Heavenly Trust 💗

The main problem as we all should see by now is that the human race is out of control and the pigs, gluttons, maniacs and devils of the world are all united against the rest of the population; the 98%.

Also the propaganda machine is enormous and runs full bore 24 hours a day continuous loop; so knowing enough of the actual facts and truth is getting impossible because it’s like they mix oil and water, they don’t blend well, but, do make for a “diffused mess” and only when all of the oil is separated from the water can the clear truth be seen! We are in one giant “Con Game” by the elite who do want as many of us dead as possible and as quickly as they can get the job done! Fake pandemic was Phase One with Phase Two coming into play. The only choices as I see it for the masses is to keep slipping and sliding along getting snuffed out slowly but surely, or rise up and totally resist; as in revolution and go get them instead of letting them do all the driving and getting us!

There isn’t going to be any superhero saving the day in the nick of time for the citizens; its balls to the wall now! Because what they did already with all of the “Crimes Against Humanity” there are so many elected, appointed and authoritative figures along with corporate and MSM leaders along with all of their additional crony henchmen that should be charged, tried and executed according to the older Nuremberg Code empowered by International War Crimes Tribunal; they are not going to let go of their grip now for nothing! They are marching full ahead with their plan!

There are only a couple of choices for the masses now, which are; one to just sit back and do nothing allowing them to wipe us out as planned, or two, rise up and take control through revolution! There won’t be any in-between or lukewarm methodology to stop this diabolical plan by the most evil humans to ever have lived on planet earth! They are like Hitler but exponentially far worse because of the technologies and circumstances that now exist! The “Pandora’s Box” of diabolical horrors has been opened, and there is no containing or taming what has been released! Also far too many people are wicked, asleep at the wheel or just totally screwed up to the hilt these days; so its Game On or soon to be Game Over! One way or the other; “End of Story!”

Lawrence Morra III

Sorry for the brutality of it; but hey, I didn’t start this pandemonium!

Pandemic to Pandemonium

An Eye is Taken for An Eye-I see Trouble on the Way

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

7 thoughts on “Heavenly Trust 💗”

    1. When people are very upset or messed with in a harsh way or like the Ukrainian soldiers on that island in their own country were being told to surrender the island or die they basically said the same thing over the radio! Many celebrities and other people even in government or high places have used this gesture that we don’t see or hear about.
      In this case it gets the message across to the globalists that have murdered millions and crippled countless others, we’re talking babies, children, all ages over the last couple of years which nobody is doing anything about to hold them to account! What else is there to do? Righteous indignation has a place in such matters!


    2. To be blunt that gesture doesn’t faze me but what does get my goat and beyond is how we have an administration being run by lunatics and despots who push full term day of delivery abortion and now want it federally approved around the nation along with being allowed in some states to terminate a baby’s life up to 30 days after birth! The hypocrisy and evil abounds in this world and its only getting much worse and more diabolical every day! Biden in his first 100 days in office was proud to announce that he appropriated 468 $Billion for abortions; making him the Abortion King! Killing and spending our money like water! That spells the end to me! At least the end of America.


      1. When the enemy, Satan, comes in like a flood, you raise a standard against him. I firmly believe in praying in intercession for people who come to the forefront, that they will come to Christ, or whatever the prayer needs to be. I choose to pray for this one, and see what God will do.


      2. God expects us to not wait for Him to do all of the problem solving; that is not reality! I know old women, who prayed constantly and that is fine, but some people are the doers and servants that fight the wars and there is war coming! If you hadn’t noticed we’ve been in one without our government and corporations, the military industrial complex turned against the people a long while ago! MSM is their propaganda arm!

        This has been the problem for too many years that not enough people stood up like me to say cut the crap! They all go along to get along; meanwhile the snake is strangling the people slow but sure! Do you know how many people have died from the fake pandemic and all of the evil concoctions they injected into people that are all improperly tested? Under the Nuremberg Code these are Crimes Against Humanity such as Genocide and injecting or coercing people to be used in medical experiments which was done from the start based on all lies, and that is war! And siting and saying this or that does nothing! I have fought the evil government head-on and most everyone is like you they don’t’ care or help just passing the buck which is all unconscionable; just say I’ll pray! Meanwhile in recent years I had to fight the whole thing myself and I mean fight in court as my own lawyer and while serious injured and as well write articles calling out the corruption! All the people not helping or lifting a finger is not humanity; that is stupid!


      3. I don’t have expectations for those who don’t know Christ. I don’t expect them to act like Christians. Some may have the habit of giving this sign, and claim Christ’s name, but I don’t think Christ would respond this way. He did talk with sinners, and was criticized for doing this. Pharisees were the religious people, but when you know God, the difference is there. It just is.

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      4. No, there are far too many people on earth right now in the billions that do not know God or care enough to find out who He is and I mean Jesus Christ not some designer God that blends all religions even witchcraft like some people are promoting; so they fall into that category you just said that you don’t expect much from! But the world is running off the rails and that is the problem, not enough people to do the work and fix the mess! They all look for handouts and pass the buck around! They have maniacs running the government and military; so figure it out!


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