BREAKING: Rockets Now Flying From Lebanon, Officially Opening another Front in the Current War

Screenshot_2021-05-19 BREAKING Rockets Now Flying From Lebanon, Officially Opening another Front in the Current War(3)

This is another sad but true escalation of the hatred and evil being directed at Israel by Hamas which we know is a Terrorist Proxy for Iran.
We need to pray devoutly to God Almighty through our Savior Jesus Christ! This is prophecy unfolding in our time and with the evil that has infested our US government we know that everything will get much worse. These are a most dire of times we all face; so pray for our brothers and sisters in Israel as I know many of them care about we Americans and pray for us as well.

God bless you.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Looking for the Blessed Hope

For an update on what is happening currently in Israel, tune into Amir Tsarfati’s brief update:

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