PENTECOST – Fontgombault Sermon

Beautiful and so fine an article that is speaking truth and love from God.
I had an ordeal that ignited after leaving a comment with Christians who immediately attacked me as Catholic and accused me of being an Anti-Semitic as well as Nazi. I said nothing to incite such vitriol. This worried and bothered me that such animosity and hatred came from so called Christians so I found yesterday that the Holy Spirit helped me to compose my thoughts and present a new blog article which I know I should list with my reblogging of this great article of yours. This came to my attention in my message cue immediately upon my clicking to send a comment to a woman I was speaking with here regarding present and past leadership and how the straw that broke the camel’s back for me was how the former advocated full term day of delivery abortion and this is a God Send that your posting arrived at that very moment when I was ready to walk away.
Here is what I said to this nice woman and then the link to my blog. Forgive my sometimes heated language in the blog.

God wants us to remain sober and discern not be sheep especially allowing our lives to be led by despicable monsters who are lying criminals like Obama and Hillary, both advocate full term abortion day of delivery and that is not of God but of Satan , many liberals say that is fine but some cat or dog being abused is so offensive the perpetrator should be hung, and I met many face to face that think that way with so many screws loose in their head they are walking talking disaster areas not in step with God but with evil; and if you can’t see the reality of what that means I do pity you. That is not of God and is sheeple or fools walking off the precipice into hell. I’m not one to mess with when it comes to Scripture I’ve seen how the wicked use God or say being a Catholic the way Nancy and Crazy Joe do as a tool to fake-out or deceive the foolish among us; as they are so far from being Catholic or having any genuine faith in Jesus Christ that believing them would be like thinking that Xi Jiping the life appointed Commie atheist figurehead of a totalitarian regime will be a Christian soon; reality is what is needed now not meek and being little fish in the sea! If that was the gauge by which human beings should deal with the hard facts then WWII would have been a giveaway to Hitler and right now you and I wouldn’t even be here or those that would be only living under a complete hell nightmare of tyrannical control; hell on earth! No you might want to look more closely at the evil that had been sitting in plain sight for many years pretending to care but will take your blood if you let them. Obama is nothing but a traitor and a Muslim Brotherhood coddling demonic influenced criminal. To be very frank with you, he should be tried and executed for high Crimes of Treason but the only reason it isn’t happening is the country would go into complete chaos which is just what the Muslims and Devil are waiting for, then China would take over as the totalitarian Empire that would execute hundreds of millions to set fear and total control in place. And, Obama wasn’t even a legitimate President not having been born on American soil, he is a complete fraud, and I believe having been put in place by the satanic powers that he and many in his former administration are part of. You are aware of who and what George Soros is correct? 🙏
Oh let me not forget to tell you, but, the current president is the best one that we’ve had in long, long time. Bush was just a status-quo elite NWO faker. Reagan came close to being the best but he was manipulated by some of the wrong people and started losing his wits toward the end of his presidency.
good of you to think well and take the hug and flowers but flower power isn’t going to cut the mustard and I think you are well aware of what I’m saying so I’m glad you are able to do at least this, and running is good for the heart but just as long as you aren’t running away from me I think you will be doing well. If you can bear me I can be a good influence. Take care and keep your mind open with your heart to the real deal and truth it will be pouring out as we move forward and God is in control! 🌻🌻✨✨ Lets say a prayer for the innocent little unborn babies too and ask that once they are angels with God that they pray for us in this current nightmare world. Heaven help us. You have a lovely day, but do as I ask; listen and look for the truth, its coming. 🙏💛🌟
and…. Look what just came to my next new message in the cue as I clicked to sent you that comment!!! “Nine months are necessary for a child to be begotten in its mother’s womb. A whole life is necessary to earn Heaven.”catholicismpure

Typo Send you…
Here is the article and we were talking about some bad Catholics weren’t we.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

“Nine months are necessary for a child to be begotten in its mother’s womb. A whole life is necessary to earn Heaven.”


Sermon of the Right Reverend Dom Jean Pateau, Father Abbot of Our Lady of Fontgombault

Fontgombault, May 31, 2020

Illumina cor hominum. Illuminate the hearts of men.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My dearly beloved Sons,

During this time of pandemic, the feast of Pentecost call for a new outpouring of the Spirit of God upon us, upon all the faithful, all men. May God renew our so desolate earth, may He illuminate and give peace to so many men ensnared by disease, poverty, rebellion, or murmuring against the virus, and the measures taken by the civil and ecclesiastical authorities to limit its spreading.

Our joy is great in these days when many Christians can at last go back to church and receive again, after long weeks of deprivation…

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