Fed up with evil people I AM ENRAGED!! 😡

My Brother in Christ Jesus! I thank you for being alert to these horrors and the demonic insurgence that is going on which was the agenda put into full speed during the diabolical Obama years and which Biden and the renegade Democrat/communist party is resurrecting on steroids!

Everything you said was accurate and truthful so thank you for being forthright and taking this stand for Jesus Christ as a servant of God’s, you have purpose and it’s the right one so God is with you and I know these are incentives coming our way now because last night what I wrote I was just as upset and compelled as you are feeling frustration that too many people don’t care or don’t even have a clue which is very scary to see this world imploding this way!

All of these points are worth repeating over and over, Truth should never grow old or be suppressed and the lying media and tyrants who are managed by Satan are pushing to create panic, turmoil, chaos, division and then crush humanity into complete oppression. make no mistake about it this is Satan’s plan moving hard and fast now because America has greatly turned its back on God who made America rise up and become the once Great Republic under God that it’s been up until recent years. But Industrial scale abortion and perversion of God’s Truth along with ugly pornography running rampant in this nation has turned America into a virtual immoral cesspool with far too many pagan occult sinners who serve Satan! People have to awaken or it will be a massive loss of souls to hell in the end.

Keep your faith strong and Trust in Jesus Christ! Our prayers are being heard I can attest to it because last night when I wrote what I did I was thinking many of these same things you are and feeling just as sad and frustrated with people in general but today I can see God is answering by inspiring others to speak out and express their love of God over this material world and how they pray that multitudes of others are starting to awaken, and will moving forward; but we must not lose hope!
I’ll leave you with the links to a few essays I just wrote this week to help share insights; I know these are inspired writing of my own which I want to share with you and anyone who sees your article too!

God bless you and yours!
Brother in Christ Jesus,








This final one is one link I want to share which is a dear friend’s site who knows so much more than most people about the lies perpetrated upon the public over the years doing horrible damage as they do!



Well today took a dark turn. Besides the rude evil drivers on the road constantly being in a hurry flashing their lights or just stupidly being jerkoffs and tailgating you it’s just Hell on earth sometimes. But when I thought I was safe at home, think again.

Facebook is clearly on an agenda to block people trying to tell the truth on something such as electric vehicles. Yeah.. this happened.

Wow this is harassment? Especially when they are responding to MY comment.

I am obviously challenging that but at the same time Facebook also made a change and now its slightly more difficult to save articles in another browser page so I could get to it later. Smells like agenda to try to cull the people who are trying to tell the truth. Of course this is about electric vehicles and why i spend so much time and energy on…

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