The New On The Waterfront

unlike street thug pistoleros
cronyism out of control

Ruin and destroy in a few ways.  What do you call it when you have a government job with crooked politics and cronyism out of control, and you’re not like them so you become more of a liability to have around but they try getting you botched up to fire you but you out think them and keep your cool so you always prevail where others in the past transferred or quit. Then an evil boss who had been there almost 25 years straight out of college because he had  the big political connection, mind you a punk who never had to struggle to get a break like I did, and he decides to put you in a hazardous environment to do a procedure alone that you never had to do before and didn’t see anyone else ever doing it; figuring you won’t take his BS and quit or walkout and get fired for insubordination, and just weeks before this creep was badgering a mechanical shop manager that he hated to jam him up, but that guy resigned before things got ugly; so you  just do the job and end up almost getting killed and end up sick for years after with a long recovery; but no OSHA investigation of an industrial accident or  any accountability and it’s an environment under DEM and EPA oversight.  Politics kept the lid on it and then you end up having to fight your workers comp case yourself with a rigged system and the political machine looking to see you fail so you lose it all and have to move on to someplace other than around them and the crony capitalist project you’ve been vocally against and made suggestions to officials to preserve the environment, because the actual DEM isn’t doing jack.  So you fire the phony lawyer who will appease the system and fight it yourself with enough moxie to make sure the judge knows it will be better to allow you to succeed than to not in getting a fair settlement which others don’t want you to get; but because you make them aware of how things could get ugly for them if they push you any further and this mess ends up in the court of public opinion;  especially when a high ranking public official is about to be advanced to the highest level just before retirement, which is a much heftier pension.  All the while you wrap your head around the medical science and get one of the best lady doctors in the field to make the case medically speaking airtight!  That’s just one piece, then so many more of antagonizing, harassment, intimidation, conspiracy with even some medical people involved to trip you up more if possible.  In a way like the old classic movie “On the Waterfront” just not all the beatings or street thug pistoleros; but all white color crooked crony politics and tactics that lead to physical damage worse than a beating because of nefarious methods employed to injure.  Needless to say I went from being fairly confident in government and persons of high position to not trusting any of them not even a little.

Lot’s more to come!

Lawrence Morra

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things.

7 thoughts on “The New On The Waterfront”

  1. silvia morar my friend, it’s interesting how Brando and the work he did in film left such and indelible mark in a Classical sense and how “he and the times” when many of his earlier films were made during his heyday, seem so frozen in time, a time set apart and so different than the world we live in now, but yet in mere human life span terms which is so short, it really wasn’t that long ago, just a blimp on the radar screen of time and space! Wow, to me it’s so mind boggling that our lives aren’t that far removed from his time in the sun while we are here in ours, but he was living a so different life than we people caught up in the high-tech digital age! This is why I have a strong attraction to those past times and people like Brando, I never really got to know but yet I miss them and the world they were living in back then, and I wish I could be back there just watching them work and learning so much while maybe even becoming a friend if they would like me enough! Sure they would like me, I’m a good guy and they were all so real and down to earth people back then, but I do talk too much and ask too many questions so maybe they would like me at a distance like all of us now do on the internet, LOL! Hey so there ya go, I just got the idea that some filmmaker dude from our present time gets transported in time to back then when Brando was making one of his Classic films; maybe even gets to work with him in a scene as an actor; a sort of Twilight Zone story where the time traveling guy later wakes up from a sort of dream on a modern day movie set or maybe a hospital where he was revived from a terrible accident in which he died but was brought back! See the past gets my imagination going! That’s how much I want to meet Brando! With CGI this could look like it really is happening in current time with actual Marlon Brando and the time traveler meeting and working together! But I really want to be living it not faking it!


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