The Sierra Club; a Tool of the Left

The following is a letter sent to me from the Sierra Club and my reply!


Shootings, pipe bombs, hate crimes, conspiracy theories — our hearts go out to everyone touched by the violence and hate over the past few weeks, especially our members and supporters in the Jewish and African American communities. But even as we mourn, we must not let political violence escalate while our government’s leadership fans the flames of hatred. We must fight back — not with anger, but by confronting darkness with hope and action.

After years of hateful political rhetoric, the past two weeks have seen a rash of intense political violence. Last week, in addition to the mass shooting in Pittsburgh, Maurice Stallard and Vickie Jones were murdered at a Kroger grocery store in Kentucky after the murderer tried to enter and attack a predominantly black church to murder its members.1 Over a dozen pipe bombs were mailed to news outlets and politicians.2 Fear-mongering about immigrants, a rush to further militarize the border, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories peddled about refugees and George Soros — these hateful actions were fueled by rhetoric dangerously embraced and repeated by Trump and his allies.3, 4 And still Trump doubles down — calling the press “the true enemy of the people” and embracing the term “nationalist,” as he and his political allies continue to call for the jailing of their political rivals.5, 6, 7

At the Sierra Club, we believe in protecting the human and natural environments. All people deserve a healthy planet –that means not just the right to clean air and clean water, but the right to live in safe communities, and includes the  right to a life free of discrimination, hatred, and violence.

As an organization with volunteers, staff, and members from all walks of life, we are in solidarity with those communities who have been attacked because of their identities and who are mourning. end


Many organizations are not what they appear to be and some people can’t see the forest for the trees!

What the hell are you talking? All the Democratic Party has done since the last presidential election is fan the flames of division and exclusion while not even accepting the will of the people that voted! The election was over and Trump was duly elected and no sooner that occurred when the Democrats would not accept that result and they all began the ugly rhetoric and insane attacks upon the new President and Our Democracy! Obstruction and division is all the Dems are about so they can maintain power and control.

You left wing nuts are all the same talking crap and fueling the hatred and confusion of the masses to your own ends to get power and money! You are a bunch of lying hypocrites and I’m sick and tired of everyone one of you Leftist, Socialist Nuts cases; so take me off your list I’m not interested in lies or propaganda! You’re acting like a bunch of Communist or Nazi stooges!  Look at the disgusting way the Dems behaved through the most recent SCOTUS confirmation process being so partisan and corrupting the process with a pile of lies and crap to derail Kavanaugh!

All of you are so demented you won’t even see the forest for the trees; that you Democrats are in fact the bad guys, and you better get right before judgment day or you will be suffering for eternity! Or maybe you have no belief in God the one God that will judge every human soul! I’m done with you people, change and get a life or be damned it’s your choice and grave!  And stop trying to use hope and goodness for another tool in your arsenal of manipulation tactics!

As Dad always said, give a bad guy enough rope and he’ll hang himself! Seems like you are all on that mission in spades! Sierra Club was once a decent little organization with good values and people; it is now a scum city tool of the LEFT!!!

Now for my conclusion to what this means to me in no uncertain terms!

Folks ask yourselves if you really have faith in God and His plan or have you been putting your hope in the man-made plan of this world? It’s been said that in the end time of this world which has always been passing away since sin entered man; that this world would become so corrupted by the Evil One  people would prefer death over having to carry on in the earthly life; that despair would replace the desire to be here!

To me it isn’t hard to see that we have arrived at such a time and place in human history! I heard a scientist on 60 minutes over the weekend which once was a reputable news program but it too has been used to manipulate the masses!  This scientist spoke of so many worlds out there in space that there has to be life and therefore he is so convinced that the SETI program is going to find it in time because computers are speeding up the search process!  He and many others believe in the plans of this world! What if the only intelligent life that exists is on this little speck in the cosmos? And even if there is someplace trillions of light years away its absurd to think we can find it or if we did so what!  There is no way anyone or anything can travel those distances, it’s all a dead end but this smart scientist is too stupid or stubborn to admit his error!

Instead of looking for answers in this material world which is thoroughly influenced by the Prince of Darkness all people should be looking inwardly into themselves on a spiritual plane of thought and consciousness and be seeking the Eternal God the Creator; who knows all things and will give us the answer we need and truly desire! To be free of this death and destruction and be Delivered unto His Holy presence and Eternal Kingdom as we live here caught between two opposing forces of Good and Evil, trying our best to hold onto Faith and Hope each day as we do what we can and help here and there to the best of our abilities! Not to be caught up in pie in the sky nonsense or how the computer is going to save the human race, that is all poppycock and wasted energy, but more importantly the Devil wants people to lose their way and become more caught up in Falsehoods and misdirection!

Don’t be fooled, this is all being used to manipulate just like our once Iconic Great America is being ruined and manipulated by evil now which has really gotten hold of the Democratic Party and made it a gateway to EVIL and the Devil! Many in that party have sold their souls to Satan and don’t you follow them! And yes, I bring up politics because it is entwined in everything of any importance in man’s activities now, but is being targeted and used by Evil to ruin and destroy many souls! Amen

Lawrence Morra


Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

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