What is Truly Relevant in This Most Unprecedented Time in Human History?

“What was right will be wrong and what was wrong will be right!”

From an article I read about the risks and damaging health consequences associated with continually wearing masks which are doing more harm than good by restricting proper unencumbered breathing; resulting in a flooding of the body with one’s own expelled CO2, which is in many cases leading to hypoxia or even actual irreversible brain damage.  What follows is what I see as strikingly imperative and inspired words that are pointing to the obvious; yet much of which is being ignored, even in the face of so much darkness and evil that’s rising up all around us.  

Excellent truthful article which clearly defines the great risk and danger that government officials, so called health experts and agencies like the WHO have caused for massive populations around the globe.  I think it’s a sin what’s happened because of some extremely nefarious greedy human beings by their actions or misinformation campaign which has been a global atrocity like the world has never seen.  This fact to me indicates clearly that the human race has entered into a countdown one way or the other because nothing will be the same again like the old normal or get back to how things were.  Back in March through my own deductive logic, prayer and research I saw the writing on the wall and knew we had powerful influential puppeteers if you will, at work setting the stage for population control and then much more sinister plans to follow.  I wrote several articles and some information I came upon I’d like to share; with just this one in particular article from April, with special attention being given to what Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi mentioned toward the end of the piece, for what he had to say about the pandemic and the China Wuhan Corona Virus with subsequent lock-downs. And here gauging from what this highly regarded Virologist in Israel says, Professor Jihad Bishara the director of the Infectious Disease Unit at Petah Tikva’s Beilinson Hospital, has stated that this Wuhan Virus or COVID-19 is not as bad as the common flu which is much more highly adaptable and intelligent than this current one that has the world going into lock-down mode, which is way over the top as a preventative measure.   Remember, the Dems live and act like heathen self-serving godless people so with hardly any conscience to speak of they have no qualms with generating panic or hysteria if it will enhance their own bottom line which is always a corrupted one! People who become pathological liars do so because they have told so many lies they must continue to lie in order to cover the fact of their previous lies and not be found out.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” (Sir Walter Scott, 1808).

Here are a few highlights of what the Professor had to say to The Times of Israel. 

“I’ve been in this business for 30 years,” Bishara said in a Channel 12 interview. “I’ve been through MERS, SARS, Ebola, the first Gulf war and the second, and I don’t recall anything like this. There’s unnecessary, exaggerated panic. We have to calm people down.”

“People think this virus is going to attack them all, and then they’re all going to die,’ says Prof. Jihad Bishara. ‘Not at all. In fact, most of those infected won’t even know it”

“People are thinking that there’s a kind of virus, it’s in the air, it’s going to attack every one of us, and whoever is attacked is going to die,” he said.

“That’s not the way it is at all. It’s not in the air. Not everyone [who is infected] dies; most of them will get better and won’t even know they were sick, or will have a bit of mucus.”

“But in Israel and around the world, “everybody is whipping everybody else up into panic — the leaders, via the media, and the wider public — who then in turn start to stress out the leaders. We’ve entered some kind of vicious cycle.”

“He urged the public to internalize that “we’re talking about a virus that is not airborne. Infection is via droplet transmission… Only if you are close to someone who has the virus, and you get the saliva when he sneezes or coughs, can you get ill.  And if you don’t then maintain personal hygiene,” primarily by washing hands.”

“He said the virus did not appear to be “too intelligent” — unlike flu, “which is very intelligent, it changes, adapts, and it infects people via their airway passages.”

“Bishara said some of the harsh steps taken in Israel — which has essentially closed its borders, limited gatherings to no more than 10 people, closed all educational facilities, and shut down malls, restaurants and places of entertainment and culture — were motivated by the leaders’ acknowledged awareness that the Israeli health system will buckle under any further strain.”

“People can die from the coronavirus just like people die every year from the flu and other respiratory illnesses but that doesn’t mean everyone who gets it will die. As a matter of fact, most people will recover and move on with their lives just fine.”

“The mass panic and shutting down of society is truly way over done. It boggles the mind.”

“Awaken to the Truth”

Again please keep in mind my correlating many science fiction stories or movies with this overall situation in my article, “The Invaders; the Seen and Unseen”I did because I always had an extensive background in films coupled with career pursuits along with my particular interest in the Sci-fi genre and could see the sinister methods of diabolical type characters in these stories about alien beings as more akin to demonic entities and how some of the nefarious humans I mention are very much behaving in similar sinister calculated ways, as well the pathogenic microbial invaders that wreak all of this havoc upon we humans.  I never got to the point of wearing masks frequently but was approached in a few retail stores and said due to health issues I’m exempt, but, that can be problematic if they want to be hard about it.  In one bank they called police; so strange how in the past anyone in a bank with face covering would have been a suspected robber, but now they want masked bandits walking around!  The CEO of the bank later apologized and said there’s been so much overreaction on both sides of the fence and some customers have been extremely belligerent, so thusly some managers get nervous and don’t want the customers who are the worrying kind about the virus, to be put off by an unmasked customer so often just call police. Funny though, I was the only customer in this very small quiet branch at the time.  I had been a customer for decades along with having a few different accounts and investments with them, but, hadn’t been there in two years, and, didn’t know anyone on duty.  Later I was thinking of removing all my of my accounts, but, then it all calmed down after this conversation I had with the officials of the bank; they even wrote me a letter and sent a small gift!  I told the CEO what I now tell any management anywhere, that I bring a kerchief when in business establishments and prefer to not have any restrictions on my breathing at all; but if they insist I will wear this one item loosely on my face which seems to work well for me and does satisfy their temporary policy.
Thank you for addressing this issue!

The old saying; “A family that prays together stays together.” Here we see;  The family that does crime together; lies together!

In a subsequent response to this same situation I had the following to say which cuts to the chase of what I’m hoping will be the greatest takeaway.

I’m more than happy to offer anything I can of value to shed light on the current situation. I tend to go on and certainly am known as a man of many words, but, I would rather be guilty of saying too much in this most unprecedented time than to be mute or brush it off.  This is a crisis like no other and it will only get worse!  Look how the evil in our own federal government where some officials who are guilty of numerous felonies already, fight tooth and claw ruining a nation in the process of attempting to hide their crimes; so arrogantly willing to breach all ethics, principles and the law to cover-up their iniquities!  Look how they are so determined to prevent this most gracious brilliant Justice Amy Coney Barrett who certainly stands for the highest moral standards with integrity; from being appointed as a new SCOTUS Justice. 

I say all of them are so afraid of justice and will do anything in their reach to prevent it, but, it’s hopeless for such guilt laden individuals to escape God’s judgment, so all they do is futile which only serves in further self-incriminating and condemning, resulting in their convicting themselves with their own tongues and actions.  And just like you said, “Now you, without a mask, were treated like the bandit of old. Times have changed, and, not for the better.” Yes, a good person gets treated like a scoundrel, and, a great Justice is being belittled or shamed because of her “FAITH in GOD!” Times have changed drastically for the worst!  Time to prepare for judgment; Do Not Tarry!

“What was right will be wrong and what was wrong will be right!” Timothy 2 3 states, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, (despisers of those that are good,)

4 Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

Who with their faculties and wits about them cannot see this is precisely how it is now, in this present time, with this rebellious generation; like no other time?

He gave to all freely who will believe in Him as their only hope of salvation from all iniquity; He is our Lord, Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ!

“If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Luke 9:23,

Jesus doesn’t say to us seek a life of selfish comfort and ease but He instead calls us to a battle, to face all adversities of this life and material world that is so heavily influenced by the Devil.  He says clearly to us to give up our own plans and to follow Him without reserve or any discount; even to death.

