In Defence of the Great Father Z

Oh I see so according to the Heretic’s style of NWO Catholicism Father Z is not a politically correct Exorcist! What in the world do atheists and fake Catholics know about this subject to the degree that an expert like father Z does! He is a blessed brave soldier fighting in the Spiritual Warfare that has amped up exponentially in recent years infecting all walks of life and leaving ruin and despair in its path! We need MORE priests and soldiers for Christ on earth not less; but obviously the Devil’s minions or cohorts in the Church now desire less so they can bring more evil into the Church and indeed people; to serve Satan and the coming NWO antichrist! It seems like the Devil got his due with the US election and a blaspheming evil man who continually claims to be a Catholic and isn’t; is now the Puppet POTUS bringing voluminous destructive change to the government and Nation under God. Here we see that frauds like Bergoglio are appeasing and satisfying Satan’s getting his due in the Church to make it a blaspheming false church that is in total opposition to what Jesus told St. Apostle Peter to build. If these aren’t signs of the times that indicate we’re on the precipice then what would it take to open eyes to the Truth; outside of Jesus making His return!
Lawrence Morra III

Post publishing amendment: All the following quotations thanks to: Posted on by Catholicism Pure & Simple

Thank you for these excellent articles and they connect perfectly! I hadn’t read the previous blog; “Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on the Feast of The Presentation of the Lord,” until just now and was joyous that your work at CP&S, in unison with the Holy Spirit which is guiding and exposing the Truth for the faithful and all to see plainly!  I have to say that my Statement of perspective regarding what this blog article is saying dovetails in my mind precisely with what Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is saying about the politically correct NWO manipulation taking place and damaging the original intent and purpose of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ! I get teary eyed seeing these connections in these writings and their being the same as my own thoughts and observations! I quote the following from this previous article here for convenience.

“The Letter of the Congregation is an example of the “politically correct” with which the hierarchs of Santa Marta wink indecorously at gender equality, which is so dear to today’s aligned thought (we are on the wave of the new version of the Orate fratres of the reformed rite, of lectresses and acolytesses) and at all the markers of the new language: the document strains itself to make references to the pandemic, to the “universal aspiration to fraternity,” to the “new dream of fraternity and social friendship,” and also to the invitation to religious to be “architects of universal brotherhood, custodians of our common home,” “brothers and sisters of all, regardless of faith” [sic], culminating in the cry of impiety of the global religion of Fratelli Tutti: “Let us dream, then, as a single human family, as fellow travelers sharing the same flesh, as children of the same earth which is our common home, each of us bringing the richness of his or her beliefs and convictions, each of us with his or her own voice, brothers and sisters all!”

“What then is the practical proposal that the Congregation offers to those who are consecrated? How does it intend to help the Religious Orders to each be faithful to their own charism, to the Holy Rule, to the Constitutions of their Founder Saints? Here are the Prefect’s lofty words: “It is a question, then, of creating ways of accompanying, transforming, and creating; of developing projects to promote a culture of encounter and dialogue between different peoples and generations; of starting with one’s own vocational community and then reaching to every corner of the earth and to every creature, because never as during this pandemic have we experienced how everything is linked, everything is related, everything is connected” (here). The World Economic Forum, the promoter of the Great Reset, could not have expressed it better! What does it matter if Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Dominic, Saint Clare, Saint Francis de Sales and all the Founder Saints are left scandalized by the systematic demolition of their Orders, when the words of the Holy See enjoy the benign applause of the globalist elite, the infamous sect, and the enemies of Christ! What else does “creating ways of accompanying, transforming, and creating” mean, if not an invitation to deny fidelity to the original charism, re-educating those who resist and constraining the recalcitrant by force? What is this “developing projects to promote a culture of encounter and dialogue” if not the application of religious indifferentism and conciliar ecumenism?”

“We have understood, in these times of crisis, that whoever is constituted in authority is now disconnected from those over whom he holds command. The so-called pandemic has shown that those who govern are obedient to the orders of supranational powers, while citizens are deprived of their rights, and any form of dissent is censored or psychiatrized, according to a recent felicitous expression. The same thing happens in the Church: the highest levels of the Hierarchy obey the same powers and deprive the faithful of their rights, censoring those who do not intend to renounce their faith and do not accept seeing the Church being demolished by its Ministers. João Braz de Aviz is perfectly aligned with “Jorge Mario Bergoglio”, and both of them zealously support the establishment of the “New World Order.”

