Hebrews: ὑπέρ | huper

Thank you my Sister Joanne; for this blessed and most beautiful explanation of God’s will and how His everlasting covenant for we soiled and sinful lost lambs actually works. What a special Christmas gift I find this to be; as in I’ve never received anything like it before! And so much of my own lacking and need which I see more clearly now is being washed away by the understanding provided here! I’m seeing vividly how God’s light of Truth and Righteousness can take away my sins by His one blemish free only begotten Son who was and is the only perfect Child of God our Father in heaven, who gave us the Messiah; our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! What a gift of absolute love from God the Creator to Mankind, and truly the only gift that matters, which “once truly received goes on giving eternal life” in God’s presence and glory as His heirs in heaven! Thanks be to God and our most beloved precious Savior Jesus! Please dear Jesus, I’m not worthy but my heart should be and is yours, as I should keep trying to grow my faith in you oh Lord for all you have done for me and continually provide, while here in this flesh and in the world but not of it; I seek a greater appreciation and understanding by my faith and love for you! Amen.
A blessed Christmas to all and a Happy Birthday Jesus.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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Grace and Peace, Joanne

Let us remember together that the writer was addressing a Jewish audience who had grown up in an ancient faith. Their scriptures covered a nearly two thousand year span. Their laws were ancient, and their ways venerated, for they had come from the mouth of God.

To us today, the idea of animal sacrifice may seem primitive and barbaric, brutal and bloodthirsty. It is hard to imagine what it must have taken for a priest to butcher lamb after lamb, bulls, goats, even doves, day in and day out, hour by hour, a long line of worshippers waiting in the hot sun with their restless and bleating or lowing animals, tugging on their tethers, terrified by the smell of blood and offal, and the shrieks of dying animals.

Yet it is against this very backdrop that the writer spoke, for he knew this was what the Law required.

Animal Blood…

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