A very well targeted matter of importance to all of us, provided here by my fellow Christian Blogger Friend and Sister in Christ Jesus.
Please read the article, and God Bless You.
I need to add here a couple of thoughts that were on my mind just as I received notification of Marcia’s Blog!
I’ve suspected for some time now that the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse in Revelation 6:1-8 has begun to unfold as prophesied because at least one of the seven seals must have been opened long before now! If that is true the countdown has begun especially in this high tech digital age where everything is at the speed of light! I’ve also known how Bill Gates was sanctioned by Satan as a worldly powerful man being used as an instrument of Satan and not at all what he tries to appear to be! We must remember there have always been wolves in sheep’s clothing or great pretenders that are never what they represent outwardly to the world! The COVID-19 I believe is all being orchestrated to trip the switch to bring into play the devices of New World Order such as mass restrictions and new currency practices for all purchases around the globe, to do as you suggest here with this article begin giving people the mark of the beast. Vaccinations will be another ploy to destroy masses outright, so yes we are in the fast lane to destruction now, no two ways about it! Of course the great news is that Jesus is Coming Soon!

Post Script 3/18/2020

Steady and true is our course!  If our focus is truly upon the Lord, then our destination is a certainty that nothing can change!  One day at a time seeking His will we move closer to Him. “For the Spirit that God has given us does not make us timid; instead, his Spirit fills us with power, love, and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7.  Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ, for your faithful efforts in serving our Lord! 🙏




A Mom Looking Up

We need to be aware and mindful of this company called ID2020 Alliance.

The gist? They are developing a way to ensure every person on the planet has a digital ID. This digital ID must be portable and functional both online and offline. Oh, and it is co-founded by Bill Gates so that tells us it isn’t just some fly-by-night idea.

Here is an important screenshot taken directly from their website:

Are you catching my train of thought here?

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Revelation 13:16‭-‬17 NKJV

Prophecy is taking shape like never before!

Then a third angel followed them, saying with a…

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Perhaps you would be in good stead to not ask who I am, but more concern be placed on who and what I am not!  Because the world and its people teeter on the brink and are full of many human based imperfections running rampant; this will in no way justify their folly or self-induced outcome!  It is always a matter of choice.  Willful acceptance of imperfection and sin are death!   Only repentance will yield life and SAVE!

Lawrence Morra

The Out of Control Left

The Nazi Left

This is a Fine Man and Great Human Being Soon to be The Next Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America! God Bless Him and This Great Nation!!! Amen

What the democrat party and its cronies along with a flaky half-baked Dr. Ford with the biased media have done an evil thing in weaponizing a false and uncorroborated allegation from 36 years ago with the sole purpose in mind being to bring down a good man and ruin his shot at being a Supreme Court Justice! This will not happen and all those who were in the wings plotting and scheming to accomplish this most heinous act and attack against this man and this Nation will suffer the consequences of such evil!

He isn’t guilty of this weaponized torpedo assault by the evil left wing politics of this Nation that proved they stop at nothing to get the ultimate power they want! I can tell you shit that will make your hair stand up on end that has been going on in my home State and how wicked these people are and they attacked me on several fronts violating my Constitutional rights and no one will lift a finger! I’m freaking fed up with this screwed up system of Govt. which went  way far out of control with Obama and Biden running this Nation into a deep quagmire of sick out of control socialistic, Nazi like politics using Gestapo tactics when they can’t get their way! The Ford women is a pawn and quite obviously very flaky as to what has and hasn’t happened in her life! Anita Hill was a completely different situation and time and even she was a stain on our nation’s integrity! I’m not so much for Party Lines I’m for Truth and Honor and Justice for America!

The accuser Ford could have been attacked at some time back in her childhood but that is not proof that this man is guilty of anything! She wasn’t a convincing person and to me appeared too flaky and forgetful she couldn’t even keep up with the documents and dates over the past days! Then we are what? Supposed to think she knows enough about something that maybe happened back when she was 15 and couldn’t remember if she drove back home or how she got home? She couldn’t drive anyway because she was 15! I think she is a sick confused lady that the Dem party was able to manipulate! Kavanaugh is a fine gentleman and did nothing wrong, he has a exemplary history and record, not many people can say the same about themselves including many of the Senators on that committee! Many miss the point of how the Dems and this mixed up woman have caused so much pain for Kavanaugh’s children and wife with crap that didn’t happen back 36 years ago!!! This is a freak show!!! Very sick society at this time! I hope you see some of this, that I point out!

