Babies were aborted alive, placed in fridge to harvest cell lines used in some vaccines: researcher

Pagan Idolatrous Human Sacrifice

This article drives the point home as to why I was so offended and sickened by this Fraud Bergoglio saying that anyone working in the Vatican who refuses a COVID vaccination could very well lose their livelihood all of which was referenced in the previous article; “Vatican City State issues decree suggesting those who refuse COVID vaccine may lose their jobs” Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
SHUTTERSTOCK By Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent VATICAN CITY, LifeSiteNews: The Vatican City State – the Holy See’s independent city state – recently issued a decree that includes COVID-19 vaccination among the measures its authorities can use in order to fight the current “public health emergency.”

It’s totally unconscionable that a man like him considered by billions of people to be a figure of moral authority and knows what is right and wrong is advocating as I see it Human Sacrifice! In ancient pagan civilizations we know that say Mayans for example performed ritualistic human sacrifices of adults and babies to appease various gods or also to manipulate the people these leaders who to me were monsters; ruled over. In some of those sacrifices many times a victim was restrained prostrate over a sacrificial alter and while alive his heart would be carved out of the upper body cavity still beating via the upper abdomen with a knife.
Now today in our so called civilized modern high tech world abortions are performed via caesarean section with the unborn baby still within the embryonic sac, is being taken for so called research purposes to create these live cell lines used for vaccines while still alive, then being placed in a refrigerator for anywhere from 1 to 24 hours at which point samples of cells are harvested; or it gets even more gruesome than this, because in many cases while the baby’s heart is still beating that heart is surgically removed without any anesthetic and like those ancient rituals where adult hearts were removed; here we have an innocent human baby being butchered, and sliced up in the same manner today in 2021! Some say it’s to save lives or advance science, to which I say that’s a load of crap; it’s always about the MONEY or Dirty Politics and Power today! To me the age of Freaking High Tech Blood-lust! If you aren’t as repulsed and sickened as I am by this absolute savagery and obvious Satanic Diabolical Evil that has permeated our societies and cultures throughout the world full of so many desensitized human zombies or walking trash receptacles, then you have a serious problem in my estimation and are a slave to antichrist promulgation that is absolutely already deeply embedded in our cultures and governments, not to mention even the Church now, which is condoning and promoting this path to perdition!

I was always for the majority of my life from childhood up until the last dozen years a diehard eternal optimist. That changed dramatically, in recent years; though at heart I’ll always be one, but I have felt the sting of evil like never before in circumstances and mainly via people by which I would never have imagined that could happen; teaching me the hard lesson of not trusting just about anyone! Because this evil is powerful and has its tentacles throughout the world in all walks of life through all kinds of people!

A point that needs to be mentioned here because the Plan-Demic COVID-19 virus has pushed this sort of fiendish research and development exponentially; meaning to me COVID is absolutely Diabolical in origin!

“This problem is irrespective of the original number of abortions performed to obtain a cell line, and will only be exacerbated by the acceptance of HEK-293-derived COVID vaccines,” As stated quite correctly by Biologist Pamela Acker.

In closing I will just quote these totally truthful words from the wise and just minded Bishop Athanasius Schneider from this article to just reemphasize what he said perfectly, where he points out how wicked all of this is, but he is able to contain his vernacular or personal sentiments way better than I ever will my own; and I know if I go on writing about this subject today I will end up saying so many things that I will probably regret later for being put so harshly even if justified! And I’m not about agitating or stirring up the pot as it were; but, I do want all of you with a clear conscience and contrite heart to think and pray for God’s intercession sooner rather than later, because; we are all on a hell ride whether we want to admit it or not! So sorry, see, I better go.

God bless you. Amen.
Lawrence Morra III

‘New pro-life movement’
“Kazakhstan Bishop Athanasius Schneider, during his presentation at today’s vaccine conference, called for the formation of a “new pro-life movement” that refuses to have anything to do with medicines or vaccines derived in one way or another from aborted babies.
Schneider said that until now, the pro-life movement has been “very meritorious” in raising a united voice against abortion. “But I think there now comes a new time, a new phase, a new period of all pro-life movements to protest, clearly and unambiguously, against abortion-tainted medicines, against the abuse of the body parts of the unborn.”

While the Catholic Church’s 2020 guidelines permit Catholics to receive abortion-tainted vaccines, the Bishop said that Christians cannot “simply resign” themselves to the fact that the production of various medicines is tied to the slaughter of preborn babies who are utilized for their body parts.”

“The voice of the unborn children’s blood is crying to God from the abortion tainted vaccines, from the abortion tainted medicines,” he said.

“This voice is crying all over the world, and we have to awaken.”

“No one who is really deeply concerned about the defense of life and the moral law can be silent or can be quiet and can resign to this situation,” he added.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

‘These babies were literally placed into the fridge alive and then stored between one and 24 hours until they could be dismembered.’

February 19, 2021, LifeSiteNews:

Cell lines derived from aborted babies used inthe production or testing of various vaccines, including a number of COVID vaccines, most likely came from babies who were aborted alive, and according to the general practice as outlined in medical literature, may have beenplaced in a fridge while still living where they awaited dismemberment before having their organs harvested, a researcher has found.

Biologist Pamela Acker, who has a master’s degree in Biology from the Catholic University of America and who recently authored a book titledVaccination: A Catholic Perspective, related what the literature says about how babies were aborted to obtain cell lines used in a number of vaccines.

“A number of these abortions that were done in that way were termed…

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    1. Yes Marcia; I’m sure this bothers you so much being such a great mother and parent with a huge good heart. I actually can’t think about this subject too much these days, as it has a devastating overall effect on me; but then I must get hold and the one sure way for me is of course to talk to Jesus and turn it all over to him as I’m too weak, only a mere man to deal with this truly unbelievable abomination taking place in this very messed up world today. Such a pity and so horrendously sad! I know with God anything is possible so these most innocent of persons that get this evil treatment must find themselves in the most precious and wonderful eternal existence with God and His kingdom like the beautiful butterflies in a sense that they are spiritually! I have tears for them but more important I love them; so can we imagine how our God in heaven does! Thank you God in the name of your begotten Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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