St Peter’s Basilica, Like a Museum Without Holy Masses in Side Altars

A Foreboding Sign
Another sign of the times folks; just like the many ugly sinful and ridiculous things going on every minute of every day! Don’t get me wrong, there’s still so much good to be thankful for because if there wasn’t and this was all passé God would, as a metaphor here, just shovel this whole thing up and toss it into the lake of fire.

But now to put this in proper perspective and just say it like it is; this action is a clear sign that what many have said in recent years and I’m one of them; how Bergoglio has clearly strayed from the tenets of the Church and Holy Scriptures in many regards to this act against it, because we can say that Bergoglio got “Woke” along with many in the Church hierarchy apparently, and joined the huge push this past year to bring on NWO; which is all the obvious precursor to bringing the Antichrist out into the open to be the ruler of this out of control madhouse of a world!

This is all so way beyond secularist and is now in your face blatant diabolical action by the minions of hell itself! Even if the Church hierarchy would try to justify his action by saying the Latin Mass is outdated and out of touch with the public or faithful that would be a lie. It would be and is a lie because as I’ve stated before this Mass TLM brings the participating parishioners into a great awareness of the Holy Spirit coming into the Mass instilling the inner joy of knowing that the Father and Jesus are there over the Church joining the faithful bringing a great blessing! I’ve been brought to tears in the Latin Mass of a great joy that I never feel and experience in any other setting or even any other Mass. So that is supposed to be outdated and out of touch? Hog wash, and a LIE! If there wasn’t an evil conspiracy afoot then why would they have pushed it aside this way and instead at least say we can offer both Latin and the New more “protestant secular version” alternately through the day! To dismiss the Latin Mass outright is an obvious affront to the Church, the faithful and most assuredly Our Father in Heaven with Jesus!

“This may seem a small matter, especially during the COVID lockdowns, when there are few pilgrims entering St. Peter’s anyway.” Let me add here; this was timed this way to take advantage of the disarray of the Church and world at this time because of the PSYOP Hoax Plan-Demic that is all meant to derail many layers of society and especially the Church and Holy Eucharist being administered to the faithful and in the Traditional way! Clearly; all work of the Devil and his minions to, as I said; pave the way for the arrival of the Antichrist.

Even before I read what St. John Henry Newman had said about the subject or knew these previous sentiments, this is what I meant about the absolute feeling and awareness of the mystical presence of God participating in the Latin Mass!
“I call as witness the ever-prescient John Henry (now Saint) Newman who wrote more than a century and a half ago about the feeling in a “great cathedral,” and I want to condense what he continued to say what to me is the very essence of how important all of this is when he continued by saying, “– altar after altar lit up for worship, like stars in the firmament – or the bell giving notice of what is going on in parts you do not see, and all the while the canons in the choir going through matins and lauds, and at the end of it the incense rolling up from the high altar, and all this in one of the most wonderful buildings in the world and every day – lastly, all of this without any show or effort – but what everyone is used to – everyone at his own work, and leaving everyone else to his. (Letter, September 24, 1846)

In recent commentary here is what I had to say about this matter.
“I know that my soul has been very moved and inspired when I partake in the Full Latin Mass; as I know from experience Jesus is there and I feel His Holy Spirit coming down from heaven with the Father to join us in the Mass, blessing those who are participating in this most Divine inspired true way of expressing our devotional love for our Lord Savior Jesus and the Father in heaven! I’ve had many tears in this traditional Mass at times and they are always tears of sweet joy that are coming to me from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, because the Lord really touching my soul at that time most intimately and acknowledging His presence and love for me, as in no other setting can this occur to this degree; which nothing on earth can compare to this realization that my God is with me and will not abandon those who believe/worship Him in this way! Amen.”

“And so far as his argument that the world had changed I totally disagree because it’s the people that have changed, and, God and Jesus are the same always so our communing with them in Holy Mass remains static, or plainly our souls are just that which we truly are; not our exteriors of body/flesh or daily life on earth; and therefore that is what we want to awaken to the mystical power of the Holy Spirit the focusing of our inner souls to the mystical presence of God and be totally receptive to Jesus Christ and through Him the Father to grow our deep heart felt faith not alter appearances or procedures as this New Age approach is planning to do! In this case especially in life, less is more; that which is not contrived or noisy but simple and peaceful coming from our core is all we need to bring to the ceremonial alter of the Mass!”

God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

CP&S commentThe sudden order last week cancelling all celebrations of the Traditional Latin Mass in St Peter’s Basilica has caused a shockwave of both sadness and indignation throughout the Catholic world, and whose repercussions we are still hearing. Dr. Robert Royal wrote on ‘The Catholic Thing’ a few days ago about:

“[…] the strange decision to prohibit Masses being said in St. Peter’s on side altars, often on the spur of the moment, in various languages; and to restrict everyone attending Mass in the Basilica to the few central services offered only in Italian and Latin.

The St Joseph’s side altar, Saint Peter’s Basilica

This may seem a small matter, especially during the COVID lockdowns, when there are few pilgrims entering St. Peter’s anyway. But this was not an order issued in response to the potential dangers from the virus at side-altar Masses, nor does it…

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