VIDEO Ben Carson: We Called Ancient Civilizations Heathens Because They Sacrificed Babies, But We Abort Them

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National? | ?Steven Ertelt? | ? Aug 6, 2014 Dr. Ben Carson has a way of putting things in perspective that endears him to pro-life activists. The neurosurgeon and the author of six best-selling books makes another compelling point about the issue of abortion that is sure to have everyone who…

Baby born way premature sm print

“Praise God! World’s Most Premature Baby Just Celebrated His 1st Birthday
… who was born when he was only 21 weeks and 2 days old.

Doctors gave this precious baby a ZERO chance survival rate, but wait until you hear the miraculous story of where he is now.

He was so tiny, he weighed 11.9 ounces and could fit into his mother’s palm.

The chance of him surviving looked bleak, but his faithful parents never gave up hope.” (

That was a major positive news headline, and being a Pro-life advocate all my adult life I had to respond fervently yesterday! Here is some of what I had to say!

This is such a beautiful baby but also he is so special serving a God Sent Purpose with his precious innocent life to tell the world He wanted to live just like any of us do even from his first moment of existence when God infused a soul into that human life conceived in a blessed woman’s soul and womb as any mother has a special grace and gift from our Maker to carry another human life in her. Every breath you and I take is a precious gift from God so look at it that way, would you or I want anyone to say your next breath will not come or happen and you must choke and suffocate to death and then probably be gone long before you were ready or wanted to and more importantly before fulfilling God’s purpose He has built into each of our unique souls?

I went on to explain how I personally became more aware how miraculous and what a precious miracle from God our lives are, even down to each breath we take being a great and beautiful thing that we are ALIVE! We should never take those breaths of life we have in the millions over a lifetime for granted; so too how or why would a person think they can do that with complete abandonment toward an innocent helpless life in or out of a mother’s womb which they are doing every time they commit an abortion or yes murder a living human baby. I went on to explain in some detail what happened to me one evening that confirmed my advocacy for Right to Life! I went on to conclude with the following words, and I hope you will take the time to review the entire posting and the additional ones that I included at the end of the article.

Why does anyone think they have the right to interfere and intentionally snuff another human being’s life out? They DO NOT! “God Giveth and God Taketh Away,” not up to us at all! Let these poor helpless little sweet babies live and see the miracle of life continue on to its fullness of purpose and beauty that God planned for that life on earth to fulfill, and has waiting for us in heaven! Amen.

Then just a few days ago I wrote this in another similar article about abortion and the immoral degradation of civilization; in which I even mentioned what Dr. Carson said!

Here is the evidence right in our faces of how insane the human race has become and the leftist loonies have been allowed to propagate “Satan’s Desires” throughout civilization on an exponential scale with “non-God fearing unbelieving pagans” that are heading straight for the cliff to jump off in droves like maniacs! A society where human babies are exterminated full term day of delivery on an industrial scale, basically being sacrificed the way a fallen and self-destroyed civilization did regularly using humans for sacrifices!

We all know the human race is in dire straits or heading to hell in a hand basket, which obviously as Christians we know is part of the prophecy and fulfillment of the Scriptures due to mankind’s fallen nature and the battle between good and evil! And that as we live by our faith in Jesus we will ultimately reach God’s desired planned will, which is all derived from His word in our precious Holy Bible; but even so, these things must be called out for what they are as we stand for Life and we must pray even harder now!
God bless you and all the Unborn!

Thank you Jesus; I know you have all aborted babies souls in heaven!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


National | Steven Ertelt | Aug 6, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson has a way of putting things in perspective that endears him to pro-life activists. The neurosurgeon and the author of six best-selling books makes another compelling point about the issue of abortion that is sure to have everyone who opposes abortion concurring.

He pointed out how ancient civilizations have been criticized for the brutal practices of human sacrifice and child sacrifice — but he wonders if modern society isn’t “guilty of the same thing” because we have legalized abortion.

“Well, it’s interesting that we sit around and call other ancient civilizations heathen because of human sacrifice but aren’t we actually guilty of the same thing?” said Dr. Carson in reference to a question about abortion. “The good thing is the American populace is moving closer and closer to understanding that abortion is murder. Every year we’re getting better on…

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