Apostle Paul reminded us, “Whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things.” Philippians 3:7-8

Salvation by faith means commitment and trust and saying I commit my life to Jesus Christ and trust Him alone as my Savior and Lord.

“Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my “brothers,” you did it to me.” (Matthew 25:40

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6


Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra

Just in case you have time or find any of these interesting relating to this overall topic.












Watch “Thousands pay tribute to teacher beheaded by a terrorist in Paris” on YouTube

Originally posted on unextraordinarybint:


So shocking and sad!  Here a good man’s life robbed by treachery and hate; a teacher who certainly produced many good results in many young minds as they were seeking knowledge and truth through school education.  Those responsible for this tragedy and evil are nothing more than diabolical criminals and doers of evil; that will be judged harshly and accordingly by God Almighty!
I’m going to say it; but this a byproduct directly attributable to the Muslim/Islam religion which is more about political ideology and conquest than faith in God the Almighty!  I’m sure there are some people who call themselves Muslims who are against all these atrocities when they happen, but, nonetheless they carry on with the rest and pass by the opportunity to “put an end” to the falsehoods and diabolical ideas that are being adhered to, perpetuated and reproduced year after year in the hotbed of Islam a religion of hate and destruction.  To those individuals I say sincerely from my heart, you must see the light and turn away from this path to perdition and doom while you can; I want nothing more than to see any peoples awake to the fallacies of evil that lurk throughout our societies, seeking to divide and conquer all the good humans that are living as decent folks trying to make a useful loving life in this very tough at times ugly world!  A world that can be so much better than what it is if each person would try harder to realize which part of the lies they are caught up in and change their ways thusly themselves, in order to add the positive energies that they are capable of producing; so that in time the “sum total of all these pieces of good” will result in a much better world where nations will not be at war, and, people from all corners of the globe will find “mutual cooperation,” where and when they can, to help resolve problems and not create them.  Peace brothers and sisters.

May history teacher Samuel Paty’s soul rest in peace.  Amen.

Lawrence Morra

Post Script:

“Russian-born attacker, identified as Abdoulakh Anzorov, a Chechen refugee granted a 10-year residency in France in March, had a record of juvenile delinquency but was unknown to intelligence officials.  He ran from the scene after killing Paty, but was chased down and fatally shot by police.”


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“The Advocate of Perdition Sits in the Vatican”

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
humanity is teetering on the brink of annihilation

These are the words of a madman as I see this current imposter in the Vatican, talking the camouflaged language of the NWO; one world order totalitarian rule. Preface to accomplishing the ultimate goal of ushering in the antichrist and enslavement of the human race.  We need only keep in mind this is the man that has no problem with being in lockstep with the CCP atheist monsters agenda of global dominance and control.  These are the same people and false Pope who have been working closely with the criminal politician fake Catholic Joe Biden who advocates full term day of delivery abortion and same sex marriage while he’s lived the life of a political racketeer for decades now, and, who Jorge Mario Begoglio AKA Pope Francis endorsed as the best person to be the president of the United States!  The collusion and plan is so obvious and blatantly evil.  Obviously they’re getting their marching orders from the same source!

God help us we are in the most provocative and precarious of times ever!
Hell itself has opened its gates wide to pull all of humanity down into it! Industrialized full global scale abortion is by itself an obvious sign in our collective face that humanity is teetering on the brink of annihilation!  Full term, day of delivery murder of innocent human beings is being advocated even by our leaders like the evil Joe Biden who this false Pope advocates for!
Do you get my meaning!
Lawrence Morra




















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“The Mother Advocate for We Fallen Children”

“the most blessed mother messenger advocate”

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Carried by a Thousand Angels, the Blessed Virgin Mary saved Saint James

Posted on October 12, 2020 by kathleen

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October 17, 2020

“The Mother Advocate for We Fallen Children”

by Lawrence Morra

Kathleen… thank you for this very detailed explanation about the visitations of the Blessed Mother Mary! There is so much to learn from my perspective not being knowledgeable enough about these events outside of the Fatima appearance to the three children. But I still feel in my heart that the “Blessed Mother is no doubt a most precious “advocate and messenger” for our heavenly Father. I see her intersessions as being at the apex of what angels have performed as heavenly messengers throughout history by the sheer importance of who she is in God’s heavenly kingdom family, but, also because she had been an earthly human being and the mother of Christ Jesus which sets her apart and “above all the angels.” She is truly a most beautiful being who loves humanity and only wants what our Father in heaven wants, thus she is in the ready to serve Him at any time. So who better than her to be the “most blessed mother messenger advocate” for God’s Children on earth! To me it’s a no brainer as the saying goes, so obvious, that yes even a child’s mind can fully relate to it and appreciate this “gift from God our Father in heaven; all because of the birth of Jesus our Savior having occurred in the first place,” “The Immaculate Conception,” of “Mary; who is Most Blessed among All women, as the only means by which Jesus was to come into this world to provide the redemption for our eternal salvation.” Thanks be to God! Amen.
It is very comforting knowing that until the “Second Coming” happens we have Mother Mary the most direct link between Jesus and the Father with humanity being there for us, bringing God’s love and directives where and when He the Father sees fit. This truth along with her uniquely special position in God’s kingdom to advocate for us who are still living in this fallen world of sin and vast corruption! I know from firsthand experience that she can and has made a world of difference in helping us; I know she brought me closer to Jesus and the Father, inspiring more faith in my heart, and, just like a great mother she feels sadness and sorrow when we are in such dire need of heavenly protection! I love her, and I’m so grateful for her love and kindness to me and anyone that she pleas to the Father to help and protect. Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Carried by a Thousand Angels, the Blessed Virgin Mary saved Saint James

Tradition tells us that Saint James the Greater, brother of Saint John, had a great devotion for the Virgin Mary, who in turn favoured him with her special protection. 

Mary of Agreda, a 17th-century Spanish nun and mystic, recounts two interventions of the Virgin Mary supporting the apostle in his mission of evangelizing Spain: – The first time was in Granada, where a pagan mob attacked Saint James as soon as he arrived, killing one of the twelve disciples travelling with him who had tried to protect him. Saint James and his disciples went on preaching nonetheless. Then the townspeople seized them, put them in chains, and led them out of the city to kill them. They were about to cut their throats, when James called on the help of Jesus and His Blessed Mother to save them. Our Lord ordered a thousand angels to go with His mother (who was still on earth at the time) to assist the apostle. The angels immediately took Mary to Spain. Seeing the Virgin Mary, the apostle prostrated himself as best he could before Her, for he was still chained up in bonds. She said to him: “James, my son, faithful servant, courage! Rise up and be free.” His chains and those of his disciples were immediately broken. The pagans, still holding their knives aloft, fell to the ground where they remained for some hours without any sign of life.  

The second time was in Zaragoza where the Virgin of the Pillar is venerated. James was resting with his disciples on the banks of the Ebro River. A procession of angels was heard from afar. The men were all surprised and delighted at this sight. The angels carried a small marble column and a statue of the Blessed Virgin. Then Mary said to James: “James, be blessed and filled with joy!”—to which the angels replied “Amen.”—And: “My son James, God has chosen this place to build me a shrine. I promise great favour and protection to all those who come here to praise God and pray with faith and devotion. As a guarantee of this promise, my statue will be placed on this pillar and it will remain there, along with the faith, until the end of the world. Start building it as soon as possible, and when you it is completed, you will leave for Jerusalem, where my Son wants you to offer Him the sacrifice of your life at the place where He gave His.”Saint James bowed down. The angels celebrated with him the inauguration of this first shrine, which became the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar in Zaragoza, a place of many miracles, including the famous “Calanda miracle” in which a man miraculously recovered his amputated leg. 

