Environmental Concern: Tell the EPA: Don’t Expand the Use of Bee-Killing Pesticides!

“Bee populations are rapidly declining and neonic pesticides are a huge part of the blame. To make matters worse, Syngenta and Bayer, two big chemical corporations, are pushing Trump’s EPA to consider a plan to allow even more bee-killing pesticides to be used on 165 million acres of crops.”

We only have until April 21st to speak out against this attack on our bees.

Please contact the EPA and make your voice be heard!

MY OWN PERSPECTIVE, along with the LCV pre-endorsed message:

I live by an airport that recently expanded breaking down the many small microcosms within the many backyards within my neighborhood that were bought out and destroyed to open up a wider buffer zone for the airport. Then the open space was for a time allowed to have vegetative growth to a height that allowed wildflowers, clover and even milkweed to grow again as had been the case over the years, giving many bee populations uncontaminated wild growth areas to use as way-points in their daily travels, gathering nectar and pollinating. Then a decision by a few bureaucrats to cut everything to the ground meant that the entire area would now be void of any ecological benefits for the bees and other plant dependent animals that in turn help us humans have a healthier better life!

This is only one example that I mention here but I’ve seen many other similar problems and lack of concern by a small group of public officials that continue to allow damage to our environment at an unprecedented pace, which will go beyond the tipping point if it hasn’t already, if we as Americans don’t get more proactive in repairing and preventing damage to the Eco-system! By throwing these powerful chemicals into the mix it makes the problem 10 times worse; as I did witness damaged bees in my immediate area that had been exposed to weed and pest control products being used throughout the wider range. I don’t see how we can make progress in preventing the destruction of our environment and health or well-being unless we make a concerted effort to first eliminate these toxic agents from the environment, and then protect all ecosystems wherever possible on a large scale! I know you folks at the EPA will see all of this and do the right thing to protect and preserve, which I will thank you in advance for that!

Lawrence Morra

LCV message: “The EPA announced it is considering expanding the use of the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam so that it can be sprayed on more than 165 million acres of farmland in the U.S. The science is clear that this pesticide is toxic to our environment and harms our pollinators, and that EPA should be reducing its use, not expanding it.”
“Right now, a quarter of our honeybees are at risk for extinction. Scientists have confirmed that pesticides deserve a large part of the blame. Urge the EPA to ban thiamethoxam, not increase the use of it.”

LCV: League of Conservation Voters @lcv.org

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

4 thoughts on “Environmental Concern: Tell the EPA: Don’t Expand the Use of Bee-Killing Pesticides!”

  1. It is very sad what is happening in the world, compared to the environment. Too many people, especially those with decision-making power, do not understand the importance of a clean and healthy environment.

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    1. I totally agree; but unfortunately far too many people do understand what God has told humanity and choose to ignore that truth; which is why the human race is now racing to destroy itself. Those in power are the most corrupt liars to have ever had so much power and influence on this earth, but they are out of control wicked fools!

      Lord Acton, expressed this opinion in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:
      “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

      I agree with that adage but not the “great men,” I substitute; “men with earthly power.” Those men who abuse power are extremely far from any greatness but are rather the lowest as I see them.

      Thanks for the good comment but very sadly so much more than the Bees and Environment are hanging in the balance now!
      God bless.

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  2. Yes, bees and bumblebees are among the most important pollinators. You just saw an article about these wonderful insects. Unfortunately, many drawings are missing.
    I transferred everything to another device and my pictures disappeared. But I plan to put the drawings / pictures back together. I’d be glad to see them. I’ll let you know when I’m ready. All the best! God bless you, my friend!

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    1. What a great and excellent effort you have made with your art and it is sad how much was lost in that transfer! I remember someone telling me to always back up crucial files on a computer or any storage device, say with a flash drive/external hard-drive or secondary domain-location. I think this is best for anything that is irreplaceable and required much work and time to create especially! I’m thinking you have physical drawings or printed copies of your design creations so if that is true then they are a real physical backup, that can be photographed and then uploaded to a device.

      I’m just talking here because I really don’t know how you go about your work and storage of it; but, I’m hoping you have recourse so nothing is lost permanently!~ Yes it will be great to see them for me too, so I hope and pray you retrieve everything!

      Bees are great pollinators and friends of the environment and people too! Yes, I look forward to those being available to look at them when ready!
      All the best to you also my friend!
      A very blessed Easter Sunday to you!

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