Bill Gates wants to deploy genetically modified mosquitoes to inject vaccines

“Disease-carrying mosquitoes can be turned into “flying syringes” that vaccinate humans”
When is someone going to authorize government intervention to throw a net over this madman and lock him away for life at the very least??? This manic is already responsible for sterilizing and killing multitudes of people in Africa and other locales! And now if he can get his own way with this insanity to allow him and mad scientists to have vaccines flying around randomly injecting his “vaccine concoctions” into people without their consent, or even any consideration of the unbelievable unintended and intended consequences; of such a monstrosity of an idea! The man is evil and a public menace! Therefore he must be apprehended and tried for a litany of crimes including just for starters, “Crimes Against Humanity;” and then dealt with in the harshest manner allowed by law, which should be his execution!

He’s obviously a sociopathic, homicidal manic and should have been locked away long ago; but I guess in this insane now evil world heading to hell in a hand basket, where a 48 year Career Professional Politically Organized, Crime Syndicate Racketeer Politician like Biden, better known in some parts as “Scranton Joe;” can be installed fraudulently as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth and the courts all the way up to SCOTUS don’t give a rat’s ass to do anything about it!!! Allowing him to be the Fraud Puppet POTUS and I dare say “America’s Man of Perdition!”
So why should we expect any justice in the judicial system to deal with Gates!
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

Bill Gates wants to deploy genetically modified mosquitoes to inject vaccines

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is mulling the use of genetically modified mosquitoes to “vaccinate” people. The technology bigwig and vaccine advocate brings his jab obsession a notch higher with the “flying syringes” project. To make this idea a reality, Gates has provided funding to a Japanese scientist who has pushed the idea of genetically modifying mosquitoes.

Japanese professor Hiroyuki Matsuoka was among the awardees of a $100,000 grant, an October 2008 press release by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said. The grant allows scientists “from [a] diverse set of disciplines and regions … to explore bold, untested projects.” The Jichi Medical University professor put forward the idea that disease-carrying mosquitoes can be turned into “flying syringes” that vaccinate humans instead.

Using the $100,000 grant from the Gates Foundation, Matsuoka will attempt to design a mosquito that can produce and secrete a malaria vaccine protein. This will be administered into…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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