The Virgin of the Pillar is celebrated on 12th October as a National feast day for Spain and all Hispanics with great parades and solemnity.
Adapted from: Notre Histoire avec Marie

What is Inconceivable or Incomprehensible to the Human Mind

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
The Little Prince From Fr George W. Rutler’s Weekly Column Of the many scientific contributions made by priests, including Father Copernicus’s heliocentrism and Father Lemaître’s “Big Bang” theory, some would rank higher the invention of champagne by DomPérignon. Something close to it had already been invented by monks near…

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Christ, the Bright Morning Star
Posted on October 12, 2020 by Catholicism Pure & Simple
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What is Inconceivable or Incomprehensible to the Human Mind

God is Matter Not of This Realm

by Lawrence Morra
Thank you Father George W. Rutler and Catholicism Pure and Simple…
This writing is quite beautifully profound and inspiring giving us such wisdom with insight! It stimulated my heart and imagination to try and explain something I pondered a while ago and haven’t shared but with a few others.
To what is inconceivable or incomprehensible to the human mind as we are told in Holy Scriptures about God; how then would the mere eye perceive that absolute reality with its physical limitations; and truth be known to understand matter not of this realm?  As comprehended in my mind one late evening as best I could, what is God like to behold, and actually be in His Holy Absolute presence? Then as I was becoming sleepy and drifting off into unconsciousness I heard a strong male voice declare to me that, “God is matter not of this realm!” Surely I thought an angel delivered from God a fraction of the truth that was boggling my mind, and from my science knowledge, I gain an insight that God IS; He is truly more real and tangible than this fleeting present state or existence is to us; more than complete and apart from the actual present tense; yet infinite and physically present in the now simultaneously; He is the Alpha and the Omega the Beginning and the End, there is nothing that exceeds God or that is more than God in any way shape or form and even our wildest imagination, because He is complete and full of all that IS and belongs to the Greatest of All things or Anything that can be conceived Now and Forever!  But, yet I also know from all of this that if this is what my mere imperfect mind can fathom about God, I have also experienced in this life what I know about God and His word to us more vividly and beyond my capability to explain what He IS by knowing Him in my (heart); here is where I feel His presence and know Him like my best friend or companion that words cannot explain or describe well enough, other than to say I know His love and it is beyond powerful; it is my reason and will for living! I love you so much Lord God and I’m so sorry for my inadequacies and would do much more if I were able to, but, that is yet to come, while I must remain in this state for my allotted time to eventually join You there in Your heavenly eternal kingdom where all will be understood as I join You as a child of the Light and Love of our Creator God the Almighty, in Jesus Christ, You as His Son in the flesh and presence of men, I know this in my heart to be the Absolute Truth.  Amen.
Child of God and Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra

Post Script: Please take the time to read this additional article.

God bless you. Amen


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The Little Prince

From Fr George W. Rutler’s Weekly Column

Of the many scientific contributions made by priests, including Father Copernicus’s heliocentrism and Father Lemaître’s “Big Bang” theory, some would rank higher the invention of champagne by DomPérignon. Something close to it had already been invented by monks near Carcassonne in the Abbey of Saint Hilaire in 1531. They were Benedictines like Pérignon, but he replaced wooden stoppers with corks and developed thicker glass bottles that enabled the production, a century or so later, of what we now call champagne.

   When Dom Pérignon first tasted what he had done to Pinot Noir in 1693, he shouted: “Come my brothers, I am tasting the stars!” Stretching that a bit, it is a good description of the Christian encountering Christ. It is more than Archimedes shouting “Eureka!” when he discovered a principle of hydraulics, because it is an embrace of eternity. So Saint Peter…

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Saint John Henry Newman, pray for us!

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
Saint John Henry Newman Like grace, faith is difficult to understand because it is not easily imagined. In this meditation, Saint John Henry Newman draws a picture of faith in the image of a man in darkness: “Faith is the first step towards salvation…It is a divine light; by…

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Saint John Henry Newman, pray for us!

Posted on October 9, 2020 by Catholicism Pure & Simple

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Seek and You Will Find; Climbing to the Light of Hope”

by Lawrence Morra

God’s Mercy is Beyond All Earthly Imagination

We gain a glimpse of that Mercy by Jesus Christ on His Cross!

Oh God yes; so beautiful and true! It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy or actually the turmoil of the wayward fallen world.  As it is always so easy to make a mistake but much more difficult to correct or undo the wrong.  The cost or consequence of our loss is like a heavy weight or anchor tugging and holding us back from climbing up out of the deep crevasse into which we have slipped, leaving us surrounded by so much challenge and harsh reality of our plight, but thankfully with the constant light and ray of hope above us toward which all of our greatest effort should be applied in a heroic climb to that only place of absolute truth and happiness which we have fallen from; our rightful place and home.  We should be driven in our hearts to return there where all love awaits us. Amen.

I must mention here what added tremendous and remarkable inspiration that came my way as I was preparing to reblog this profound article by one of the Blog Site’s authors.

Oh my God; Kathleen… what a wonderful experience and pilgrimage that must have been to actually be involved and present in a blessed and holy event such as this!  You are truly blessed to have been there and your faithful participation with all the others brings blessings and graces to so many!  Thank you for being so strong in your faith and determined to follow the Lord’s will as you did and are doing now; you give me courage and show me how much more I can and must do! Pope Benedict XVI did a tremendous service for our Father in heaven and for humanity in carrying out his mission the beatification of Cdl. John Henry Newman.

So beautiful and empowering to all who will turn to our Lord in faith with hope and joy in their hearts.  Thank you very much for this inspiring comment and the sharing of your blessed actual involvement in this beatification of Cdl. John Henry Newman and his ultimate sainthood.  I was just in the process of preparing to reblog this amazing article of yours and this comment suddenly appeared from you!  I was going through some old files looking for this specific one that I’m referring to here so that I can incorporate this highly significant story about another saint that I truly love and admire for her unbelievable devotion and beauty of heart!  It has tremendous significance in my own life because of something that occurred in recent years, a personal turmoil, when on October 19th some years back I was attacked by evil which brought into focus some highly important facts and history that God obviously wanted me to be focused upon in my journey, which changed my course in a dramatic way in order to awaken me more clearly and profoundly to His will.  She is as I see it associated not only with this time of the year and the major events that brought about the instituting of “North American Martyr Day” and how my severe experience also occurred on this precise day of October 19th and then a little while after that, my meeting a local Native American woman of the Catholic faith by divine intervention, who bears the same name of Kateri whom I’m speaking about here.

She the historical figure, “Kateri Tekakwitha (pronounced [ˈɡaderi deɡaˈɡwita] in Mohawk), given the name Tekakwitha, baptized as Catherine[3][4] and informally known as Lily of the Mohawks (1656 – April 17, 1680), is a Catholic saint who was an AlgonquinMohawk laywoman  Under the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, she was beatified in 1980 and canonized by Pope Benedict XVI at Saint Peter’s Basilica on 21 October 2012.”   Wikipedia                       https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kateri_Tekakwitha  for full bio.

I put this all together and as a reblog hopefully it will serve the purpose that our Lord wants it to.

Now I briefly outline what I see as highly important connections and parallels between this article about our beloved Saint John Henry Newman and two other saints.  The first I’ve mentioned above in that brief bio and now I turn to the other, “St. Isaac Jogues, S.J. (10 January 1607 – 18 October 1646) was a missionary and martyr who traveled and worked among the Iroquois, Huron, and other Native populations in North America.  He was the first European to name Lake George, calling it Lac du Saint Sacrement (Lake of the Blessed Sacrament). In 1646, Jogues was martyred by the Mohawk at their village of Ossernenon, north of the Mohawk River.

