Dear Faithful Remain Vigilant the Devil has Many Minions

Don’t get frightened off by what you hear me say so easily. I react vehemently to animal killers, but I’m realistic and know I can’t change the world or cultures that have been in place thousands of years and there are many subcultures within the larger ones!  Look at the war torn Middle Eastern counties that have ideological feuds going on now for centuries or more and they will never stop fighting each other, at least I don’t see them throwing in the towel in our lifetimes or many to come!

Here in America we have many complex issues afoot and to think it’s just guns or hillbillies from the backwoods isn’t going to solve the main issues that must be met head on, or this country is going south very soon or more like the south of the border will be us and look around at the Central and South American dictatorships or socialistic madness that blankets those places with HIGH crime, gangs that murder whole families if you show any resistance or they suspect you might be a rat! Law enforcement most of them on the take and as bad as the gangs!  Politicians that are just organized white collar thug criminals and low life liars! The laundry list goes on and I sure as hell don’t want my country America to even come close to becoming that.  The eight years of Obama pushed the needle in that direction much more than any other period in American history and it had to stop!  I think that was why enough people woke up and smelled the coffee enough to realize there was only one way to vote for at least some modicum of sanity and responsibility in bringing America back to a growth and prosperity that it deserves and to stop the other countries from ripping us off with all the boat loads of cash we hand them each year in aide which are really bribes, and then they want us to lower their tariffs and not care what happens to good old Uncle Sam! While Obama was in office he ran up the national debt another 10 Trillion dollars; do you realize what it takes to produce that kind of extra hard cash to pay that down while still running the most expensive country on the planet; while in addition to that he kept the GDP at barely 1% which is absolutely pathetic and abhorrent to let us sink to that unsustainable level of productivity which would never, I say never pay off the debt and America would go belly up! Now in a short time Trump has it at a steady 3% and still pushing upward!

You and I could sit and talk for hours openly and fairly about many issues because I’m a good listener too and fair, along with wanting to be just! I want the same in return is all, and then again sometimes it’s better to leave things unsaid and just find common ground to be excited and cooperative about!  Working toward saving wildlife and domestic or farm animals is my gig too, along with helping the environment spring back from all the onslaughts and ravaging effects of man’s global activities! As far as guns go they are not the problem friend, I have seen both sides of the argument up close and personal, it’s the sick and immoral lack of respect for “Human Life” that has escalated in recent years and that is a big societal problem that will not go away even if we magically made guns vanish from the earth; that is a false premise that guns are the problem, that is the NWO (new world order) basically saying they want to control all of us and one way to make sure is that we first are defenseless!  Our American forefathers were geniuses and knew what could happen if the People are left with no options but to listen to a Government that has all the power and weapons and that is where socialism or NWO mentality is trying to take this Nation!  I won’t allow that!  I’ll die first, and I would be proud to die standing up against totalitarian oppression!  This is a very serious big problem that is going to be messy to fix no matter how we try!  So fasten your seat-belt or check out and be like so many silly putty “sheeple” that would rather be stoked to the hilt and just argue getting nowhere while the big bad government takes all of our rights away!  Like I said, this is America we don’t roll that way and I’m out to keep what all previous generations fought or died for in place and intact, I will face any enemy to accomplish that!  We are being invaded by peoples that are against America and all it has stood for and just plan to keep on until the time comes when they get the upper hand, which is what they are aiming for!  They are some of the devils minions being instructed to destroy America!

My heart goes out to many good causes that are real and where there is unnecessary suffering or corruption or injustice to common working citizens that pay their taxes and try to get ahead!  I’m a realist too, so I don’t spend much time listening to poppycock that I used to be inclined to believe when I was a teen or in my 20’s, I should think I grew up by now and I know I have long ago!  Many of you strike me as sensible and intelligent with faith and capability that will recognize truth and sensibility and I still don’t have any reason to not think that can happen!  We may only just have met, but I think having some time to know each other on a variety of topics and multiple levels is a fair and just thing to do, if that is in your wheelhouse and you’re up to it then let’s go for it!  But don’t be easily put off or overreact to me or anything I say, I sometimes say things for shock value to wake certain people up or get everyone thinking so they can all bring their own perspective to the table when the time comes to do so!

I’m an easy going guy in person and try to be intelligent in dealing with all sorts of people but there comes a time when money is talking and bullshit is walking, and then I take my stand and get serious and do what must be done to stop a problem or at least resist one!  I’ve taken on my own Highly Corrupted Democrat/socialist party State in order not to take the shit they would shove down my throat and won to a degree, which is a lot when no one is willing to help you go up against the Machine, so I was my own attorney pro se!!!  I have some hard bark on me now with scars to prove why I have that bark, and no one can take that from me, I did my thing my way and to hell with the BULLY, COWARD, DIRTY POOL GOVERNMENT!!!  I’ve even told certain persons in positions of power and authority in that government that if they want me silenced they had better think twice; this boy is not shutting down for no one on this earth!  And between you and me and the lamp post I meant every word!  That is the bark and the bite talking!  I don’t know if you have met anyone like me or perhaps too many, but I’m being honest and decent with you and saying all this which I could have just kept locked up in me like a tight drum!   This way I figure if you like anything you see or hear in me you can comply in like fashion or if you see or hear anything you don’t like you can discuss it with me because I never bite anyone, especially a decent person like you for wanting to talk civilly and honestly!

If I’m too baked for your liking I can dig that too!  Bottom line, it’s all good if it’s the truth!  I will admit not many years ago I was quite different as I was a very happy go lucky kind of guy!  That is still in me and I can get that way but it is insulated with all this bark and realism because I know how dangerous and sinister or backstabbing people are today!  There was a paradigm shift in the way humanity treats humans some years ago and it only got worse since!

Lawrence Morra

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

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