The Dictatorship of Fear and the Coming Persecution

The End Time is undoubtedly close at hand and the signs are quite evident! One would have to be in a trance or completely out of his or her mind to not see how much the human condition has degenerated spiritually and morally in spite of all the creature comforts and scientific advancements that should have brought more enlightenment and exuberance to take hold of the supernatural Gifts from God; and take to heart His word, worshiping Him and giving all the thanks we can with every ounce of our strength and devotion for His loving us so much to have created us as part of His eternal kingdom! But contrary to what I just said it appears that in spite of the good reasons we should love and adore our God, too many people are not interested, or so taken up in their materialistic desires they became twisted and perverted, seeking the glory and powers of this temporal world; that leads to destruction and oblivion! It’s a very sad place now, more than ever; so I see its time to resist temptation in earnest while offering all of our life here to God and His plan for us! That is the best thing we have to offer or actually can; we should ask ourselves each day; am I giving all I have to you dear Lord, please help me to do more for you! On bent knee I give to you all my love and respect. Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

A sermon by an unnamed traditional priest that was first posted by Peter Kwasniewski:

My brethren, the world in which we live is falling apart. When we look at the political situation that we have in this country right now, or when we look at any other country in the globe, we cannot help but be scared, worried about is coming next.

Things have changed quite a bit in the past year. Well, things have changed a lot. Things you took for granted, like going shopping, or visiting a friend, or even going to church, in some places are now forbidden. Forbidden. You cannot go anymore where you want. Cameras observe people, to see if they comply or not with the “sacred” measures of safety, if they follow or not the ritual of the tribe. And if someone disagrees in any way, suddenly he becomes the enemy of humanity.


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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

4 thoughts on “The Dictatorship of Fear and the Coming Persecution”

  1. That is true, Lawrence! Many have turned from God. The Covid monkey has put restrictions on us that are diabolical. It could be the green horse of the Apocalypse spewing out sicknesses while rampaging through the world. ‘They’ have ridden in on this trojan type horse and used it as a people controller and how well it has worked out. Social distancing is a wonderful way to begin to dismantle our liberty of freedom of assembly and limit conversations at the same time. And who can talk through a stupid looking mask? Then again who can hear as the voice is muffled? We look like a herd of dogs. Next will be spiked collars. Where has our happiness gone? Communists want to get rid of God so they work on methods to make the people despair and lose their Baptismal virtue of Hope. Once that is gone … so is God. I won’t allow my mind to be perverted to the infection of Communism. You are right, we must take hold of God and his supernatural gifts. Happiness can come back. Joy, one of the fruits of the Holy Ghost, can be ours if we pray and offer sacrifices of our sicknesses, pains. End of tome.

