Sexuality and Humanity

Does “Sex Rule” our lives making us false idol worshipers?

To a large extent absolutely!  You’ve heard the expression SEX SELLS, and that is how many entities in corporate America have been alluring and selling product to consumers since before I was around and over the years I’ve seen that manipulation increase exponentially via printed, visual and pop culture mediums to an actual sickening level when you come right down to it!  People are being bombarded and titillated with very powerful psychological messages that grab them where it counts in our basic instinctual motivating animal sensory behaviors that are part of our basic human drives to procreate and continue as a species of temporal physical beings; which leads them the mass manipulators to the ultimate prize “of reaching into our pockets,” and getting our money!  But that is only a part of us and not the part that we should be allowing to dominate our outward or inward behavior toward one another.

Someone like the former Hugh Hefner built up a cottage industry over the years whipping into shape an “empire” worth billions all revolving on “exploitation of female sexuality and sensuality” that got many a man sucked in as a continuous paying customer to be mesmerized by the physical allures of a woman’s body.  This rapidly expanded the pornographic industry to a shocking and really unbelievable level as the modes of delivery went from primarily the printed page in magazines decades ago, which then rapidly grew to the present digital age technology where anything one might imagine is at the fingertips on demand making it far too easy for anyone to be tempted and actually become poisoned by the powerful intoxication of desire and pleasure effects that are coaxed within the minds pleasure center by a myriad of lust adventures played out in the current available imagery.  In a sense it’s getting nearly impossible to escape this tool of exploitation being deployed upon a “sheeple” public which has grown even way more permissive and secular over the last several decades!  What I’m saying here is the “cat is out of the bag” or the modern “Pandora’s Box” has ben opened; making for a huge problem or even mess in our culture and civilization as a whole, feeding right into all manner of depravity and actual criminal intent or behavior of the very twisted and sick minded that will even be more encouraged to be violent.  Priorities have been allowed to disintegrate making this a multifaceted problem of great consequence in our modern era!  Because of this selling tool human sexuality is now being used and abused daily!  Those without discipline or who are too weak to resist become slaves to this monster or machine of manipulation!

All of this that I speak of has led to this explosion of twisted thinking and even radical departure from what was always considered to be proper appropriate behavior with regard to human sexuality; not just based on religious or philosophical thinking but even purely from a common sense standpoint!  Now the time of anything goes has arrived and is it any wonder while people have been turned into slaves being led by their noses to do this or that with the narrative being as long as you feel good that is all that matters type of mantra being deployed these days!  A very sick world is what we see!  People thinking they are fine doing what they do now with even gender bending and they most certainly are not fine at all.  The decline of humanity and civilization looks like THIS!

So then, YES Sex Sells, and many people will even sell their own souls!

Lawrence Morra

A Post Script thought of in referring to a comment on a similar post.

I noticed just now one of your commenters said God is very merciful and accepts us all with love, which is bending the truth of what He has taught humanity and is very misleading in that; God has stated clearly in His word to us that in the end time there will be all manner of perversion and that is what this Pride nonsense is, all a selfish twisting of the gifts God gave humanity, using them to please one’s self and do his or her own thing!  Abusing what God intended only for loving couples to share in procreation and making a family or more “children of God” has now become I can love who or “what” I want and get all the pleasure doing it that I want!  Me, me, me is all this is, and these people have lost their way but by intentionally choosing these twisted worshiping behaviors over truly loving God and His plan for Humanity!  They in essence say we know better than God!

Deception abounds and in no way will God accept that type of thinking or behavior nor the manner of perversion that is being propagated; as it is clearly what Satan did in his challenge of God’s absolute authority in all things!  This is all work of the Devil.  Yes God loves us but demands that if we Love Him back it will be reflected in our abiding in His teachings and not the worlds or Satan’s!  Nowhere in Scripture or even in sensible logic does it say that two men or two women can do as they please using their sexuality to pleasure one another and that will be just beautiful to God and fit right into His plans for we His children!  Sin and corrupting of what God intended is not part of the plan.

Rebellious children are in trouble and homosexuality or gender bending are learned behaviors; and there is nothing natural or befitting in them when it comes down to how humans should behave and live!

Remember End Times, the signs will be quite evident! “The Blind Leading the Blind!”

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things.

2 thoughts on “Sexuality and Humanity”

    1. Hi Kajal, Yes sadly you are indeed correct in your view. I actually think hard about this and have even noticed how the corrupting effects have touched me at times and I’m very sad like you that we humans are running so rampantly out of control with our thinking and behavior toward one another! Sure sexuality is attraction and does touch us in deep physical or psychological ways but the beauty and excitement of beholding how attractive one or another person may look should always be sanctified and respected first and not used or abused in any way. I do imagine or think of how things should be and how beautiful a world it could be if people would have total respect for one another and not look to exploit each other when they get some strong desire or thought; but to instead turn that energy into praise and kindness toward the other person, a genuine respecting and appreciation of that person as being so unique and special. Being friendly and building close ties based on mutual respect and common core values is necessary always firstly, before any other considerations can or should be entertained! Building relationships the proper and wholesome way is the only way to go and I think God the Creator wants us to think in this way and live our lives accordingly so we can attain eternal happiness and fulfillment with Him in Heaven! Thank you so very much for your interest here and I consider you a fine Lady and Friend!
      God Bless you and yours!


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