Vatican City State issues decree suggesting those who refuse COVID vaccine may lose their jobs

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SHUTTERSTOCK By Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent VATICAN CITY, LifeSiteNews: The Vatican City State – the Holy See’s independent city state – recently issued a decree that includes COVID-19 vaccination among the measures its authorities can use in order to fight the current “public health emergency.” While the decree does…

From Pachamama pagan idolatry rituals allowed right in the Vatican with even original ancient relics used in those rituals stained with the blood of human sacrifices were placed on the Holy Alter in the Vatican; to now the Beast speaking to NWO Vaccine being a requirement to maintain your livelihood in the Vatican, what more would anyone who has their wits about them need; to see and recognize that this is all work of the Devil? You don’t hear in this rhetoric anyone making it explicitly clear that No Vaccine should be taken that was manufactured with even a modicum of human fetal tissue, which all of these latest concoctions have been!

The False Prophet is here in the form of Bergoglio the Fraud Pope, while a Man of Perdition that this Bergoglio sponsored has been falsely installed as the Fraud Puppet POTUS in America; Biden the Devil’s own Man of Perdition, while NWO rages on toward Global Totalitarianism, with China leading the way as the Evil Empire that seeks to Conquer the World!

Now we know the Antichrist can’t be too far behind all of this! I won’t take any vaccines now or ever, it’s all a trick and trap by the darkest evil in existence! We must follow the Lord Jesus Christ and carry our own crosses to the end!

God bless you all.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

“As LifeSiteNews has just reported (Nov. 12): “An international group of 100 priests and lay scholars published a statement today to protest the pagan worship of Pachamama that took place last month during the Amazon Synod in Rome with Pope Francis’ active participation and apparent support.”

If that claim seems extreme, consider the particulars of our protest, lodged on the Internet here:

•        On October 4, Pope Francis attended an act of idolatrous worship of the pagan goddess Pachamama. He allowed this worship to take place in the Vatican Gardens, thus desecrating the vicinity of the graves of the martyrs and of the church of the Apostle Peter. (See, first two photos above.)

•        He participated in this act of idolatrous worship by blessing a wooden image of Pachamama. (See, first photo above.)

•        On October 7, the idol of Pachamama was placed in front of the main altar at St. Peter’s and then carried in procession to the Synod Hall. Pope Francis said prayers in a ceremony involving this image and then joined in this procession. (See, third photo above and photo published here.)

•        When wooden images of this pagan deity were removed from the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, where they had been sacrilegiously placed, and thrown into the Tiber by Catholics outraged by this profanation of the church, Pope Francis, on October 25, apologized for their removal and another wooden image of Pachamama was returned to the church.  Thus, a new profanation was initiated.

•        On October 27, in the closing Mass for the synod, he accepted a bowl used in the idolatrous worship of Pachamama and placed it on the altar.

•        Pope Francis himself confirmed that these wooden images were pagan idols. In his apology for the removal of these idols from a Catholic church, he specifically called them Pachamama, a name for a false goddess of mother earth according to pagan religious belief in South America.”

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By Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent


The Vatican City State – the Holy See’s independent city state – recently issued a decree that includes COVID-19 vaccination among the measures its authorities can use in order to fight the current “public health emergency.” While the decree does not explicitly make taking a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory in the Vatican and attached territories, it does suggest that people employed by the Holy See or the Roman Curia could lose their job if they fail to take the jab.

The decree,available here(in Italian only) on the Vatican City State website, does not mention COVID-19 but any “public health emergency” defined, quoting the World Heath Organization’s 2001 text, as “an event or imminent threat of a disease or health condition, caused by bioterrorism, epidemic or pandemic disease, or new and highly fatal infectious agent or biological toxin, epidemic or pandemic…

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Fury in India after Greta Thunberg appears to share a little too much info on protests she helped promote

“Climate/Environmental Extortionists”

Republication by Lawrence Morra Zero Lift-Off Only The Beginning

February 11, 2021 -for nonprofit informational sharing purposes on this social media platform only

Climate Change Hoax Terrorist

So I almost missed this one; where once again the Radial Elitist Left Climate Alarmist sic their little brat finger puppet after someone to draw in bucks and scam the public with yet more of the Chicken Little the Sky is Falling Hoax; this time the nation of India who I’m happy to see took legal as well as criminal action against these terrorists who try twisting arms to get their way but this time their little darling spider went too far and really blew it leaving background evidence all over the place to hang themselves with!

Good Job India; well done keep after them and clean them out; run them ragged and broke!

February 4, 2021 | Vivek Saxena | Print Article

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Young climate change zealot Greta Thunberg is facing the wrath of Indian police officers and Indian citizens alike for butting into their affairs.