Planned Parenthood who has been running highly toxic lies and wicked media campaigns against this man; is by the way in my view a radial and hideous organization that has talked many young women into murdering their unborn babies over the years, and I tell you for all the money in the world and power I would not ever want to be in any of their shoes when they have to face God!!! And they will!  Kavanaugh is what they need and actually the entire country needs!!! God Bless You and America

Lawrence Morra


Thumb Nail Sketch of What Happened for a Friend

Good to see you up and at em!  Yeah, isn’t it great that little Denali is improved enough to be in a foster home, what a little fighter, and thank God for all the prayers being answered, along with her being in the care of the exact right people!

I had a rotten cold for over two weeks, pretty sure I caught it when I went to this little quaint church I wanted to try in the neighborhood, seems a person attending with a bad cold in tow spread it to several of the other attendees in including yours truly! I never go around others if that sick, so disrespectful or stupid!   Then it got my sinuses going which I’m dealing with now but other than that pretty good, you asked thank you.

As far as what happened it could be a long story to fill you in on many very pertinent facts but I’m pretty sure you don’t have the time Dear Friend!  So I’ll try hard to encapsulate it with a thumb nail sketch!  Out of 75 guys that took an exam for a Govt. job I got the 2nd nearly perfect score, and the highest score was achieved by a guy who had just one more correct answer than me who already had a similar job and certifications knowing the field of expertise which I did not; we both were a couple of correct answers short of 100%.  Everyone else I found out a couple of years later had mediocre scores.  But the politics to land the job was the key like in many such situations, so they basically pick who a “certain person” wants even with a low score.  The other guy got the job and the following year after a guy died suddenly, they needed another person to fill his post, and a nice lady that was on the inside who had met me during the previous exam process told key people I was the right guy to hire, so I got a call and then the job!  I never asked anyone to get me a job like a crony but some thought I must be a crony to get the job!

Later during my employment in the position it turned out the head honcho was a very evil man and for a bit over 20 years he had driven people out and targeted some!  I turned out to be too much of a threat to his behavior and record along with other corruption I was witness to and other impropriety there, so I became a target, and for a few years I went through the meat grinder taking everything they could throw at me and not falling into either a trap or messing up something they knew would be enough to get me fired!  I never had such an uncomfortable job where I went to work not just to work hard and do what I was hired to do, but also had to fight for my survival or livelihood!

This was at the peak of the economic down turn too so I wasn’t going to just jump from that job to a better or as good opportunity, that was the reason I got LinkedIn!  Then the powers that be mainly driven by the evil one set me up for a big fall doing a job that was highly dangerous and without all the appropriate measures being taken to make sure nothing went wrong.  I could be fired for insubordination if I questioned the orders which I felt I should just from what I knew about this chemical related procedure that I had never dealt with or even watched others do!  I just tried my best to use my own intelligence to get through the day and unfortunately that wasn’t enough so I got exposed to toxic chemicals and particulates to my pulmonary system.  I got so sick that I went out on a workers comp case but then the system was rigged to get me off quickly to go back to work which would not happen as even my doctors said I can’t be in that environment; but the creeps didn’t want me to come back that was the idea.

The lawyer I had was just a jerk who appeases the crooked system which practically all do, and he was more concerned with his political future than doing the right thing for my welfare!  So I fired his ass and took control of my comp case and luckily had a few cards to play in this political game I was tossed into with the judge presiding over my case; which allowed me time and leeway to work things out to my benefit over a longer period and get on my feet while getting back to my chosen work!

