How Y’all Like My New Selfie?


Donkey runs up to greet farmer

Turns out I was right initially and had a regular cold, which my home remedies were reducing in cooperation with my own immune system naturally; but, then I got anxious and used an over the counter drug to reduce the sinus pressure I experiencing which led to a strong toxic allergic reaction by my body to some components of the medication or in essence, I triggered severe side effects worse than the initial problem, some of which not only effected my sinuses negatively but also my chest making both areas feel like a huge headache, very painful, which led to an autoimmune response with a slight fever!  Sometimes it’s better to let nature takes its course, and let the body mend slowly the way it needs to!  Also, don’t think just because something is sold without a prescription written by an MD that it’s not too potent or has to be benign; because that can be a serious mistake with troubling and even devastating consequences, as it was in my case.  Be sure to stay attuned to your own body’s sensitivities or allergies as best you can.  Good potent homemade chicken soup like old fashioned grandmothers used to make, accompanied with plenty of bed rest are still tried and proven treatment for what ails a person  with simple colds or being a little run-down; if you don’t need a doctor straightaway.

But, speaking of Old Fashioned Remedies, now that we’re all under this lock-down order being holed-up in our abodes I’ve used the isolation time to write and enjoy some “Classic Drama or Comedy Films” to just kick back and take in some real quality entertainment with some of the most iconic names from the show-business past.  One such film was “The Nutty Professor,” Starring Jerry Lewis which had me in stitches!  “Actually” though, as I watched this really funny story unfold on my home movie screen I starting stirring inside as I began to realize that hidden beneath the outer veneer of the story-line and imagery was a real character study, which although an extreme example of the duality that works within us all, this was spot-on with regard to how we all juggle our necessities of practicality with those inner desires to breakout and be somebody; a winner!   That struggle we all have at some time in our lives with overcoming our flights of fancy by carrying on doing what’s expected of us as responsible adults who for better or worse have to conform to standard operating procedures, SOP, in order to navigate just the basics of survival in this very complicated modern world!  I suddenly found myself amidst the laughter starting to have tears of joy mixed with humility hearing my inner voice say, “Hey this Buddy guy, I’m kind of like him, and I’m even a bit of a kooky nerd scientist” in there too; that’s what makes up my own personality!

Nutty professor   Hyde   adjusted sm print.jpg

But, the Buddy got the Better of Me; because with all of the corona virus worry we have presently I thought it would be better to hurry my recovery from the cold and keep a leg up on my resistance against any such virus infecting me, I just wanted the cold to be gone; but got jammed up.


I think the Nutty Professor in me had me thinking I can tinker a bit like I did when I was a kid with my chemistry sets in the basement which had gotten me placed in advanced chemistry in high school and college; so therefore equipped with a fair amount chemistry knowledge along with my special tea concoctions that I’m always making, this would have to give me an edge on staying ahead of the curve as they say.  But, sometimes we can get a little too big for our britches or get ahead of ourselves and end up stumbling big time, ending up with many more lumps and bruises than when we started out. Ah, here’s to your health or, ahhh, ACTUALLY I mean mine!

nutty professor cocktail docu.jpg

Sometimes trying to run the race to recovery too fast, may lead to being out of the race entirely; temporarily or maybe even permanently!

Donkey mom reunited with her baby

We all remember our mothers warning us not to go out to play with our friends so soon after getting over the flu or not to push our luck just because we were starting to feel a little better; full recovery is always best before being put to the test.

Nutty professor   Hyde  sitting   adjusted sm print .jpg

And the flip-side is we can all have a little Nutty Professor or the Cool Debonair that thinks he can handle any contingency Buddy’s other self or our own other alter-ego trying to convince us that we know how to handle ourselves; but it’s way too much for our own good!  The old “Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” complex at work, both of them are pulling us into retreat or way up the road to adventure and fun times, to try burning the candle at both ends, just because we can do it!  Not so fast or so slow is my perspective on all of it, and striking a balance is the ideal thing to do in anything we do, especially when it comes to our own well-being.

Nutty professor adjusted docu.jpg


Donkey Hee-Hawing voice only with photo on farm


NOW PLEASE; DON’T BE AN Donkey ASS on it sm  print.jpg

Lawrence Morra

Author: Lawrence Morra

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23 thoughts on “How Y’all Like My New Selfie?”

    1. Hi Sally ! Glad you liked em and they are funny; I can be sometimes too, but looks aren’t everything! So, I settle for mostly being a party poop pointing out the issues all around. Now, I just thought of how that could be a big part of my headaches or even other kinds! Improving but this had been a straining winter flu/cold season in and of itself, then this pandemic dropped in for a fright. Thus I decided I’m looking for laughs in a big way, watching old classic movies with good taste and without all of the CGI nonsense I like real talented humans doing amazing acting and comedy with timing and great material not hyped up nonsense! Bob Hope as I told you before a master and real person; they don’t make them that good anymore! Cheerio Pip Pip! 🤗


      1. Hey Sally! Thank you for hat because if I got you to laugh I really feel like I accomplished something on the bright side for a change and, I did it with some personal truth while driving a couple of little messages for people to think about sop they won’t mess up! I guess the way it works is i kept a person from no considering a situation well enough but instead they get it right from the get-go! What goes around comes around too so maybe I’ll get a heads-up about something too.


