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What follows is by means of God’s direction pieces of a human interaction caught in time that came out of an impassioned debate and challenge by opposing forces in the ongoing battle to win souls! The catalyst that brought this battle into focus this time was Stephen Hawking leaving behind his last statements to the public in which one admission and a clear denial that he says there is No God.

Judas you maintain garbage and do not speak as a Christian therefore you are not one! It’s not a deal where you can be a partial Christian or believer in the true and living God! Jesus Christ said and proved who He said He was! No other human being could or ever will be able to lay claim to what he did! He is the Savior and nothing is going to change that, nothing you say or any other turkey on the internet! There is a mountain of historical fact and that coupled with TESTIMONY and Prophesy prove he is the LIVING GOD! You speak with a forked tongue and condemn yourself! You have time to seek the truth and be saved but only you can make the decision to accept Jesus or not! So far you prove that you are too haughty and high and mighty to accept the PLAIN TRUTH! You seek to destroy and lead astray others which are major abominations against GOD! Hawking didn’t accept Jesus by his own broadcasted confession and acknowledgment that he said there is NO GOD! You are doing the same on the net! You put yourself in grave error and danger of damnation! AMEN

Everything you said there is poppycock and nonsense! What you think you see and know as being the TRUTH about this reality and existence is based on pieces of philosophies of mans and science that you concoct into a fashioned tool to deceive others as though you are a superior man and know what is going on when you do not at all! You ramble on with gibberish and no actual truth or solid ground on which to stand! You are like smoke! You speak about man being so failed and not able to get up out of the pit that he tosses himself into, and yet you try to say that man is growing up in a sense to be more cosmic and somehow will leap beyond this tattered and torn state of being; to become in the sometime future an all wise and knowing creature that will be on a transcending level of other dimensions and star trek kind of reality! What a joke!!! You talk about running blindly and yet that is what you are doing; the PLAIN TRUTH has been handed to Mankind in the Name of JESUS CHRIST! That is GOD! What you believe to be God is a figment of your imagination! I dare say nonsense! You have nothing to offer and nothing to base it on! That comes out to ZERO!

Judas read all you have said and see who the idiot is, the same in the mirror! You can’t say you are a Christian and not accept all that Jesus Christ professed and he is the LIVING GOD ALMIGHTY! He is the only one that could possibly take away all the SINS and failures of the “human race” which you yourself said, is so flawed and screwed! You are trying hard to be a forked tongue “deceiver “ but you fail miserably because TRUTH will TRUMP YOU EVERY TIME!!! Castles made of sand! Do NOT STORE UP YOUR TREASURES ON EARTH BUT IN HEAVEN!

I respect everyone for their beliefs, and as someone who was once a Christian for half my life, I like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but your childish behavior isn’t doing anything to win others over to Christ. You resort to petty name calling, and your overzealous attempt to prove that you’re right has utterly poor execution.

Right Jason, from your own mouth or mind you say you were once a Christian, which tells me all I need to know about you; and that I’m not going to take your advice about anything let alone how to win over others to Christ when you obviously reject Him! Thanks but no thanks you aren’t doing very well here other than most likely executing yourself; as the old adage goes give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves! You should probably try a conversation with Robert Torn who might appreciate the fact that you were once a Christian seeing he is a Christian and Jesus Christ bashing expert! You have much more in common with him I dare say than most people on this trend! Amen

You realize it was the Pharisees who mocked Jesus for disregarding the law, but Jesus simply said “he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” You mock me for being an unbeliever, and you yourself can’t extend the same love that Jesus commands his followers to give to unbelievers. I don’t know why I even bother with this conversation. I think I’m just that bored. Lol.

I don’t mock you for anything you mock yourself I clearly stated that with your own tongue and mind you state what you are. You are an unbeliever but more importantly you admitted that you once were a Christian which means you reject Jesus Christ! I merely stated the facts as you presented them. Then you conveniently think yourself a Christian for the moment and slice a piece of Scripture from the Bible to conveniently use in your attempt to mock me saying or implying that I’m casting stones and must be like the Pharisees! Don’t talk to me with a forked tongue you will be in serious trouble if you try that trick on me!

If you are an agent of evil you are barking up the wrong tree; I told you who you might have more in common with and to go toy with that person or any like him! I don’t take kindly to devils and serpentine thinking individuals, some are lurking in this post trend and you could very well be one of them! I have battled against evil and still do, so don’t try toying or prying into to my motivations! From what you already announced openly to me you best be working on making up your mind and heart as to whether you have totally rejected Christ Jesus or you are being lukewarm and not sure what you want to be! That is a personal decision, and I won’t be interested in figuring that out with or for you! I do accept that you have attempted something here but because it isn’t clearly defined I will not be engaged with it, that is really up to you to be certain what you want and how to go about achieving it, when talking to someone like me regarding my relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ!

I will add Jason Ritter that if you had a substantial relationship with Jesus Christ for many years as you stated then I have pity on you for having given up on your faith, and what Jesus means to you! I fervently compel you to seek him out in prayer and meditation, reading His word to see what He has to say to you, the Holy Spirit will touch you if you go to him with an open heart and humility! I think that would be the best thing for you to do at this time! Amen

As to Hawking some say, and they called this man a genius yet he was but a fool.
I guess he has found out the error of his statement by now. Too late to make an editorial change.

Oh how true Mary! And the painful truth is for him he wanted to be one, and it clearly states in Scripture there will be those that choose Hell and will march right in! A bit of anger and selfish pride toward God is all it takes to accomplish that feat!
Obviously he was a fraud, phony, fake heathen atheist who thought he knew it all! Get lost punk, glad to see you gone! He was another jerk scientist out to make a buck! Those grants and fellowships sure gave you a good life style while it lasted jerk!

Interesting that none of the ‘religious’ folks here want to take Larry on…
Only devils do but they get a rude awakening! Much easier to do one’s self in than to join the CAUSE!!!

Hey Damien, God actually talked to you? And you were knocking it when others were saying the same thing and you had to put up those sophomoric photos poking fun at them! But, I see you are a man of no faith in God by your very actions because He told you to ignore us guys but here you are always poking around in the business of folks that love Jesus and talk religion quite often! Go figure why would a guy that admits he has no faith or interest in such fools that believe be hanging around on their turf? Could you be a “closet” Christian you really do believe and just pretend that you don’t because maybe you got the idea they would think you a fool otherwise? Something just doesn’t add up about you at all! Well, the truth does have a way of always coming out! mmhhmm Amen to that!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said “common sense is genius dressed in working clothes.” Stephen Hawking failed that!


Lawrence Morra

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