Man dies on his knees in front of altar in Mexico City church

This is “a beautiful message from God!” Juan’s faith was strong and true, this is why he pushed himself to get there into the sanctuary seeking the Lord for aid and comfort as he knew his life was failing and wanted so much to be with the Lord, while simultaneously he was actually doing God’s will!

So many people have been cliché or even joking over the years about being late to an appointment or work, even a wedding as one of my sisters had done! But the real “kicker” in my family would be like our father saying to motivate us, “You’ll be late to your own funeral if you keep living this way; never on time!”

Well, Juan was on the button and on time to his funeral, to not keep the Lord waiting on him as He called to Juan through faith saying, “come I’m holding a place for you in My eternal kingdom Juan, and I’d like for you to set a good example for others to follow! “Juan had the strength and the courage to come to the house of God to take his last breath,” CNA Amen.
God rest his soul and all the departed faithful, in Christ Jesus we pray! Amen.
“Thy will be done.”
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Fr. Sajid Lozano says a funeral Mass for Juan, whose body is in the nave, in Jesus the Priest parish in Mexico City, Feb. 21, 2021. Photo courtesy of Fr. Lozano

From CNA:

A church in Mexico City was the scene on Sunday of the death of Juan, a man in his sixties who got down on his knees to pray at the entrance of the church, made his way up the main aisle still on his knees, passed out, and died within minutes in front of the altar.

The same afternoon the parish priest celebrated Juan’s funeral Mass accompanied by several parishioners.

The official report states that Juan entered Jesus the Priest parish church, around noon on Feb. 21, and died shortly thereafter on his knees in front of the altar, about 45 minutes before the start of the afternoon Mass.

The sacristan, who witnessed the man’s collapse, quickly…

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