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Straight out of the gate I quote you here because this is a huge challenge to extrapolate any comparison that is even remotely possible for men of the current world system to bring about such forgiveness between sworn enemies and determined adversaries; especially when same have divorced all interest or belief in God.

“Firstly, we felt that we needed to show that in Narnia as here, old foes can be forgiven and can reconcile and work together, given the will to do so. Secondly, that in Narnia as also it is here, a common adversary will bring even the worst of enemies together and unite them.

Also, that the shapes and colours of a species’ body do not necessarily denote their character, that just because someone is a Minotaur does not have to mean that they are all bad. Finally, we kind of like Minotaurs.”


In fanciful imaginary human creations this may fly very well with the captive audience but in practicality terms say in facing the reality that “pure evil does exist” and is not to be reckoned with or reconciled in some way, even tamed like some former ferocious beast that is now a wonderful happy pussycat that’s not going to ever strike mercilessly if given what it sees as the ideal opportunity!

Even in simple Word Press site terms where a form of literary bantering does occur and as you mention here about cruise missiles flying with massive destructive capability, we see how even your site attracts “sorts that are probably more adept at flying broomsticks” like your mention here of  how “They are among the troops of the White Witch,” that show up as a blimp on the current radar only because someone like me had frequented this fly zone site for quite some time, but then suddenly maybe so bored or with nothing worthwhile to do but pick their toenails and instead perhaps as a show of aggression or tempting to trigger a response to provoke  that can then be taken as a hostile action that requires a full implementing of sophisticated weaponry to flex muscle or show who is boss, especially when America is at its weakest time in modern history, this is how wars start; and in society all the crazies are now running loose, even some on Word Press which isn’t Facebook, but it has its trolls!  Which brings us to the simple reality we know people like Putin and his communist party Hardliners want to do this muscle flexing at any chance that presents itself like what happened in Crimea to bring back the Czar Era which is a big dream of Putin’s, and then subsequently back to a more former Soviet Union might and stature that all the hardliners desire!  While China is playing for global domination and as perhaps friends by convenience of the same political totalitarian government style, they join forces to take on their biggest adversary America, to then if successful in kicking the one nation that has been the defender of true democracy and freedom during the 20th century out of the running, that would put these brutes in the position to begin crushing all other weaker nations under their boots.  This all tells me how it is true, that you can even shave a tiger right down to its bare naked skin, but; his stripes remain embedded!

Back in August 2020 there was a lot to be concerned about with China pushing the envelope with operations to dominate the South China Sea and the situation since then has only gotten worse. I posted an essay that was pointing to some very specific and powerful flexing of muscle and posturing rhetoric by China, and then SOS Mike Pompeo.

“Bradley Bowman, a military expert with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told CBN News. “There are tremendous economic interests in maintaining the freedom of navigation of commerce through that area.”

China wants to limit that access, claiming it has rights to almost all the South China Sea.


“China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea are based on sufficient historical and jurisprudential evidence and are in line with the relevant international law and practice,” Zhao Lijian, spokesperson with China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told reporters this week.

Pompeo is pushing back, accusing China of breaking international law and urging world leaders to standup to Beijing’s expanding territorial ambitions.

“If Beijing violates the international law and free nations do nothing, then history shows that the CCP will simply take more territory. That happened in the last administration,” warned Pompeo.

America has opposed China’s aggressive ambitions, including efforts to turn several islands and reefs into military outposts, complete with aircraft, runway, and hi-tech capability.

“So this is good old-fashioned ‘the biggest kid on the playground’ if you will, trying to bully others, to steal their resources and to push others who might get in their way out, and foremost of that is the United States,” said Bowman.”

So Robert I can unequivocally agree with this statement I quote from your article as being the Truth and a powerful sign of what is coming and I don’t see peace on earth and good will toward men being any part of that scene!

“The power of the United States is waning. Wolves are licking their proverbial chops, eager to expand their spheres of influence.”

Now that the Good Guys are not so “Good” anymore, look at Congress as a prime example, where it hardly even exists in any measurable numbers that matter; it looks more like Hell on Earth is the Trump Card the Devil has ready to pull out of his ass!

The following link is that article with accompanying links that I see as a great warning sign of what is coming! Actually I just wrote another essay that points to what I’m convinced is absolute truth that Evil has a face and pure evil is so beyond what people today are thinking about; but in effect this evil as you rightly mention, the “Third Reich” is that same face we know from history with the likes of Adolph Hitler and the Beast from Hell; rearing its Ugly Head back then to only be pushed back from total conquest and victory over good by a massive loss on all sides, but, only because I believe America was still a predominantly God fearing nation of good people united as one nation under God along with the good allies at the time who were granted Divine Providence to succeed; but I just don’t see this unity or goodness to that degree anymore and when and if all hell breaks loose, this time it will be for keeps and the last hoorah for civilization! Of course I could be all wet and the Second Coming may occur in the nick of time just before it gets to that braking point, but no matter, “there is going to be hell to pay” in the short term; in my humble opinion!


I can add for now something that may put a bit more perspective of where I’m coming from in this regard that initially last week got me thinking when I was up against atheistic secular thinking when responding to someone on one of my postings but that all came to naught until today when it all fit tidily and actually dovetailed with another fine Christian blogger’s latest publication and I hope that by sharing all of this here and you with your extensive military background of which I personally lack other than my being on a Naval base in the past and catching a fair amount of scuttlebutt daily, I think your experience may even sharpen the focus of this prism of which I’m viewing the coming event in short order!

The second half of this article response can be viewed by following this link

God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Mere Inkling Press

Peace is almost universally valued. Ironically, it cannot be achieved without holding militaristic forces at bay. And preventing them from crushing the weak, requires that a more “benevolent” be strong enough to stand up to the international bullies.

If there is no champion for those unable to defend themselves, the wolves tear their prey apart and the only limits placed on their appetites are the threats posed by other predators. The fate of the small ranges from domination by ruthless powers to domination by less ruthless overlords.

If there is no benevolent “superpower,” or if it is viewed as feeble and indecisive, the Third Reichs of the world will reign.

Historically, imperialistic agendas have been checked by other empires or alliances. Some alliances are small, such as the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) which includes only Canada and the U.S. Others are intercontinental, such as the North…

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