There are a few backstories in play the whole time of my employment and injury/settlement case that make it all much more complicated as some much bigger fish were being fried than I’m telling you here; all of which resulted in other things happening to me and around me during this time!  The crooked, evil politics is what really made for an ugly mess with I believe evil being the key problem!  I’ve been writing a lot of this over some years so if it gets to a certain level of completion the most relevant factors will be shown for what they are very nicely!

I hope I didn’t bore you or take you away from anything important for this diversion, but if you had a little time I feel good about it!

Did you like the “John Wick” movies?  You must like watching Keanu Reeves doing his work which is visually very dynamic, I like him very much almost as much as one of my younger sisters who loved watching those films again with me after their original release!

To me there is nothing better than totally honest to goodness human communication between persons of trust and value!  As we know there isn’t much of it in the world these days, sure there might be lots of communicating but most is not as genuine as it appears or is claimed to be!  Too many people with hidden agendas and seeking to take or get something not give!  Sadly, too much about self and loads of confusion mixed with stupidity to go along with this massive deflection of truth and integrity! All the games people play!

Well, now I’m sure you’re wondering why me?  So much stuff for me to think about here and couldn’t Lawrence have poured this out with someone else?  I’d like to think you appreciate it and get it too.  How it actually all relates to what is going on with regard to poor animals that you and I try helping and advocating for so much!

Thank you for taking the time and God bless You!

Lawrence Morra

Just for Laughs

In a chat about a recent decision in England to ban puppy mills, this lady put it this way when she heard the good news!  “Love the Brits! Clearly more enlightened than our politicians! Assuming the typical puppy mill is run by white/ghetto trash types,”

And there was more but I knew right then and there what I wanted to say!

Come on Lady, you mean black ghetto gang banging types would be fine? And can’t leave out MS-13!  Besides that I haven’t seen any politicians that are worth a damn on either side of the pond, that’s why I VOTED TRUMP!!! MAGA2020!!! Don’t need no damn liar politicians especially the ones that are in the Dem party calling themselves progressives, which is a alternate term for saying SOCIALIST SCUM BAGS!!! Don’t need no damn Marxist commie pinko party types here in the USofA! Let’em just try gettin a foothold, they’re gonna get lots of lumps! In their TEA of course!!! Got to boogie, time for my spot of tea!  Yeaaaa, I went to Britain and it did rub off on me a bit! Jolly Good Show!

Then another Lady said, “Bark, who says that meowing good news?”  To which I had to retort:  Isn’t that Hark?  Twas Shakespeare who wrote “hark who goes there?”

Lawrence Morra

The Postulate Led to The Conversation

If you say there is no God then there is no right or wrong because there is no final judgment.  If there is no final judgment then there is no point to this life and nothing matters and if nothing matters then there is no need for morals or conscience.  Basically we can do anything we want anytime we want and that means we should have anarchy and the laws of the jungle or even chaos apply.  But for all of existence to be here for absolutely no reason can’t be the case because everything in this world carries cause and effect which in turn shows there are consequences and if there are consequences then there has to be some level of moral thinking or beneficial outcomes for our behavior and if that is true then all of existence is beneficial on some higher level and if that is true then there must be God to know that everything is in the order in which it was intended.

All True, I know you’re a man of integrity and thank you for being so bold and to the heart of the matter like this. We are conversing in a public forum where I have no problem being this open about what I actually see and believe and you apparently look at it the same way!  I know you are right and I was put through something I won’t go into here because of the very evil you talk of which was unleashed upon me a decent good guy in God’s eyes by public officials and other nefarious persons working behind the machine. I had to go through this as it was allowed by God and there is a reason for everything. I was severely damaged but was able to withstand the punishment and I have spoken to high persons of the church over the past several years that became aware of my dilemma and they told me things about myself and what was happening that I wasn’t aware of! Some people are instruments and out of necessity will be used and even sacrificed to expose the dark evil that lurks in our midst. The man of perdition will be revealed and all of his followers before him.

