“Secularism and Communism Mankind’s Doom”

with, by and through Him we are made right or “Reborn”

I agree with those who say our Nation like so many others has been slipping into secular heathen mindsets of live for today and get and take what you can now!  Quick fix disposable society gone wild on steroids!   All stray far and wide from God and what He provided to us long-ago as simple truth and direction but humans too often rebel as the wayward child of defiance and ultimately transgression.  The balls are all in motion in this major game of life in a sense, because there is no turning back the clock or any of our lives; we must see the light and truth and accept what He has laid out before us to decide if we want what He offers us or if we don’t!

Simple choice that we all must learn to appreciate and humble ourselves to that fact; and to Him!  Nothing else will cut the mustard or do us any good in the fatally flawed human heart or mortal condition.  But then; we are not flawed at all if we accept His will for us by our faith and “free will” out of respect and unceasing love for our Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior; with, by and through Him we are made right or “Reborn” and we will never fail!

This Nation needs to get its roots back into alignment and not on this wicked course so many politicians and faithless powerful influences have pushed and projected it!  We could very well be in the “End-Time” but regardless if that is coming right up or not we know this country went askew and is paying the price for all the deprivation, sin and degenerate perversions of what our Nation started out as and what kind of integrity and moral values it represented through the ages causing it to be the true leader of the free world!   I’m sure you know how so many have their minds far from this kind of thinking or precept and that will be our demise as a Nation and people if allowed to continue running rampant.  We are making some slow progress away from where we had been during what I call the 8 Dark Years of Obozo.  He and his cartel brought us closer to the precipice and God willing we are going to continue moving in the right direction now away from that doom.  But, ultimately after all is said and done all we have is our Faith in Him, because we are truly in His hands, lambs ready for the slaughter living in the world with its corruption but knowing He will never forsake us if we are living in accordance to His word and will for us, I do trust Him with all.

Lawrence Morra

DEFCON Level Warning System: https://www.defconlevel.com/doomsday-clock-history.php

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

9 thoughts on ““Secularism and Communism Mankind’s Doom””

  1. When this Harry Potter came out I knew upon its release it was another push into the antichrist movement and I had then no doubt how diabolical this thing is; to subvert the minds of children away from the truth and God, and now after years I see the proof in the pudding. This form of worship and adulation of a character who part-takes of sorcery is nothing but evil at work in our modern pop culture! At least long ago when the Wizard of Oz was made into a film the sorcerers where obviously bad and weren’t doing good things, which was clearly defined as wrong and in the end the young girl is brought to the reality that there’s no place like home and traditional values of being with family and trusting in God!

    We’re a long way from the those times when top literary staples like Tom Sawyer or Call of The Wild were wholesome stories about Man and Nature but connected to those stories and the characters was the reality of Almighty God. This dribble with the Potter books discounts the Almighty and actually rejects Him as nothing more than fantasy and unimportant but Potter is to be put on a pedestal! This is to me pure evil. God was taken out of the public school systems as part of the evil agenda and now the race is on to take God out of popular advocated literature and entertainment to gain control of more minds, hearts and souls for Satan!
    Lawrence Morra

    I’d like to add I might have made it seem like the books and story itself is doing all the harm but what I didn’t clarify is that under past societal mores of the times or culture this may not have been so negative perhaps because families were more stable and traditional with well-rounded values which centered children for the most part, but with today’s permissive or even unsupervised or often broken homes and whatnot combined with other youth circumstances; along with the times having many other confusing and conflicting issues happening all around, I think this book series has a more pronounced negative impact on many young minds because of this unusually unbalanced combination of circumstances, and not just this one fantasy story and characters being the worst influence around. It’s like a sort of perfect storm scenario.


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