VIDEO Proof Of Sodom and Gomorrah

dead_sea_sw2Absolutely Astounding and Utterly Fantastic archeological work and presentation of more Truth with tangible proof for any denier and person foolish enough to reject Biblical validity or its accuracy as coming from none other than the author of the Universe God Almighty!

Thank you very much for this story/documentary to help in getting people’s minds and hearts focused; but most importantly ready for the Lord’s return! Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


Sodom and Gomorrah

The Cities of the Plain

Ash and brimstone are reminders of the fiery event

Latest News from Sodom and Gomorrah

Four new photos below were sent to us by Jake Wilson, who visited the city of Admah, one of the five cities of the plain destroyed by fire and brimstone:

Above:   Multiple door openings into open chambers on a horizontal plane show us man-made construction.  Jake Wilson

Above:  Arched opening with square inserts indicate man-made construction of these formerly limestone buildings that have been reduced to ashen remains.      Photo Jake Wilson

Above:  Looking out from the interior of the remains, we can see an arched opening.  Photo Jake Wilson


The five cities of the plain have been located and the evidence is staggering.  For the first time in modern history we have found round balls of brimstone, or nearly pure sulfur, embedded in an ashen area…

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