Sir, I see enough evidence and witnessed firsthand the atrocity committed against me by public officials and then doctors in cahoots, all acting as Judas priests; one was actually a Catholic minister of the church working with the machine and conspirators and part of perhaps what some call the Illuminati!  In the Holy Scriptures it says that in the latter days there will be more Judases than not because each will be more concerned to holding on to what they own than doing what is right!  I tell you I have suffered for Jesus Christ and I know things now that all who will have ears and hear or eyes and see had better do so now because we are facing the ramping up of Satan’s plan to claim his throne on earth controlling mankind!  No human being can out think a demon or Satan our weapon is prayer and staying in grace as best we can to be free of the devils snares!  The cyber connection, mass media and all the high technology are facilitating this move on his part and there has never been a time in history that makes for such a complete manipulation and deception to be carried out! Prayer is very powerful and Satan cannot have power over our prayers to our Lord; so we need to do that as much as we can and to remain vigilant, not be deceived as these evil plans unfold!  You are also right about how many will be deceived and follow along and not care! 

Very serious consequences await those who will not hear or see!  We know the story of Judas but I tell you we know how the criminal on the right hand or side of Jesus at Calvary was humbled by his witnessing the obvious humble and magnificent glory of Jesus the Christ; as He the Lord was nailed to that Cross PRAYED for his enemies and said to His Father in Heaven, “forgive them for they know not what they do!”  We too should pray like that and be humbled that God’s plan is before us, and the “Lord is thy Shepherd!”  We also must be prepared to give up this life if our faith is true and from the heart, in that we express our genuine love for our Heavenly Father and nothing else matters but to love and serve HIM!  As the criminal on the right of Jesus was told by Jesus on that fateful day, “Verily I say unto thee today you shall be in Paradise with me!”  God through Jesus His begotten Son knows our hearts for sure!  He came to save the sinners and we all are but he knows the hearts of all men and will know who is counterfeit and belongs in Hell for Eternity!  He will in His great Love and Majesty save all others! 

This is a great time and a message of amazing Hope for those who will Listen and See the Truth before them as it unfolds and not fear anything on this earth because God is the only being we need fear as we each work out our own salvation through Jesus Christ with “great fear and trembling” of the Consequence of not doing what is obviously the right thing to do, ignoring God now is a permanent death sentence to everlasting anguish and separation from God!  I hope people will awaken to the Truth and try their best to know God and to then love and serve God with all their hearts!


Lawrence Morra

What to do about all the humans that love to kill

A discussion about animal abuse, the complex factors that go into the why and what to do about it!

The irony is that there are millions of these human beasts.!!! How do you eradicate them out of our society.??? When they are more than the harmless Animals.!!! Any suggestions… because nothing seems to work.

Society is producing more of them because people have become too secular in our culture and morality and compassion are in the toilet! Wholesale abortion, greed and lusting for material wealth has set the stage for a Hell On Earth Nightmare!  People putting faith in money and power not God, or not being taught to respect all LIFE and be HUMBLE!!! Sorry just the facts madam.

You have to ask the question why are there more of these beasts than ever before?  Society is sick too, and has a high temperature that is making lots of peoples go crazyyyy!!! Look at some of the idiots bringing up kids these days!  Society is PHUKED UP and needs an overhaul, probably a miracle!  Sad and true, I’m happy that your eyes are wide open and you see the truth around you!  Keep your faith and pray from your heart as often as you can! 

I will go to any length to save or it’s safety for any animal Tame or Wild.

You are incredible and extremely brave to step forward to protect and face the danger involved with not only facing wild animals in stress but the more lethal human ones who are the cause of all these many problems in the first place! Do take care always to keep yourself safe and not to take unnecessary or foolish risk. But when it comes to counteracting the harm upon animals caused by humans we must stand together to find the means to solve the immediate problems and long rage issues as well! Comprehensive and deliberate in scope the plan must encompass all of the issues we speak about here and others, if we are going to turn the corner on animal abuse, as well as even preventing their decimation! Keep the faith Sister and fellow advocate Mary, you are very inspiring!!!

Humans are without doubt the most ruthless and I dare say even evil of any animal on earth because; a human has the greater knowledge and reasoning capacity, yet to not use it for good purpose and instead for some vain, selfish or immoral purpose is in fact evil in its purest form!

To Be continued

Lawrence Morra