More Alarming Language Found In Biden’s OSHA Rule

“there is no such thing as patient confidentiality under the news laws”

By Alex Miller-November 10, 2021

Republication by: Lawrence Morra III

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November 11, 2021

Welcome to Totalitarianism

Starting to look a lot like Commie China isn’t it!  And Biden being such a big buddy to the Commies for decades with all those back door deals and scams while both Democrats and Republicans have allowed China to rip off intellectual properties and now reverse engineer all the billions of dollars of military hardware Biden dumped into the laps of the Taliban; what do you think is the hidden Agenda now?  Are you starting to feel like a fool and realize we’ve all been had by all of our elected scums who weren’t working for any of us; but they were taking care of business, as in helping themselves and joining forces with the “powers that be” in other nations like China, the EU and Russia!

This is not America anymore, that our Founding Fathers established under God, and no way is it a Democratic Republic as it once was not too many decades ago; it’s all bought and paid for by the highest bidders and we “American Patriot Citizens” are left high and dry holding the bag, and what’s in that bag you may ask; Shit!  We’ve been sold-out, as they have stuck it to us with smoke and mirrors for decades, but now that the “cat is out of the bag,” they are doing their criminal arts and giving us the shaft right out in the open!  Why else do you think the new Phonies on the Block or “Bench;” Amy Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh just gave the green light to the Left and Evil Commie Democrat Party to crush Religious Freedom, especially Christians in America with their recent vote!

“The U.S. Supreme Court declined to block a vaccine mandate for health workers in the state of Maine on Tuesday, sending a potential green light to state mandates across the country.”

You live in an Oligarchy kind of world and nation now,  that is quickly being converted to “Orwell’s 1984 Big Brother” is watching you and will kill you if you do not comply to every one of the ruling classes whims!  Punks like Pelosi’s nephew the infamous slime Gov. of “Califonication” Newsom!

 Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME – Photo ID: WTSeamlessDD1742r

Down Under in Aussie Land when they raided this doctor’s office they said!

“The officials did not have a warrant and told the doctor “there is no such thing as patient confidentiality under the news laws.”  Whose Laws? UN-Legislated!!!

Really now you Nazi Meatheads!!! What happened to Human Rights and Privacy as to deciding what is best for your own body and health!  Oh that argument only held water with the Leftist Democrat Commie Party and when it comes to people like punk Alyssa Milano screaming a woman has the right to choose; so killing innocent helpless human beings full term day of delivery is no big deal!!! But not having your Vax Card or proof of having had all the shots for a cold virus that is now being Mandated; this is a crime of the century!!!

And really what about here at Ground Zero USA where we Americans live; at least for the moment!

“Don’t think that can happen in America? Think again, Biden OSHA vaccine rule allows the government agency access to employees’ private medical records.”

OSHA can “examine and copy each employee’s COVID-19 vaccine documentation” OSHA says it does not need “employee permission” to access “employee medical records.” NAZIS!!!

As I’ve said before too little too late while all the devils were setting us all up for a Big Fall, the people were too busy arguing about PC or Bullies in the schools and online about all manner of stupid concerns, or how America had slaves; so we’re all a bunch of racists unless we make things right!

It’s called Brain Washing, diversionary tactics, and that is exactly what our government and MSM have been doing to us all; prepping us for the “Big Screw Job” that is coming up in short order!  Biden you come and get me; I stand by Jesus Christ at His cross!  I’m going to heaven and you know where you will spend eternity; with all evil!!! The End!!!

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

More Alarming Language Found In Biden’s OSHA Rule

By Alex Miller -November 10, 2021

A Doctor in Melbourne Australia was shocked when officials from the health department showed up at his practice after he allegedly refused to turn over private patient health information.

“I have just been invaded by seven authorised officers from the Department of Health and they have seized my confidential patient files and my appointment book and various other documents. They say they are going to give me an itemised list of what they’ve taken. And there was quite an intimidating experience. I think they’ve gone now…” said Dr Mark Hobart. “They just came here to seize files […] they all just came in and started walking around.”

“Authorised Officers” are consider a person who has been appointed by a government department or agency to perform certain compliance and enforcement duties.

The officials did not have a warrant and told the doctor “there is no such thing as patient confidentiality under the news laws.”

The Victorian Government then banned patients from entering his practice because he refused to surrender private patient files to the government without a warrant.

“I don’t feel comfortable with giving out people’s medical information,” replied Dr Hobart.

Hobart was also issued with a cease and desist order barring him from treating his patients face to face.

One of the authorised officers interrogated the desk clerk demanding to know if she was fully vaccinated and despite replying she was he demanded proof.

“The doctor has to supply that to me. He [Mark Hobart] has to supply proof that you’re double-vaxxed or you’ve got an exemption,” said the authorised officer.

Don’t think that can happen in America? Think again, Biden OSHA vaccine rule allows the government agency access to employees private medical records.

OSHA can “examine and copy each employee’s COVID-19 vaccine documentation” OSHA says it does not need “employee permission” to access “employee medical records.”

Should the rule survive in court the government will be allowed to have access to private medical records without a persons consent.

The Australiafication of America has begun.

Below are videos of the raid:

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More Alarming Language Found In Biden’s OSHA Rule

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    1. Hi my Dear Sister Dawn! Oh are you so ever right about that and I was just as shocked and sad! I feel like China the sleeping Dragon is deeply entwined there for many years and looking to conquer the beautiful Land Way Down Under just as they want to do to America; but Australia is ever so close and vulnerable in its own particular ways!
      Too many people have not paid attention and been serious enough about what Jesus Christ did and told us.

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