Jogues, Jean de Brébeuf and six other martyred missionaries, all Jesuit priests or laymen associated with them, were canonized by the Catholic Church in 1930;[1] they are known as “The North American Martyrs“.  A shrine was built in their honor at Auriesville, New York, at a site formerly believed to be that of the Mohawk village.  Their feast day is celebrated on 19 October in the General Roman Calendar, and on 26 September in Canada.” Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Jogues  for the full bio.

These two remarkable saints I had not been aware of until a fateful event occurred in my own life that immediately brought them into my consciousness. A consecrated woman of the Catholic Church that I met a short time after my fateful day, where she was doing some temporary work, pointed all of this out to me when she became aware of the date I was attacked!  I have touched on this personal experience in previous writings but here I just want to mention my own ordeal only to promote worthy attention to these two saints who to me bring to the fore The North American Martyrs and Saints who show us by their devotional faith in Jesus Christ along with their personal sacrifice and offering of their entire lives; as a great illustration of what Saint John Henry Newman has pointed out by such great devotion to the will of God during his time on earth we can see by his own example, which was also how these other saints were able to overcome what I mentioned at the start; “so much challenge and harsh reality of our plight,” when we can plainly see from the historical record, and, what Saint John Henry Newman repeats in his most profoundly beautiful realization and recognition; by our Savior’s words from His own mouth on the cross at Calvary, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Saint Newman brings to our attention the reality of how dire the circumstance and consequence of our human plight is, but, how powerful the saving grace and MERCY of our Lord and Father in heaven actually is by saying this to all of us!

O Lord, we urge Thee by Thy own dear words, “Lord and Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Teach them now, open their eyes here, before the future comes; give them faith in what they must see hereafter, if they will not believe in it here. Give them full and saving faith here; destroy their dreadful delusions, and give them to drink of that living water, which whoso hath shall not thirst again.” Amen.

So, now I say to all who hear and listen to our Lord’s merciful words from the cross that Saint Newman is precisely correct and by example in the same manner we see from these historical figures of great faith, how their steadfast perseverance of FAITH is what makes the difference and overcomes all difficulties or hardships this life or the devil himself may toss upon any of us; that we are able to overcome, there is no doubt about it!

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Lawrence Morra

Amendment Supplement

Dear Kathleen…I woke very early today doing what I do many times on such occasions asking God to help me see more clearly what I’m missing or perhaps what I should have done a better job with.  On this occasion it was specifically about this blog and how yesterday I had to finish what I could and then return to it so I can finalize what I had started to say. Thankfully we can edit these works and so today I add this following script to the reblog. Thank you again for being so faithful to our Lord and having the dedication along with the key “perseverance” to do the work you do. Again I say, it’s an inspiration for me. God bless you.

Saint Kateri’s Shrine

Skennon ko:wa

This is an old Mohawk blessing. Pronounced She:kon (Say go) Skennon ko:wa (Skennin go wah), it means Hello, Great Peace be with you!

The River where Kateri was Baptized and spent much of her life and the exact location where Jogues, Jean de Brébeuf, “St. Isaac Jogues,” along with six other missionaries were martyred is what is now called the St. Lawrence River in New York into which their bludgeoned bodies were tossed. For me an interesting connection is how Kateri was canonized in 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI and 2012 was the beginning of my personal journey or struggle with the aftermath of the attack/injury of October 19, 2011 on North American Martyr Day, and how a great American doctor a truly blessed instrument of God was there to help me at the beginning of 2012 during my fall through many years of having to fight the ensuing illness and the system for my own survival, even having to be my own attorney for my subsequent workers rights; I’m absolutely positive to serve God’s purpose and plan.  And how she with her husband after my recovery moved to Canada within a short distance of this region where much of Saint Kateri’s life unfolded so long ago.  The doctor was only there within my area like an angel, an instrument of God’s, when I most needed her to be; which meant the world to my recover and successful perseverance, over all obstacles!  Even the simple fact that one of the authors of this Blog Site Kathleen was attending the blessed occasion and beatification of Cdl. John Henry Newman to his ultimate sainthood and as she stated “From my mother’s house in Kent (south east England) a bus load of parishioners had travelled overnight to Birmingham. It was miserable weather, drizzling with nonstop rain, and as we’d had to be there in Cotton Park hours before Pope Benedict XVI arrived, we were all pretty soaked through by the time the shout went out that he was arriving. As soon as the popemobile appeared the clouds cleared, seemingly miraculously, and the late summer sun shone down upon us. Yes, Pope Benedict gave a very moving homily at the beatification Mass; he said he had always been a great admirer of the erudite cardinal’s writings and charitable works.” These connections are ordained by God.

To me these many connections are all ordained and absolutely parts to the big plan as our Father in heaven divinely intervenes and allows many events or circumstances to unfold in order that His will can be done or carried out by His faithful!  I can see how Saint Kateri suffered with a continuous physical affliction from the aftermath of having contracted and surviving the smallpox epidemic of her time; and how I after this attack/injury had struggled with a very difficult aftermath and now even a physical manifestation I deal with all shows me clearly that perseverance is the key to our time on earth and to never quit or allow the harsh realities to get in the way of our mission, which is to Love and Serve our Father in Heaven!  If we do that to the best of our abilities then there is nothing to fear or be sad about at all, because just like beautiful Saint Kateri said with her last dying words, “There are reports of her appearing to three different individuals in the weeks following her death. In one instance, Kateri appeared kneeling and holding a wooden cross that shone like the sun.  In another, a knock on the wall awakened a sleeping woman.  She heard Kateri’s voice asking if she was awake and then Kateri said, “I’ve come to say goodbye; I’m on my way to heaven.”  “Witness’s say that minutes after her death, Kateri’s scars disappeared and she became radiant and beautiful.” ncregister.com

Another site explains well her passing:

“It was during Holy Week of 1680, that Kateri’s health was failing.  She performed extreme mortifications of the body, and offered it up.  Soon the people around her knew she had only a few hours left, so the villagers gathered together, accompanied by the Priest to provide last rites.  She died on Wednesday of Holy Week, April 17, 1680 around 3pm at the age of 23 or 24.  She died in the arms of her friend Maria-Therese.  Her final words were “Jesus, I love you”.

“The people around her noticed a physical change to her body.  About 15 minutes after her death, her face that was so marked and scared by smallpox from her childhood, suddenly changed and became in a moment “so beautiful and white”.  Three people, her mentor – her companion – and her Priest, all reported that Kateri had appeared to them in the weeks after her death.  Her stepmother reported that she appeared “kneeling at the foot of her mattress, holding a wooden cross that shone like the sun”.  Her companion Maria-Therese reported that she was awakened at night by a knocking on her wall, and a voice asked if she were awake, adding, “I’ve come to say good by, I’m on my way to heaven”.  She was asked to go and tell the Priest she was on her way to Heaven.  The Priest reported seeing Kateri at her grave, he said, “She appeared in splendor, for two hours.  He gazed upon her, and her face lifted toward heaven as if in ecstasy”.


People argue and fight each other claiming superiority or some special privileges over one another since the dawn of the human race, but, in actuality we are all part of the Greatest Story Ever Told and the Master Potter’s Plan. We should be humbled and ask, “What can I do for you Lord today; how can I better serve You and not the folly or foolishness of this conflicted confused world of sin which is fallen from on high?”

Lawrence Morra

This link will bring you to a site where a very good accounting can be found that will I’m sure allow you a glimpse into the actual life and times of Saint Kateri.