    1. YES,YES,YES! Ac-tu-ally I couldn’t agree with you more on all of these things! Laughter is good medicine and although I’m still a bit off not back to normal yet it is good to get a boost and turn the corner at least. I’m glad to put a smile on your face Crissy! I hope all that you are doing and those around you are staying well, while focusing on those things that matter the most, and still find time to relax getting a few laughs in there too! 😄

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Funny you say that. There times in my day where I have spend some time laughing. Even more so under this current climate. So I joined a Christian humour FB group and it helps me greatly, I

        Thanks for the offer Lawrence.😃

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That is FUNNY! In more ways than one! Mysterious too; and we know God does work in mysterious ways! Very good you see this positive approach to living as humans with so much on our plates, especially now when uncertainty and fear want to get a foothold in our psyche! After all we are all fallible and do have our moments! And, of course we should laugh Crissy, it sure beats the alternative wouldn’t you agree! 🤣 😂👍👏😉 🙏 🙏


  1. LoL. I enjoyed your post, but you are certainly not an ass. But, it is good to laugh at yourself sometimes. I am so glad that you are feeling much better. I watch the Nutty Professor a long time ago. Have a blessed day.


    1. Ha, ha, I think I’m not laughing at myself enough actually; but it was time to put things in perspective my Friend, I always had a bit of clown in me and a Nutty Professor; all the way back to my boyhood! The amazing thing is that I can still pull some of that up from someplace inside and offer it after all of what went against me over the last dozen or more years; and I say now I’m still way better off than so many. So not worth complaining, but may be very worth cracking some jokes when I can! As a kid my family and I would catch that on TV a few times then later I did on cable; now I have so much opportunity to see that or any Old Classics I want at any given moment; which I think were made so nicely and things were so much more decent or innocent. I hope you get a few more laughs soon too and you also have a blessed day and evening. See ya Beverley, keep smiling.


      1. Hi Beverley, yes we sure see eye to eye on this point don’t we, LOL! I was not feeling too ill and then tonight I have chest discomfort again and chills with a woozy feeling again so I’m still wondering if I have walking pneumonia but talking with one of my sisters earlier I agreed the risk of going to the clinic or hospital is not worth it unless I get very ill then no choice. She said they are about to have a drive up procedure to get the test and that would either put me on the fast track for treatment if I have Corona or at least I ruled out one possibility of why I’m not right yet. Under normal conditions I would have already gone to seek out the help to get a prescription or something figured out! Glad to hear you are doing well and keep up the good work while I see what I can do here! I might have to pull a rabbit out of the hat yet it seems! 🙂🙏


      2. Yes Beverly. I hear you and understand, thank you for the concern my friend. It’s a crazy thing, but I think this double whammy cold/allergy is one of those conditions that can mimic several conditions and more like Lyme which leads one afflicted with it to swear they have one thing or another until it is finally diagnosed as Lyme. I try not to panic over aches and pains. A few years ago I was at a 4th of July cookout by the ocean and being single, when I left some of the ladies there made sure I went home with plenty of leftover goodies some of it was stuffed with shellfish some of which I can eat but other items I should avoid only because I’ve been known to have a mild allergic reaction to it, but, I had been through a medical procedure around that time and was given a medication that was wrong, clearly negligence on the part of the doctor, and it triggered my immune system for many weeks that didn’t become apparent for quite a while after that procedure. So, on this occasion while home alone eating the goodies not realizing how badly my immune system was malfunctioning, upon eating this food I had an immediate anaphylactic allergic reaction like nothing I ever experienced in my entire life, and it was so bad that calling 911 would not have made any difference I would have been either brain dead or actually dead within 10 minutes tops, and I knew it. I calmly asked dear God in the name of Jesus to please help me, and then I remembered that a few months before I had purchased a bottle of liquid Benadryl for some nasal histamine reaction when mowing some lawn. As my trachea began closing like someone had reached into my neck and grabbed hold of it and was squeezing it like a vise I got the bottle from a cupboard and drank down all that was in it, and within minutes I was sitting in a chair breathing normally! To me it was a miracle I had bought that medication many weeks before when it wasn’t actually needed so badly but I thought at the time oh, why not then I won’t have a runny nose all day. God wanted me to get that medication, I’m sure of it. We’re in His hands always by friend. 🙏 🙏 😇 😇 🙏 🙏


      3. Excellent thinking on your part I just went to a drive-up pharmacy at 5 am today and got an 8 oz. bottle with some Vick’s Vapor Rub and also some Pseudoephedrine HCL. That is a great think to tell anyone to keep at home just in case. I got that all squared away and then my heating system went whacko and spent several hours trying to repair and tune up what I could without going into the city to buy replacement parts if they would even sell me any! So I’m out of luck till the pandemic is over or I do more work on it tomorrow and might get lucky!


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