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    1. Yes Mary Anne there is a scourge upon societies around the globe simultaneously effectuating drastic change in people; much of it not good! I agree with you that this sickness, fear and death is so rampant while being so devastating that it literally has turned our daily lives upside down and is causing many people to be in a sort of panic mode; like frightened animals being corralled or captured and in essence subjugating us to being nothing more than herds of wild beasts being gathered in preparation for slaughter. Yes, one of the Horses of the Apocalypse has arrived spreading its many evils through lies and deception to poison minds but more importantly hearts in order to do what we should ask? First to turn away from each other as a community of social beings made in the likeness of God in order to weaken our Humanity but then in addition to causing this modification to our behavior and practices its primary goal is to turn us away from God! Because then the dirty lie and deception will be complete and we’ll have been subdued, captured and taken control of; then to be used as minions of evil causing us to lose our immortal souls to Satan. What you say here and I quote, “Social distancing is a wonderful way to begin to dismantle our liberty of freedom of assembly and limit conversations at the same time,” This is very insightful and is clearly fact to truth in that a very concise plan of mass deception by means of targeted lies and a biological fraud as a weapon to propel this pack of lies was designed and implemented by the enemies of humanity and God to bring ruin via that Trojan Horse as you say! And those enemies are both overseas primarily China’s CCP and also right here in our Homeland many minions of evil within our government seat of power in Washington along with smaller groups of individuals in local governments and some industries such as media; throughout the Nation working for the same cause which is to thoroughly disenfranchise the citizens from their US Constitutional Rights, and even more important to those enemies who take their marching direct from hell; to strip us of all hope and belief in our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, in order to leave us in a state of desperation or hopelessness! This will prime a lost humanity for the antichrist who will offer so much to appease in order that he will be worshiped in place of God making him our master. At this point many will be willing to take the mark of allegiance to him in order to survive in a world turned upside down where everything will be micromanaged making it a totalitarian hell on earth; much like George Orwell’s visionary science fiction world depicted in his novel “1984!” Months ago when this Plan-Demic began I wrote a blog which touched on this and many related points which I felt or was inspired to say at that time; as to how I saw the orchestrating controlling effect which was being deployed upon societies around the globe! I readily saw this as like another science fiction story Planet of the Apes in which humans become the dominated species of animal on earth as you may recall from the old film which starred Charlton Heston; whereby in the future Apes take us over and control humans as herd animals! So the way things are going with the “communist plan” they are the Apes as I see them, but, in reality they are a subspecies of humans who are diabolically possessed by supernatural forces from hell.
      As I see it we are all in for the fight of our lives and literally for our lives; but more importantly our “immortal souls.” Our faith is of course the key to dealing with the tough road ahead and we must remain vigilant to the Word of God and practice our faithful worship of God as best we can under these very difficult circumstances! As it is said; “where there is a will there is a way,” and I must add to that, “Where there is faith there is hope!” We will overcome, by means of our love for God in the precious name of Jesus Christ! Amen.
      God bless you.
      Brother in Christ Jesus,
      Lawrence Morra III
      If you have the time and interest here is he link to that blog posting that I mention above.

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      1. There is a lot on that page. I am going back to see a movie later tonight. I never saw most of them. Don’t get discouraged, brother! I … the eternal pessimist now turned optimist … believe that our president will prevail. Don’t be discouraged by his looks now. I know he looks exhausted and worn from vomitings of satanic hate which has been flowing towards him for four years. How many men could stand it? I heard one of his friends say today: “Trump always looks like that just before he wins” He is a mega man isn’t he? He alone, I believe, is standing between the world and those who want to take it over. It seems that God has sent to us a leader who can do the job. Something of a last chance before the arm of God, which Our Lady has been holding back, drops. Do you notice how the news is changing a bit today? A NY Supreme Court judges’ son was arrested for leading a riot at the Capitol? Democrats. Several other stories of a similar nature. Pelosi’s lap top has been retrieved and in good hands I hear. Something is going to ‘give’ and soon. Take heart!

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  2. Mary Anne…I woke last night from a sound sleep after having a dream that I was with President Trump and it was so vivid and real to me! It was like I was getting to meet him and have a brief opportunity to get to know each other in person as I had written to him on many occasions and sent many of my blogs to him which the White House acknowledged receiving along with one I sent with a group of attorneys recently who wanted to sent mine with theirs as a group letter of support! Now tonight I woke up from a deep sleep while dreaming about President Trump again this time not with him but hearing a discussion going on about what he is saying and thinking about the grave situation our Great Republic has been forced into by so many bad players! Here are the words that immediately came to my mind as I woke up that were being inspired from the overheard dream conversation!
    Donald J Trump swore to uphold and defend the US Constitution and would be remiss in his duty if he doesn’t take action that he must to carry out and perform his sworn duty; so therefore under his authority and power vested in him as POTUS he must declare Martial Law under article 25 of the Constitution for all of the many acts of Insurrection and Treason committed by many members of the present US Government who were given plenty of time and opportunity to do the right thing but they failed to do so and they have literally gotten all the rope they needed to hang themselves. Of course we know who many of these individuals are without any question because we’ve seen them in the act of failing their oaths of office and actually instead attack the Constitution the President and the Republic repeatedly over the last four years and now the time has come for accountability and action.
    Therefore I Lawrence Morra III now know that God is saying we have, “Nothing to fear but fear itself.” Yes our Nation is being saved and its by the hand of God via this man who is and will remain our President, Donald J. Trump who took all the punishment necessary until God said it was time for His justice to be served; and now it is! Our Republic is intact and will go on being these United States of America one Nation under God! Amen. Donald J. Trump remains the President!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III


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