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Saint John Henry Newman

Like grace, faith is difficult to understand because it is not easily imagined. In this meditation, Saint John Henry Newman draws a picture of faith in the image of a man in darkness: “Faith is the first step towards salvation…It is a divine light; by it we are brought out of darkness into sunshine; by it, instead of groping, we are able to see our way towards heaven.” Without this light, we would never begin on the path to God.

Yet, there is a sense in which God is searching for us on this path, for it is He who gives us this light, which is why God is called the author of our faith according to Newman. He is also the finisher and perfecter – Newman explains that this is why the man who already had faith asked Jesus to “help Thou my unbelief” (Mark…

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A Conversation with Jim Caviezel

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
Raw. Provocative. Honest. Moving. This conversation with Jim Caviezel is one of the most fascinating interviews ever done. You may remember Jim for his iconic portrayal of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ or for his popular lead role in the CBS drama, Person of Interest. This…

Catholicism Pure & Simple   Catholicism without compromise A Conversation with Jim Caviezel

Reblog: by  Zero Lift-Off   Only The Beginning

“I was Given an Epiphany.”

by Lawrence Morra


I really like Jim Caviezel as a fantastic actor but more importantly I see him as a fine human being and servant of God. Jim isn’t a famous movie star who portrayed the greatest and only perfect human being to have ever walked on the face of this earth so masterfully because he wanted to be famous and remembered for this magnificent imitation of Christ Jesus in a movie; with the likes of another fantastic artist that I equally admire Mel Gibson; who himself was not deterred by all of the flak from Hollywood and other enemies of Christ who didn’t want Mel to succeed in producing The Passion of The Christ, which to me is the greatest film ever made; why else do I sob like a child each time I watch it.

But, as we know he did succeed and there is one reason; it was “the will of God” in heaven that both of these men succeeded in their work doing His will on earth at a time when the true story of Christ needed to be told in this way, because we are approaching the Latter Days or if I may be so bold to say, that the Second Coming is before us and close at hand, so anyone who wants to be saved had better make up his or her mind now.  These two men who seem so iconic to many are truly blessed and chosen by God to be who they are, and accomplished such work all in accordance with God’s plan.  Many religious scholars and figures weighed in upon the film’s release to mainly sing praises and to respect the accomplishment which I totally agreed with then and now, not just because I’m a Catholic born and raised like Mel and Jim; but, the more profound message to me from any theologian or critic about the film was from a man I admired and still do tremendously as being a Saint, because he actually is, Saint John Paul II, who not only appreciated the film and these men for their work in serving our Lord God, but, he gave the movie his blessing! Here is a statement from catholicleague.org published about it; “Critics of the Mel Gibson movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” are confounded.  That’s because the pope has seen the film and has extended his blessings. “It is as it was,” Pope John Paul II said.  Thus did he drive Mel’s adversaries into a tizzy.” So, my perception about the remarkable clearly inspired plan and purpose from above at work before and during the making of this historic masterpiece was self-evident to me and many others! But, I could also see the will of God at work in this event in a unique way having been a man who went to Hollywood thinking I should be a filmmaker/actor since my teen years, only to find that remarkably by my packing a few suitcases and driving there not knowing a soul, I sure enough was given an opportunity in short order to walk right into the studios where both Jim and Mel had worked, because again God’s will at work, and in my case, His will was that I would see firsthand what I needed to, giving me a special grace to know that direction wasn’t what God wanted for me, and was rather my own desires taking over; so I was to learn by God’s love for me that I should invest my time and life at that point in time, into my own family back East. I soon found out that if God wanted me to stay there and do something special for Him then I would have, but, I was given an epiphany that clearly pointed out it wasn’t for me and I decided just as fast as when I left home spontaneously at the crack of dawn one day, I just packed up and left it all behind just when some VIP’s took an interest in me and were ready to give me a leg up on starting a full-fledged movie career. So then, to me the point that is driven home here in this blog article is that just like in all walks of life there are those individuals that are doing God’s will and humbly serving His purpose and designs for our lives in their work, just like there are those self-serving type of people that think the world revolves around them and are on their own self-designed ego trips. This is why to me, it’s so good to see that Jim Caveizel is following his faith devoutly with his wife and children as he continues to be following God’s will in his work during this great unprecedented time of world conflict that obviously requires divine intervention soon! God bless you all and may you feel God calling you in your own hearts to be strong and follow His will for each of you; whatever that is. Amen.

Lawrence Morra

I must tell you that my reblog commentary was made before watching the interview with Jim.   But, now later I want to say that he is right about it being time to be ready to take a stand for Jesus; in other words we must be willing to give up our lives as truly faithful in this judgment time before us, and, many will be martyred.  I know this firsthand because of how I’ve been fighting the very agents of hell the Illuminati and others for some years now since being attacked by the system that is thoroughly corrupted as you should plainly see by now.  Even a family member was ruined and eventually martyred by the corrupted system, his death occurring just when the attack on me began to intensify.  I’m only alive right now because God wants it this way and I am willing to suffer or take anything this wicked corrupted world can or will dish out to me ahead; all for Jesus Christ my Lord, Savior and Redeemer; He is who I owe all to without any doubt; and, I’m so grateful to have this opportunity, my life by trial, to hopefully be with him in heaven.  Amen.  I added this paragraph nearly 5 hours after writing my reblog.  I may have more to say later about all of this.



Very significant and timely how all of this has come about. I hope this relog will address well enough why.

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Raw. Provocative. Honest. Moving. This conversation with Jim Caviezel is one of the most fascinating interviews ever done. You may remember Jim for his iconic portrayal of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ or for his popular lead role in the CBS drama, Person of Interest. This week, his new movie, Infidel, releases.

Inspired by true events, the powerful movie explores the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. Don’t miss the last part of the interview. What he shares will blow you away. He specifically asked to share something with all of you that Hollywood would never allow him to do. Jim gives a powerful quote from President Regan that we MUST Stand Up for Christ, Live for Christ and most likely we will Die for Christ. We must set ourselves apart from this evil generation. We must be Saints and not be afraid! It is time to…

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China Is Already Breaking Its Vatican Deal

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The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back

by Lawrence Morra

“Make No Mistake About It”
I just mentioned this situation to a family member the other day and this truth you point out here is to me like the old adage, “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” as final confirmation that the Pope who isn’t really a true Pope is derelict and completely out of control; now blaspheming God Almighty.  The same Pope that just months ago said “Never try to convert non-believers!” Yet this false Pope makes an example of washing the feet of Muslims! “Make no mistake about it CCP serves Satan and the antichrist,” with now Francis being in bed with that brutal communist regime, is a surefire sign of the times along with being a precursor of Pope Francis’s standing out as the false prophet empowering the diabolical movement of ushering in the antichrist along with Islam the non-religion political man-made ideology for conquest of mankind, propelled by Satan initially via Muhammad which culminated in 632 A.D. just before his death with his supposed final talk with god who told him Islam is the only acceptable religion to God, and that all others who worship outside of Islam must convert or be put to death; which began the all-out war against Christendom!  This is all now in unison, fitting to a “T” with the CCP objective of global dominance totalitarian control.

These are not strange bedfellows but are in fact like-minded agents of the same agenda and inspired by the same source of diabolical evil on earth.  The facts and truth are plain to see in this evolving heretical disaster the likes of which has never been witnessed on earth, but, was prophesied in the Holy Scriptures, and, indeed the Book of Revelations which clearly describes this very time we are in now as being the Latter Days just before Christ’s Second Coming.  Some might say I could be wrong, but, the facts and truth are self-evident now, and, there was never a time in man’s history where the type of technology needed was yet available to implement the diabolical forces of hell, to set up a totalitarian counterfeit One World Order Kingdom on earth until now, which is precisely what Prophecy tells us would be needed for the antichrist to make his appearance to mankind and claim that he is god.

