0.36% of Billionaires’ Wealth Could Save 42 Million People

It takes selfless people that believe in God and Billionaires aren’t generally selfless first of all!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Billionaires need to Photo: Twitter/@news18dotcom


It is time for billionaires like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Tesla CEO Elon Musk to “step forward now, just once,” and offer a minimum percentage of their wealth to address the problem of global hunger, said David Beasly, executive director of the United Nations World Food Program.

It would be enough for these people to offer 0.36% of their wealth to save the lives of around 42 million people, added Beasly, interviewed by CNN. The 64-year-old U.S. official, who has a long political career – he was governor of the state of South Carolina between 1995 and 1999 and, although he has been a member of the Republican Party for decades, he was originally a Democratic representative – specified that the amount needed to deal with this emergency is 6 billion dollars.

An example of the concentration of wealth is that 2% of Musk’s wealth would…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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