadful pagan demonic worship rite took place in the Vatican Gardens, during which a shaman of a false demon religion seems to have put a curse on Francis’ hands with dirt from the cult bowl. Now, no Masses [there] at the heart of the last vestige of Christendom”, wrote Father Z a few days ago.

And now this is what Catholics are being deprived of at Christmas in 2020, Midnight Mass.

It is widely believed that the Wuhan Devil reached the world earlier than thought, perhaps somewhere around the Autumn of 2019. Why is this detail significant to us? What happened at that time?

The desecration of the Holy Altar in the Basilica built over the tomb of Saint Peter!

From 27th October 2019 for an entire week a celebration by Pope Francis of a…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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7 thoughts on “No Midnight Mass at Midnight This Year! Could it be Due to the Desecration in the Vatican Last Year?”

  1. So true .. that the Wuhan devil arrived shortly after the defilement of St. Peters with the ‘Pope’ processing his Amazonian pachamama devil doll up the aisle with full honors and then shamefully placing the dirt on the altar. I’m surprised he didn’t carry his stang that day. As for the US, I see rays of hope in that the Amistad Society is entering into the picture with a lawsuit against the offending state governors. It is very good, having to do with giving the electors their vote with no parties between. Amistad is a branch off of the Thomas More Society who successfully won against Governor Cuomo in NY about the Churches. They’re coming as a surprise out of nowhere like a miracle … they are not government attached … God is watching. Courage!

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    1. Hi Mary Anne! I hope Christmas was very blessed and peaceful there for you and yours. First let me start where you end with this latest development and effort by the Amistad Society. I like you and countless others have been praying and asking our heavenly Father for an actual Christmas Miracle to help our good dedicated president Trump and his team to overcome the evil monstrosity that has infected our top level of government, and in turn the specific matter at hand the highly corrupted national election process. Of course there is severe corruption on both sides of the aisle in Washington so my common sense tells me at this time if this election result placing evil Biden in the lead isn’t rectified making him the actual loser which he really is on so many levels; we will see the demise of America like we never imagined possible! That hideous God forsaken man Biden has already indicated even by his picks of cabinet and staff just how far askew from the original intent of our forebears and their well-established foundational precepts within the US Constitution; that he intends on taking this Nation under God! And making it even more certain I can say that, all I see in the eyes of Harris is the darkest of evil from hell. This news you bring is NEW to me so I pray it is the beginning ray of light from “heaven” itself of a great last minute miracle that God himself is about to bestow upon this Great Republic and its devoutly God loving Christian people who are still in the millions. To this end I pray!
      I absolutely see how the Wuhan devil as you put it, was literally demonic infection not just dirt or stain from past unholy human behavior and this action was not only a defilement of the inner most sanctum of the most precious St. Peter’s church altar, but also a direct attack and blaspheming of God the Father by actually attacking the precious body and blood of the “Lamb of God Jesus Christ;” but was also in my mind a planting of seeds from demonic origins with the intent of growing this evil from the inside out, by planting this abomination of desecration within the church sanctum in order to pave the way for the antichrist’s appearance at the head of the church in the near term. At least to me this is a very possible scenario but whether it will be allowed to unfold and come to its fruition only God knows. The unprecedented thing is the multiple evils that are unfolding globally already in unison with this action by this false pope that I can only see as a platform which is being readied for the entrapment of mankind the likes of which this world has never witnessed, as now so many necessary factors for that to be possible have been and are aligning, in a world that seems ready for the final battle between Good and Evil. To me this is the time when all powers and principalities are in play and God really does need to step in to stop what is about to happen. God help us! Amen.
      Lawrence Morra III


      1. Pres. Trump on Friday 18th verbally told Sydney Powell that she was his choice for Council and she hasn’t been kept away from him by White House aides. Get the ‘Trending Politics App Think it is at the app store. its red white and blue like a folded blowing flag. You can tell that we are getting a miracle from heaven. Let us keep in touch with this new curve now. I will try and send it to your email. God bless Lawrence. Courage. Prayers. Sacrifice. (you already have plenty to offer ; )

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      2. Thank you Mary Anne, so much to be grateful for but miracles are coming that will boggle the minds of many! Faith is real and demonstrates God’s presence in our lives daily for any who believe but even the unbelievers will see God’s majesty working in our midst! Thank you for this vital update and will keep in touch for sure! God bless you Mary Anne! Amen.


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