This is a time were wanton lust; for money, power, sex, and materialism run rampant throughout the planet while intolerance and hatred increase exponentially along with sheer madness or stupidity.  I was also talking with a family member about how not so many decades ago in general there were more people living with a kinder or gentler mindset toward each other, and, how most people we knew or met wouldn’t think of hurting or damaging another person’s life and reputation, especially for selfish material gain; behavior that decent human beings no doubt would certainty want to avoid such controversy and shameful attacks like the plague; but now a person will join with others conspiring to destroy an innocent person if given the opportunity, almost like a blood sport if there is money, political favor and attention to be had, and even doing such a thing just to spite another person because of sheer jealousy or contempt; in a law suit crazy culture.  I see how the human race of course has always had some of this underlying sickness and horror, but, never to the levels or fever pitch it’s reaching now with the advent of global digital communication and mass media manipulation, by some of the most nefarious evil minded humans on earth, in league with people like George Soros, Xi Jinping or Bill Gates to name a few, who are without any doubt direct agents of hell; which is where they get their marching orders from.

I’ll stop here, but, could go on probably too long; and I’ll only say in closing I hope more of you who are aware will remain vigilant in our earthy battle to the end, along with passing your own insights along to others as you carry on in the name of Jesus Christ; always seeking to do the will of our Father” in heaven.  I’m leaving a slew of links to previously published blog postings in hope that contained in perhaps at least one; there will be a spark of inspiration for anyone who needs it to remain faithful while doing his or her best in seeking truth in order to do God’s will.  God bless you. Amen.
Lawrence Morra


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By Benedict Rogers at Foreign Policy:

At a time when much of the rest of the world is starting to wake up to the repression, mendacity, and dangers of the Chinese Communist Party regime, the Vatican is getting even deeper in bed with it. And at a time when that regime is intensifying repression of religion—including Catholics—in China, Pope Francis is renewing an accord with Beijing that has yielded no benefits yet save for President Xi Jinping and only disunity and suffering for the Catholic Church.

Two years ago, the Vatican signed a provisional agreement with Beijing, valid for two years. It had been a long time coming, and I and others tried to warn of the dangers before the deal was done. When it was announced, I expressed concerns—but also tried to give a pope whom I admire the benefit of the doubt.

China is already breaking…

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“Sign of the Times and Prophecy Unfolding”

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
Exterior shot of the Vatican. (photo: Edward Pentin / NCRegister) Edward Pentin, Vatican, September 16, 2020 VATICAN CITY — “I had no rights,” said Eugenio Hasler, a former lay official who worked at the highest levels of the Governorate of Vatican City State, the Vatican’s principal administrative office.…

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Vatican’s management culture creates tension and insecurity

Posted on by

Edward Pentin, Vatican, September 16, 2020
reblog: Zero Lift-Off       Only The Beginning

“Sign of the Times and Prophecy Unfolding”
by Lawrence Morra

Yes indeed; this concise well written article goes straight to the heart of the matter before us all, in a teetering civilization that seems on the brink, but, more importantly should go to the hearts of the Lord’s faithful who by their faith recognize the urgency of the situation of unprecedented corruption throughout; therefore we must pray that this epidemic trend whereby rule of law is disintegrating before our eyes in this present age of transgression and conflict on all levels of human endeavor; will be reversed before it’s too late.
Over the last several months I’ve written in effect what I’ve observed like anyone else that is mindful how askew societal mores have slipped into a darkness drawing more people all the time into the web of sin or temptations that are wreaking havoc upon, religion, culture, governance and the sanctity of human life.  The corruption being so widespread and rampant that we have politicians that pass legislation approving the utter destruction and infanticide of unborn human beings, children of God full term day of delivery and in some cases delivered. 

We are truly looking at a civilization that is totally going out of control in my opinion, not far off now in terms of immorality from where ancient Mayans were before their civilization collapsed when they were sacrificing humans of any age for insane pagan evil superstitions.  America has always been a blessed nation in many regards and a desired permanent destination for peoples all around the globe; because I know it was the nation that was blessed by God as One Nation under God being founded by good Christian men and women that made it perfectly clear this nation was in their humble thoughts being raised up by God Himself, and in order to sustain it would always need the supporting pillars of Religion and Morality. Both have been dissipating vastly across America and the result is what we see now; a governance that is nearly totally corrupted like some organized crime syndicate and churchgoers who are people of faith in Almighty God first and foremost making Him their bedrock of support as a people, knowing full well it is only God that provides all good things; have been leaving the Church in droves!  Still while this is happening there are many others who are awakening to their absolute need for faith and are turning to Jesus Christ for help, which is a message of hope, because those who are faithful know it is God’s will that will be done on earth ultimately, and not the crooked ways of the world, the Devil’s way, which is the deadly spiritual poison that has infiltrated even the inner sanctum of the Holy Church.
Here is a portion of what I said in a recent blog. “We are at the precipice no doubt; this is nearly full blown hell on earth!”
“The world today has become way too fake and full of self-serving bigots and liars or outright meaningless gibberish behaviors like all of the video clips on net sites, or on TV, of young people doing stunts and making their pets or other farm animals behave for a video to accomplish what?” Is that meaningful entertainment? People don’t have better things to do? I say this because; I see a serious amount of regressive behavior in society at a time when we very much need the opposite!  School systems have used dumb down as the preferred way.
I had this to say beginning another blog I wrote back on May 12th about this present time being the Age of Hypocrites and Heathens. “It’s hard to believe it, as I never thought I would be living in the time to actually witness or suffer with so many others in a world that is seeking evil and destruction at an unprecedented rate that escalates by the year!  Now there are actually many citizens around us that praise evil and hoist up the immoral in order to worship them and the evil one!” I had to say that in reference to how so many out of control partisans in Washington, D.C. and around America are putting a scoundrel like Joe Biden on a pedestal and want him to be the figurehead for their corrupt political machine, in order to further destroy America, and, I believe that the evil behind it would love this infection of utter debauchery being facilitated by absolute corrupt power to even destroy the entire human race.  I went on to say in that blog the following, “Everything they do is in complete opposition to any degree or fragment of what Jesus taught; but rather they blaspheme God! 

This doesn’t shake my faith and absolute resolve to “Fight the Good Fight.” “I hope and pray that more of you out there are wise and loving of your Creator than I could possibly imagine, and that you don’t want to allow this darkness to overshadow all of the good that still is out there in or on God’s beautiful earth; because if you do believe and stand tall to these adversaries showing good faith, which God will allow to serve as a penance, giving special graces to us to soften and reduce much of the suffering; that is on the way to destroy humanity once and for all!  Please hear my plea and try your best to give up the things of this sick, corrupted sinful world and put all of your hopes and love in God, who loves you more than you can ever imagine, who is only seeking to ask you to remain by His side, in order to take you home to your eternal life with Him and all that is good; to be in peace, love, joy and happiness for eternity!”

God Bless You!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra


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Exterior shot of the Vatican.
Exterior shot of the Vatican. (photo: Edward Pentin / NCRegister)

Edward Pentin, Vatican, September 16, 2020

VATICAN CITY — “I had no rights,” said Eugenio Hasler, a former lay official who worked at the highest levels of the Governorate of Vatican City State, the Vatican’s principal administrative office.

