Enough Is Enough!!” This Should Concern ALL Of Us 💜

“No Politician Should Have This Power!!” This Is TERRIFYING

The Government is acquiring indefinite emergency power for the health minister a (demi-GOD); and the restrictions are absolutely an insane draconian dystopian arrangement, more like the literary sci-fi term of the horrific anti-human engineered society of the future, resembling more the vision of “George Orwell’s 1984,” which sure it was a science fiction novel, but guess what, its coming true right now! These bloody bastards are starting to demand we all fall into line and comply with their every demand or else!!! COMMUNISM OF THE WORST ORDER which sounds a lot like North Korea type mentality in these screwballs in Australia’s government that they have as leaders, and just like here in the US that we voted into office (Rigged Elections) to work for us the people, and instead they said shove all that; we are doing what we want for ourselves and you can’t say diddlysquat!

What’s happened here in America is the big money, aka lobbyists like Big Pharma, Big Tech and all of the most nefarious minded evil slimiest people like Gates, Xi Jinping, Biden and Fauci head of the NIH highest paid federal government employee $434,312 and with all of his vaccines patents and other Big Pharma stock options and investments along with some actual backdoor deals aka money laundering that pencil pusher is making millions a year easily to do all he can to help Big Pharma get what they want from the Federal Government, to screw over the public; as in you take care of us and we take care of you! All of which is absolute power corrupting absolutely; basically an Organized Crime Syndicate and these supposed public servants or private entrepreneurs are gangsters! Is this what public servants and officials are supposed to do in a Democracy? Hardly! Sounds like a damned Dictatorship to me! All of this is geared toward more profit and doing better than the previous year; no end in sight to this corruption; and now they want to get rid of most of us as in genocide to depopulate the planet so they have it all to themselves and the Devil!

The whole system went Haywire a long time back and so many crony crooks and officials have sold out that I dare say if there were a crackdown to clean up the corruption first there may not be enough not corrupted to do the job and if they could we need to lock up probably 75% of all the upper echelon or even more than that! YUCK!!! So my point is I like Russell Brand putting a satirical spin on things a bit, it was good and he does get me to laugh which is something I sure like to still do when I can! But I don’t find myself in a laughing mood much these last couple of years, though still, I do try to find opportunity to do it because it is a good way to keep our sanity, kind of like a relief valve on a pressure cooker! This along with deep prayer of course and talking to Jesus and the Father through the Holy Spirit!

The other issue is that so many more cronies are joining forces with these power mongers to get a leg up and be a part on the winning side of the evil people in control! And basically this is so they can gain favor and sell out joining the party of Commies or Nazis, this way they won’t be kicked around they figure; but this is how Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin or any other megalomaniac tyrants rose to power! Naturally my greatest concern now is this all going to be too little too late as in we all watched this coming for decades and just sat around goofing off and kicking the can, as they say; down the road of course while being brainwashed and giving too much trust to men!

There was this guy I used to work with once, when I had a government job that I hated because of all the corruption I saw and the rotten attitudes that workers had, this guy’s included. I mainly felt that way because of their political connections and sense of entitlement or thinking they are so important and better than others, all so totally unlike me; as it were I got the job on my own merits and a God Send situation that came up suddenly after my initially not getting the job because a crony got it; but this guy one day while we were working said to me “all this crap is not my problem its above my pay grade;” I began to see how the politicians are all parasites and most if not all of the employees are political appointments or favor by nepotism, so all a bunch of little parasites working for the biggest ones! See people are mostly into things they do only for self and not for the better of our collective society, and the maintaining of freedom; selfish greed and just plain slothfulness, horribly lazy persons which is a sin! And I had come from the opposite side of the spectrum a huge clash, having had a hard physically demanding job working overnight and part of the following day; in total close to 15 hours a day, and hardly time to do anything for myself; no recreation other than try to catch a few hours’ sleep on my day off.

Everyone has a price they say too, so perhaps the snake has sunk its fangs in and injected too much venom into the hearts and minds of society as a whole, for enough of the people, to really do enough to stop the trajectory of this rocket to the forbidden planet; called hell on Earth. A protestor in Australia captured on camera did indeed say “Enough is Enough;” but I say “This is the SHIT!!!”

