Prayer For Enemies – Part III

Thank you for this very fine article which points out clearly the requirement of forgiveness of others for trespassing against us, in order that our Lord and Savior can be forgiving to us upon our own judgment before Him for our own trespasses against others; of which we are all guilty. I immediately saw a connection with a long comment I had just written to a reader on my last reblog; another fine and pertinent article published by CPS. I think to me this narrative ties-in here because in order to forgive those who trespass against us we must have a strong faith based on understanding of God’s word but also of the world circumstances we are now living in, our battle against all evil and sin; which we must face bravely armed with our devout faith! So a clear and true perspective based on understanding of the truth that God provides to us who seek it is necessary, along with remaining ever vigilant in our battle with this world of sin and ruin. I hope this perspective I share here with you, will help you in understanding the gravity of the circumstances we are now caught up in; along with inspiring you to increase your faith and provide more inspiration which will in turn bring more hope to all from our Lord Jesus Christ; who wants nothing more than for we God’s children, to succeed in our mission here.
Yes Mary Anne there is a scourge upon societies around the globe simultaneously effectuating drastic change in people; much of it not good! I agree with you that this sickness, fear and death is so rampant while being so devastating that it literally has turned our daily lives upside down and is causing many people to be in a sort of panic mode; like frightened animals being corralled or captured and in essence subjugating us to being nothing more than herds of wild beasts being gathered in preparation for slaughter. Yes, one of the Horses of the Apocalypse has arrived spreading its many evils through lies and deception to poison minds but more importantly hearts in order to do what we should ask? First to turn away from each other as a community of social beings made in the likeness of God in order to weaken our Humanity but then in addition to causing this modification to our behavior and practices its primary goal is to turn us away from God! Because then the dirty lie and deception will be complete and we’ll have been subdued, captured and taken control of; then to be used as minions of evil causing us to lose our immortal souls to Satan. What you say here and I quote, “Social distancing is a wonderful way to begin to dismantle our liberty of freedom of assembly and limit conversations at the same time,” This is very insightful and is clearly fact to truth in that a very concise plan of mass deception by means of targeted lies and a biological fraud as a weapon to propel this pack of lies was designed and implemented by the enemies of humanity and God to bring ruin via that Trojan Horse as you say! And those enemies are both overseas primarily China’s CCP and also right here in our Homeland many minions of evil within our government seat of power in Washington along with smaller groups of individuals in local governments and some industries such as media; throughout the Nation working for the same cause which is to thoroughly disenfranchise the citizens from their US Constitutional Rights, and even more important to those enemies who take their marching direct from hell; to strip us of all hope and belief in our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, in order to leave us in a state of desperation or hopelessness! This will prime a lost humanity for the antichrist who will offer so much to appease in order that he will be worshiped in place of God making him our master. At this point many will be willing to take the mark of allegiance to him in order to survive in a world turned upside down where everything will be micromanaged making it a totalitarian hell on earth; much like George Orwell’s visionary science fiction world depicted in his novel “1984!” Months ago when this Plan-Demic began I wrote a blog which touched on this and many related points which I felt or was inspired to say at that time; as to how I saw the orchestrating controlling effect which was being deployed upon societies around the globe! I readily saw this as like another science fiction story Planet of the Apes in which humans become the dominated species of animal on earth as you may recall from the old film which starred Charlton Heston; whereby in the future Apes take us over and control humans as herd animals! So the way things are going with the “communist plan” they are the Apes as I see them, but, in reality they are a subspecies of humans who are diabolically possessed by supernatural forces from hell.
As I see it we are all in for the fight of our lives and literally for our lives; but more importantly our “immortal souls.” Our faith is of course the key to dealing with the tough road ahead and we must remain vigilant to the Word of God and practice our faithful worship of God as best we can under these very difficult circumstances! As it is said; “where there is a will there is a way,” and I must add to that, “Where there is faith there is hope!” We will overcome, by means of our love for God in the precious name of Jesus Christ! Amen.
God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III
If you have the time and interest here is he link to that blog posting that I mention above.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Father Z has been under a vicious attack recently from some pretty nasty people who resent his traditional Catholicism: his love of the Traditional Latin Mass, his defence of the unborn, the family, true marriage between one man and one woman etcetera, and therefore his rejection of the U.S. Democrat Party. Without giving any details to his blog followers about the ongoing verbal persecution of which he has been a helpless victim, he admits to having suffered greatly from it. The only, yet admirable, solution he has found to deal with the suffering is to turn it into an opportunity for grace. How? Our Lord tells us to love our enemies and do good to those who wish us harm, and therefore by praying for the endangered immortal souls of those who hate him and who live by spreading hatred.The article below is PART 3 of his “Prayer for…

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