A respected official, dismissed in 2017 for no formal reason after a decade of service, Hasler was allegedly let go because he called attention to alleged corruption of his superior. He was summoned to the Pope’s Santa Marta residence where the Holy Father asked him several questions before dismissing him and awarding Hasler’s superior more responsibility the following day.

“In an absolute monarchy, unfortunately, what can be done?” Hasler told the Register.

Others have received similarly abrupt treatment, including the former papal physician, Patrizio Polisca, whom Pope Francisdismissedsuddenly and without reason in 2015, as well as three officials…

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People Are Too Busy Wanting Likes to Have True Love

Artificial politically correct partisan robotic flesh beings

Robotic Humans increasing exponentially-Looker, Manchurian Candidates, Automatons.

Look around and see how odd and crazy human civilization has become. Why is this happening?  Is it just an accident or and inevitable consequence of an out of control controlled chaos, or could it be that forces that are invisible to our tactile senses are working unseen against us manipulating and altering our patterns of behavior and our very thinking processes.  These unseen enemies; that toy with us day and night if we are weak or not focused on what the actual truth and reason for our being here actually is.

Are people becoming GMO beings far removed and altered from the original genuine article?  Fake news, fake friendships and love, as people now are always taking and making sure they get what they want and not caring about what they don’t give.

Artificial has become a major component in the modern scheme of things now; as we the people that make artificial things are turning into artificial beings. Why are imperfect corrupted humans making artificial intelligence when we can’t even live well enough among ourselves or fix our own tragic defects; why would we even begin to think like a madman Bill Gates that we can build some intelligent being; and for what purpose to make the world more chaotic?  Have we been working so diligently to find out why people don’t all get along, and love each other or how to fix that problem that is apparently inherent in us since Cain slew his own brother Abel? I’ll put myself at the plate swinging the bat and tell you exactly who wants us to do these things causing some to think we are so wise and capable enough to make some new intelligent beings that will be working within the digital cloud; Satan is the one and only reason or motivator in this story.

Films have brushed on this topic such as “Looker” a 1981 release which “draws parallels between time wastage, virtual comatose states, and the anesthetizing, stultifying effects of television.” James Coburn plays John Reston, the wealthy head of a conglomerate with a sinister scheme involving murder in “Looker” which really sounds just like today’s big tech firms and the sorts of creepy dudes like Bill Gates that run them!  And this was before we could consider what the World Wide Web and computers or even hand held devises would do to our minds; as to what short and long term effects they would have, and here we are in the thick of it!

Subliminal effectuation of people’s minds or a kind of group hypnosis is a concept that’s been around for a long time and we could say that all forms of propaganda play into this methodology of altering the minds of populations in a sense a prodding them like cattle or sheep to move and go where the directors or controllers want them to. This is what’s been happening in societies around the globe in earnest for the last couple of decades a preparation if you will for New World Order making the masses totally subservient to the ruling class and stripping them of any real rights; be they Constitutional or human. One only look at the totalitarian state control of China with its Chinese Communist Party the sole governing political party of the People’s Republic of China had its origins in the May Fourth Movement of 1919, during which radical Western ideologies like Marxism and anarchism gained traction among Chinese intellectuals. Other influences stemming from the Bolshevik revolution and Marxist theory inspired the Communist Party of China.  Li Dazhao was the first leading Chinese intellectual who publicly supported Leninism and world revolution or in other words world conquest and control. 

But the major development in our time-frame now is the advent of digital technologies and artificial intelligence which has changed the playing field exponentially for the worst giving this ideology and its fabricators up till now unheard of or imagined capability of proliferation and dominance in an extremely rapidly changing global geopolitical forum that is changing radically and will build to an earth shattering crescendo in the very near future as the game plan is already in play and even here in the USA many internal operatives who are so called Americans and leaders are busy grooming the public for the transitional shift in policies  and standards that will be make and break for everyone but mostly break for  the masses and top of the mountain for all of the elitist globalist rulers. We can already see this evolving with outright criminal behavior on the part of our government leaders as they wheel and deal globally selling their political clout and power to influence among other leaders as they damn we the people to the dust and suffering to come while they enrich themselves and their family members or cronies becoming billionaire bloated pigs like the Pelosi family or Biden’s as just two examples amid a sea of corrupt politicians who really aren’t but are rather members of an elite legalized crime family syndicate. Make no mistake about it they are gangsters or racketeers and they never had your best interests in mind but only their own. This actually has become part and parcel the way of living in the old dog eat dog idea, as now our society is very ill and beyond life support to save it spiraling out of control toward the cataclysmic precipice to annihilation.  Look around as you play on the world wide web, the spiders web that we are all affixed to now whether you want to admit it or not, you are being consumed with it every day and some people show clear signs of being predators looking to exploit others whether it be just to get likes or to actually rip them off and steal their advantages or following. Then turn to the fact of the riots and mayhem in major cities across the nation and see the mob chaos as an example just the other day in NYC a group of mostly people of color all gang jumped and beat the tar out of a tall white man in the middle of traffic on a street like they were all insects in a swarm like behavior trying to bite and sting their quarry into submission and kill him. These to me were brainless flesh beings or they had to be driven by some form of programming in their limited minds because the only other possibility is they are being influenced by invisible demonic forces from hell. Is this the beginning of the zombie apocalypse or the anarchy that the globalists are fueling and promoting in all the ways they can to bring on chaos to then usher in the massive crushing control by brute NAZI like force upon all of us not just locking-down for a pandemic, but, instead taking over our lives, as in now you’re a prisoner and you don’t do anything unless we tell you to!

Don’t you see that we are already there and it’s been a subtle take over and mastermind plot, but, it took this massive turn last winter and spring because those puppeteers who were metering out this propaganda control saw that a few smaller groups of  powerful people like Trump and his allies said no way hold the phone this isn’t happening if we can’t take you down in court we will open the floodgate of anarchy, so both sides are now in a fever pitch confrontation which isn’t going to end pretty and either the good rises to the occasion and steps up to the plate to do what it takes to stop the devils or they will have us all by the balls in short order, you will hate your life then I assure you.

Many will want to die and will commit suicide it will be that unhappy and unbearable to take. There was a movie back in the 80’s Looker which revolved around some corporate and an added note here is we all know how devious big Pharma is with their massive brainwashing television adds; but these corporate characters that had a sinister mind control device in this story that with flashes of light had a hypnotic effect on the person it was directed at altering their perceptions and thinking.  Today we have microwave energy beam technology which is just a different portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and not the visible light spectrum this “Looker device employed,” but, sending out signals to prepped individuals with sort of robotic digital data to control actions and behaviors is here now.

And, with all of the propaganda or even our foods being manipulated genetically and chemically to alter our brainwaves don’t you see how easy this plan of attack is and how we are all victims now and even potential zombies. The police and citizen violence that seems to pop up and get out of control couldn’t this be a planned manipulation to trigger hostilities and get the masses to do just what they did with the Floyd case who actually was a brute thug drug addict and criminal who got what he was asking for by living the way he did, “live by the sword die by he sword,” then in the scuffle he resisted the police pushing his luck and the cops are dealing with these characters day in and day out getting fed up and tired too putting their lives on the line to protect and even more ungrateful society each passing month, so it won’t take much to set off a massive firestorm with such a dry tinder box sort of condition where all that is needed is a spark and you have an inferno which is what happened and over what? One black man thug died, so that really warranted burning cities down and killing innocent people in the process; but, do people flip out and burn cities anytime you heard about, when full term human babies are snuffed out day of delivery? No; because that isn’t part of any nefarious program or plan by the puppeteers and you know it.  Did Floyd, BLM, ANTIFA and all the citizens that were out of control after Floyd brought on his own demise, did any of them ever go screaming bloody murder or even having a so called peaceful protest when Full Term Day of Delivery Murder of unwanted human babies happens day in and day out?  The answer you realize is unequivocally NO!  None of those derelicts have a modicum of respect or pity for the little innocent babies; so I have ZERO for them as they are a damned lot and sentenced to damnation by their own voices or lack thereof, along with their obvious unjust actions, which they have condemned themselves by!  They’re only interested in mayhem and power, while playing political agendas! By the way, another added sidebar note here is China is the biggest baby snuffer going and actually delivered ones, born but not males or having what’s seen as other defect, and, this kind of genocide of human babies to this degree hasn’t been seen since ancient times which actually pales in comparison; when for example during the time of Moses Pharaoh Ramesses of Egypt ordered all male newborn babies to be killed or King Herod the Great of Judea did, ordering that all babies two years of age or less be disposed of. 