“This is the painful reality with which we must daily confront ourselves, and for which we must pray, fast, and do penance, imploring the intervention of God and the Most Holy Virgin to help us. In this supernatural battle, the contribution of religious men and women is fundamental: this is why it is more necessary than ever that consecrated souls rediscover the sacrificial dimension of their vocation, offering themselves in holocaust as expiatory victims. This, after all, is the heart of the religious vocation and of being Christian itself: becoming like Christ and following Him on the Cross, so as to sit at His right hand in blessed eternity.”

Again, thank you so very much for doing this great work in serving our Lord Jesus Christ and Father in heaven, to repel the enemies of the Church and indeed Jesus Christ who are determined to destroy the Church, but before that; to provide it as a stage for the antichrist and serving the NWO doctrines of anti-faith and all manner of falsehood.

Dear Lord, help us in this spiritual war as the demons are surrounding us to bring utter ruin to your Church and family!  I ask this in the blessed and holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III


Catholicism Pure & Simple

COMMENT It is now common knowledge: the famous and immensely popular traditional American priest, Fr John Zuhlsdorf (better known as Father Z) has been reprimanded, and then ousted from his diocese, by his bishop, Bp. Hying, for performing exorcisms for protection from “the Wuhan virus” and against “demonic influence” in the recent American elections. Anything wrong with that? Exorcisms from the Devil have been around for a very very long time in the Church. Yes, naturally, according to the modernists of the New World Order catholic-lite factions!

The reaction to the news of Father Z’s treatment has been tremendous on the Catholic blogosphere. The majority of Catholics – so many thousands of us who have benefited hugely both spiritually and practically from the wisdom and charisma of this faithful Catholic priest – are deeply saddened by the injustice dealt out to him. On the other hand, his many enemies among…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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2 thoughts on “In Defence of the Great Father Z”

  1. I didn’t know. How sad. The good priests are really being tortured. You are so right about Puppet Joe and Fraud Bergoglio bring voluminous destructive change to the nation. Very well written. I remember learning long ago from the nums in high school about exorcisms for diseases. I never thought of it at this time. Shame on me. Thank you for telling me. I have Father Rippergers book of Exorcism prayers to be Said by the Laity. I’m going to start using it for Covid and ask God to apply it wherever it is needed. You can get this book on Amazon. I think 14.95 or so. It’s marvelous. Thank you Father Z for the great idea. Thank you Lawrence for putting it on WordPress. God bless you and yours. I’m going to Father Z’s Go Fund Me, too. God bless that wonderful priest.

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    1. Hi Mary Anne! Yes this is so not only unjust and sad, but an obvious sign to me that the countdown has begun because obviously the Devil is ramping up evil throughout; but his biggest opposition is Michael the Archangel and his army of angels so before they will do a final battle the good soldier priests like father Z who is an earthly expert in dealing directly with the many demons and evil spirits being unleashed upon the world now.
      I had not read the previous CP&S article about Archbishop Viganò on the Feast of The Presentation of the Lord,” but did after writing my short narrative here and was so thankful to God that I was seeing some of the important truth clearly as I’m sure you do too! Archbishop Viganò was stating verbatim the essential points I made here so I copy pasted those paragraphs and added them on the CP&S comments as a quote to emphasize and highlight what I see as key elements regarding what is happening geopolitically and to the Church simultaneously by a nefarious orchestrated conspiracy via Bergoglio and his runaway Church Hierarchy coupled with NWO cohorts; indicating to me that things are getting very bad fast!
      Father Rippergers book of Exorcism prayers sounds fantastic and I never heard of it so thank you for this enlightening extremely important piece of information, as I want to order it and put into practice I’m sure some of the special exorcism prayers contained in it! I tell people as I go along on Wood Press or other social settings in my daily activities, the cliché of “we have to pray more and harder;” but never really specify anything. But with this book in mind I think because the world is in in such dire straits now more people should get wise and educated to these type prayers to help our sinking world saving many souls from the snares of the Devil that he is laying throughout!
      I have to edit in the paragraphs from Archbishop Vigano’s commentary here but if you go back to this article again on CP&S you can see the specific comments I added or wait and they should be here soon.
      Thank you for the good thoughts and prayers and I pray the same for you and yours!
      God bless you Mary Anne.


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