Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes 🌻

Like this idea so much I just had to reblog it! Thank you!
Always loved Kim and her strong unique voice and especially that song! Bette Davis as a young starlet was dreamy and talented; can see why this song came about! I love watching those old movies, and it seems like such a Bette-R Time to have been Alive here than now for sure! Thanks for the suggestion on what old flicks to watch next weekend! I really should catch up on my watching the classics; I’ve let politics and the crazy NWO agenda get in my way of doing what I used to enjoy regularly!

Have you seen a much more recently made film (2006) “Seraphim Falls” starring two men I really respect and think that they hold steadfast to their real life values very well; Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan; a couple of only a handful of film actors out there that I admire and actually want to bother watching these days. If you haven’t it’s a good character study and story set back at the end of the American Civil War when these two guys fall into being extremely adversarial by a set of unintended consequences due to human failure; but the ending is unexpected and good! One of my sisters loves this film as much as I do and think we’re going to keep watching it again and again over the years.

After that last night we were commenting here; that same night after hitting the hay, I woke up early thinking about this film; and even though having seen it several times I’ve decided I will watch it again soon! The director David Von Ancken did a great job and the location settings were chosen very well. I think what we were discussing regarding human nature and morality being so flawed in people these days compared to people in past simpler but harder era’s, might have gotten my subconscious mind thinking of these two characters in this film, and their transformational journey to an ultimate conclusion; but even in real life they strike me as a cut above the crowd! I like them a lot!

Author: Lawrence Morra

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