“The King Herod that is mentioned in the book of Matthew (Matthew 2) was made king of Judea by the Romans in 37 B.C. He died in 1 B.C. History is not very kind to Herod as it records many of his atrocities including the killing of babies. It is well established in secular writings that Herod murdered the old and young and did not even spare his wives. Herod murdered many people. He was a bloody man. Matthew 2:16 also reports he was a murderous man.  Then when Herod saw that he had been tricked by the magi, he became very enraged, and sent and slew all the male children who were in Bethlehem and all its vicinity, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had determined from the magi. Matthew 2:16 (NASB)

Everett Ferguson is a reliable author who writes the following.  Though it may be true that Herod was an extremely able ruler, it is also true that he was intensely jealous of his position. He killed the two sons of Mariamne when his suspicions were aroused that they might become the rallying point for Jewish patriotism. Mariamne herself was killed when his mind was poisoned against her by his sister. . . A man who killed a large part of his own family and arrested large numbers of the most prominent citizens with orders for their execution when he died so there would be mourning at his death (Josephus. Antiquities of the Jews. 17.6.5) . . . would not have caused much of a stir by liquidating a score of children in an obscure village. Knowing of Herod’s conduct and the Jewish scruples about pork, the emperor Augustus was reported to have said that he would rather be Herod’s very pig than Herod’s son. [1]

The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus describes King Herod the Great as a very evil man.

[Herod] commanded that all the principal men of the entire Jewish nation wheresoever they lived, should be called to him. Accordingly, there were a great number that came, because the whole nation was called, and all men heard of this call, and death was the penalty of such as should despise the epistles that were sent to call them. And now the king was in a wild rage against them all, the innocent as well as those that had afforded him ground for accusations; and when they were come, he ordered them all to be shut up in the hippodrome, and sent for his sister Salome, and her husband Alexas, and spoke thus to them: — “I shall die in a little time, so great are my pains; which death ought to be cheerfully borne, and to be welcomed by all men; but what principally troubles me is this, that I shall die without being lamented, and without such mourning as men usually expect at a king’s death.” For that he was not unacquainted with the temper of the Jews, that his death would be a thing very desirable, and exceedingly acceptable to them; because during his lifetime they were ready to revolt from him, and to abuse the donations he had dedicated to God: that it therefore was their business to resolve to afford him some alleviation of his great sorrows on this occasion; for that, if they do not refuse him their consent in what he desires, he shall have a great mourning at his funeral, and such as never any king had before him; for then the whole nation would mourn from their very soul, which otherwise would be done in sport and mockery only. He desired therefore that as soon as they see he hath given up the ghost, they shall place soldiers round the hippodrome, while they do not know that he is dead; and that they shall not declare his death to the multitude till this is done, but that they shall give orders to have those that are in custody shot with their darts; and that this slaughter of them all will cause that he shall not miss to rejoice on a double account; that as he is dying, they will make him secure that his will shall be executed in what he charges them to do; and that he shall have the honor of a memorable mourning at his funeral. [2]

These quotes help us understand that King Herod the Great was wicked. So we should not be surprised that a non-Christian wrote the following about Herod’s massacre of children under the age of two that is mentioned in Matthew 2:16. The non-Christian writer is Macrobius (A.D. 395-423).

On hearing that the son of Herod, king of the Jews, had been slain when Herod ordered that all boys in Syria under the age of two to be killed, Augustus said, “It’s better to be Herod’s pig, than his son” (dicta 56 Malc.)[3]


We can thank God that there is a secular reference to Herod’s massacre of the children under the age of two. History does not record every event found in the Bible. In truth, we do not need secular history to validate the Bible. We often forget that the Bible is accurate history. But many people do not want to accept the Bible as history because they would then need to submit to its authority. It is the Word of God.” (neverthirsty.org/bible-qa/qa-archives)

All of which should give you a clue to what the world will be like under such totalitarian control when truly evil men rule over we people with total earthly power and control over we humans who are spurned by Satan who directly influences such antichrist blood thirsty men.  And, if leaders or governments can do such things to babies who are innocent and pure what do you think the value of your life will be to them if they can’t use you for something, as say a slave or some guinea pig to experiment on; like the Hitler Nazis did during WWII? We are all being played with and screwed over, being prepped for a future of utter control and DEATH; the babies are the canaries in the mine shaft warning in this modern era; those innocent little martyrs that God tells us with His words in Holy Scriptures; how in the End Time many of the innocent will be Martyred! 

Another film based on a great novel and even some actual past events is the Manchurian Candidate which again delves into, the realm of mind control and basically hypnotizing individuals and planting thought patterns or even actual orders in their subconscious minds to be acted out at a precise time and place, their marching orders if you will. 

Making automatons out of human beings so they carry out an order to assassinate or blow up some building, and, even fly airplanes into buildings.  All that is needed in this scenario is the kidnapping of these individuals whereby they are then carefully programmed, with today’s technology even having nanotechnology implanted in them before anyone knows they are missing and release them; to let them go through the motions of their daily lives like they don’t have a care in the world until that precise trigger moment comes when they act like some instinctual wild animal and the predator is released to carry out a deadly act, or even some political decision, and perhaps just adds the final vote to deploy troops or shut down the Nation declaring Marshall Law, and then, totalitarian control is established overnight.

But, where is this going you may ask and it’s a pretty obvious destination once you look at man’s lack or the stumbling block that has continually tripped up the human race from the beginning.  Where is the “humanity and love,” genuine unadulterated love, first of all for each other that has no strings attached and is unconditional; but, more importantly where is the love of God who gave us a chance to exist and be part of something that is unimaginable and so perfectly complete, full of joy, happiness, peace and tranquility forever.  I wonder how many people actually think about this each and every day while simultaneously thanking God upon waking each new day for another opportunity to attain that most precious reward; saying it and meaning it. It looks to me like too many people aren’t doing that and whatever they are looking for it’s either the wrong thing, or they are certainly looking in all the wrong places.

What are we to do and can we do anything about all this?  You bet your bottom dollar and the power to do it is right inside you!  Save your soul and turn to God Almighty on humble bent-knee asking for His forgiveness and all powerful loving help!  You see all these people star athletes, politicians and others these days taking a knee but they are antichrist and kneeling or submitting to an evil worldly power and prestige offering themselves up to perdition and damnation! We see the results of BLM and ANIFA along with these take a knee fakers and takers like Kaepernick or mayor DeBlasio and Congresswoman Pelosi to name a few; nothing but ruin and hate, they are just self-glory mongers filled with evil as they serve the beast.  If you resist all that and turn to Jesus Christ on your knees in all humility He is not going to let you down ever, you have to believe that!  With Him you can face whatever will come.  He awaits your answer! God bless you.  Amen.

Lawrence Morra