Trump: “Demokraten missbrauchen die Demokratie”.

Organized crime rico sm printThis is nothing less than Mafioso vendetta tactic and is an Organized CRIME Conspiracy which falls under the RICO Statutes, so I dare say this NY-AG should be arrested immediately and tried for racketeering, convicted like a cake walk and sent to Federal prison until she rots there!

If you don’t like that scenario the only other is to try her for Treason and that would be a Military Tribunal at GITMO with subsequent execution by firing squad following immediately after the conviction; which again would be a cake walk, as I could get her convicted and I have no law degree but have fought the corrupt government by myself pro se; as we now live in the world made up of Elitists and then the rest!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Lindas Einblick

Statement von Donald Trump, May 2021

Nach all den enormen staatsanwaltschaftlichen Bemühungen, wie sie noch nie jemand zuvor gesehen hat, haben sie es nicht geschafft, mich in Washington zu stoppen, also haben sie ihr Hauptquartier nach New York verlegt, um ihre Drecksarbeit von dort aus zu erledigen. Dies ist, was ich nun schon seit Jahren ertragen muss. Es ist eine sehr traurige und gefährliche Geschichte für unser Land, aber es ist, was es ist, und wir werden diesen Sumpf gemeinsam überwinden.

Die Generalstaatsanwältin von New York hat sich buchstäblich dafür eingesetzt, mich zu verfolgen, noch bevor sie etwas über mich wusste. Sie sagte, dass, wenn sie gewählt würde, würde sie jeden Aspekt meiner Immobiliengeschäfte, auch die, die schon länger zurückliegen verfolgen. Sie schwor, dass sie mich “definitiv verklagen” würde. Sie prahlte in einem Video, dass sie, ich zitiere, “ein echter Schmerz in meinem Arsch sein werde”. Sie erklärte, “warten Sie…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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2 thoughts on “Trump: “Demokraten missbrauchen die Demokratie”.”

  1. Many thanks Lawrence.

    Statement from Donald Trump, May 2021

    After all the tremendous prosecutorial efforts, the likes of which no one has ever seen before, they failed to stop me in Washington, so they moved their headquarters to New York to do their dirty work from there. This is what I have had to endure for years now. It is a very sad and dangerous story for our country, but it is what it is, and we will overcome this quagmire together.

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    1. Absolutely when I read this today I was thinking how the hell did he put up with all of those monsters in DC and elsewhere; yet just forging ahead and then I feel like OMG what do I have to worry about!!! God bless him! I’m going to do that praying now!
      With A rosary I was given by a woman I met at church who died and came back, she got this rosary at Medjugorje and had it with her when her heart stopped. She wanted me to have it when she got to know my situation, there are many details I can’t express here; it will take too long! Maybe in time! Up to God!
      God bless you!

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