God bless you and keep the faith!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

4 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough!!” This Should Concern ALL Of Us 💜”

    1. I agree Katherine though it depends what you mean by more freedom that is a misnomer of a sort; there is no true freedom or privacy in totalitarian regime nations; they can turn on a person in a heartbeat, dirty politics on steroids; for anything! But here I do know this nation has changed drastically over the last 25 to30 years and is very Nazi like I have dealt with them on a few fronts even in the corrupt Civil Court system trying to seek relief and justice for violation of my Constitutional rights; but I’m not a leftist and the ACLU and the Crony Left will run a highway pavement roller over me before doing that. My self-filed case was pushed aside! If Biden had his way we would be a carbon copy of Communist China and worse; he is a real megalomaniac evil man and a Nazi!

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      1. Do you wonder what drives people like that? I’m a voratious reader, currently reading my long-deceased grandmother’s books about the Bible, including “The Bible as History” and Thomas Costain’s “The Silver Chalice” about the cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper. These got me wondering about the Star of Bethlehem, which Johannes Kepler, a mathematician and astronomer/astrologer for the Holy Roman Empire in the early 1600’s calculated was an alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and maybe Venus in the year of 7 BC.

        I find that it’s fascinating to try to synthesize elements of different belief systems in different cultures in different times. According to “The Bible as History” Herod was universally hated and murdered even his own son, as well as the male children under two years old.

        About Biden, I don’t think he is operating on all cylinders. His “team” seems to run him, and all are running scared.

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  1. Reading is always a worthwhile effort and you have some interesting materials apparently to spend time disseminating! I think the Bible is fine accounting of History as it is the Word of God and God is directly involved in the affairs of mankind which is great because you can surmise well enough I’m sure that if God weren’t directly involved with a Divine Plan then this is worse than futile it is a dirty trick and hellish nightmare not worth a damn! So enough with that possibility and onto seeking God’s meaning and will for us is what I want to devout my conscious efforts toward.

    Biden is a very sore topic not just because of his being the worst leader outside of Obama or Bush, Clinton and so on but he is a very evil man and long before he got any dementia he had an explosive vindictive and exploitative makeup and let’s face it for 50years to be a slimy parasite of a human being says there is something very corrupt and wicked going on in tat soul! I say demonic! That classification would take a top exorcist to evaluate and arrive at any conclusion; but regardless we are in a bad way big time having that guy and the ninny wacky Harris running around doing nothing but being a flippant giddy Marxist depraved woman!

    Just a bit more elaboration on that snippet comment I made! Of course they are human beings but they are not behaving like such, and if they are adults in control of their faculties they are capable of course correction and that is a responsibility all adults are or should be required to abide by or we may as well have a free for all madhouse society where it’s do what you please!

    Many people seem to me like they would love that kind of do nothing but exist type of program and that is very disturbing to see! I see far too many Lazy and easy way out thinking Americans with nothing to offer and that is a huge problem; they would be better off not being humans if they had a choice to be frank. It can’t all be blamed on corporate media unless they’ve been sitting glued to a TV nearly 24/7.

    I mean people should be busy doing actual meaningful productive activities each day, and I many times see people who want to be led around by the nose or have a safe space to hide in every time they get a runny nose; and that is their own choice whether due to laziness or not ever having had to deal with real hardship or adversity; especially on their own. I can’t have much respect for leftist people that don’t even want to listen to someone like me and have me enlighten them, when they refuse to be talked to about anything; say about how evil and wrong it is to create pregnancies and then tear it out like trash; and still smoke their dope and listen to Alyssa Milano a really sick wicked freak! I have dealt with many of them head on, and, so now they are in a category in my mind’s eye of being worse than losers; they are part of the problem if they aren’t part of the solution! You do see what I mean don’t you? They vote for a maniac like Biden; Free Stuff is all they want! Don’t look for pity for them from me!

    We are at WAR and this war is the worst ever, and will only get exponentially worse, so do you have a better idea to face the reality before us, or face the music as they say?

    I don’t even like social media because its mostly airheads and people that are in their own little bubble fantasy or fixated on one thing or another but hardly figuring out what they are doing with their lives let alone figuring out or solving any world problems; and many don’t want to listen to anything that disturbs their delicate view of reality! People are lost and if reality comes to their door they are going to cry or flip out and be bonkers!

    Perhaps that lady on the sky liner would appreciate you holding her hand while you correct her life that is obviously lost!


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