Why I Love Thee Mary

WOW never saw this and is beautiful! Truth! Thank you Kathleen! We should and most do love their biological earth mothers but we all need Mother Mary! So amazing and blessed to have her! Amen.

Look at this as I think it says something about Mothers too! Love is present and I just saw this a moment ago! Good Lord! This was my response!
My God! He does work in mysterious ways and is always there even though it doesn’t always seem to add up! God has His plan and reasons for things! Faith; believe in Him!
Thank you for this; I have to share, especially with a sister who is a huge cat fancier! She will have tears; she rescued a tiny undersized dwarf cat off a city street named it Salem! Biblical reason; this reinforces that story too! So amazing I’m teary eyed too! 🙏✝️✡️❤️🙏

We have eyes to see and ears to hear! So LOOK and SEE, listen as well outwardly and inwardly! A Cat can demonstrate care and concern for innocent life so how can humans do what they are doing on this earth with no regard and even for sinister reasons!!!
God bless!
Lawrence Morra III


Catholicism Pure & Simple

This is the last poem written by ‘The Little Flower’, St Thérèse of Lisieux, before her death at the age of 24 in 1897. Naturally, Thérèse wrote her poems in French, so this is one of the English translations of the poem. It is no easy task to translate a poem from one language to another, but I believe the best effort was made by the translator in this case to retain the flow and sentiments of the much-loved saint’s work.

How appropriate that Thérèse’s final poem should be dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary whose statue had miraculously turned and smiled on Thérèse in her childhood. For months she had been lying prostrate in bed from a mysterious illness, but from that day of Mary’s smile, the young Thérèse made an astonishing and complete recovery.

Do not be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much, you will…

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