The controversy began Wednesday when she published a “toolkit” to Twitter to help activists support ongoing farmer protests in India.

That in itself was already an overstep, according to many Indians, given that a Swedish 18-year-old is thought to have no business involving herself in their country’s affairs.

What made it worse was the discovery that Thunberg had accidentally embedded in the toolkit a script of ‘how-to’ instructions directed at her on how to mobilize the public in support of the farmer’s protests.

This discovery was made and shared by Republic TV, an Indian news channel. After being exposed, Thunberg deleted her tweet.

.@GretaThunberg (accidentally?) just shared a document on details of Jan 26 protests and upcoming online and street protests. Soon, the documented was restricted. Now the tweet has been deleted (I saved it). But incredible.

— Swati Goel Sharma (@swati_gs) February 3, 2021

#IndiaAgainstPropaganda #IndiaTogether | At 8:04pm, Republic exposed the global conspiracy being shared by @GretaThunberg. By 9:10pm, the tweet by Greta was deleted. By 9:27pm, live edits were being done on related docs she shared. The mask is off. Truth always finds a way out.

— Republic (@republic) February 3, 2021

What made the discovery so offensive to Indians was that it proved that Thunberg’s interest in the farmers’ protests wasn’t organic — rather, it was part of a larger “propaganda campaign” that’s being applied “to undermine India.”

The point by point instructional nature of the deleted ‘toolkit’ indicate that a well-funded and well-planned propaganda campaign has been at work to undermine India. The ‘toolkit’ establishes there was nothing organic about the protests,” Republic TV explained.

The discovery further proved that the deadly riots that erupted in India on Jan. 26th, which was supposed to be the holiday Republic Day, also weren’t organic.

“The 6-page document shared by Greta Thunberg seems to have been in circulation since early January as it includes plans to intensify the protests on January 26, on the occasion of Republic Day, when violence broke out on the streets of the national capital,” Republic TV reported.

“The document seeks ‘on-ground action’ by exhorting people across the globe to protest outside the closest Indian embassy in their region and share pictures of the same.”

Combined, these findings have inspired the rage of India, with Indians of all stripes tweeting the hashtags #IndiaAgainstPropagana and #IndiaTogether against Thunberg and others, including terrorist-sympathizing singer Rihanna, who’ve been tweeting anti-Indian propaganda.

Look, and take note of the blue check marks:

India is strong and will stay strong.
Opinions of Greta or Rihanna are irrelevant.#IndiaAgainstPropaganda

— Narendra Sawaikar नरेंद्र सावईकर (@NSawaikar) February 4, 2021

People must realize that it’s a water shed moment, never before such global conspiracy have been exposed with documentary evidence .Greta thunberg blunder & expose will have huge repercussions for left wing activism across the globe .#IndiaAgainstPropaganda #GretaThunbergExposed

— Sumit Kadel (@SumitkadeI) February 3, 2021

Greta Thunberg may have deleted the “tool-kit” to spread farm protests propaganda against India but her non-existent credibility will fall even more along with @rihanna and @miakhalifa ‘s credibility

Indians will never FORGIVE you#IndiaAgainstPropaganda 💪 🇮🇳

— Monica (@TrulyMonica) February 3, 2021

If you are still promoting, liking, RTing paid protestors like Rihanna and Greta, YOU are the problem! #GretaThunbergExposed #IndiaAgainstPropaganda #IndiaTogether

— Shefali Vaidya. (@ShefVaidya) February 3, 2021

Greta Thunberg deletes tweet.
Conspiracy exposed.#IndiaAgainstPropaganda#IndiaTogether

— Gaurav Goel (@goelgauravbjp) February 3, 2021

Time has come for the citizens of Bharat to unite against all the anti national forces and stand firmly with Nation.Our country has medicated the world with our rich culture & Vedic value system.#IndiaAgainstPropaganda #IndiaWithModi

— Neha Shalini dua (@NehaShalini2) February 3, 2021

@GretaThunberg deleted propaganda tweet but I Am attaching her conspiracy script. #IndiaAgainstPropaganda #IndiaTogether

— Meenakshi Joshi (@IMinakshiJoshi) February 3, 2021

The shared anger grew so great that the Delhi Police, the law enforcement agency for the nation’s capital, allegedly filed criminal charges against Thunberg.

“Delhi Police have registered a case against Swedish teen climate campaigner Greta Thunberg under Sections 120B and 153-A of the Indian Penal Code (OPC) on charges of “criminal conspiracy and promoting enmity,” The Tribune, an Indian newspaper, claimed.

“According to the sources the charges that the young activist now faces include ‘conspiracy‘ and ‘promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language… and acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony,’” the report noted.

However, other sources have claimed that the charges are aimed at the producers of the toolkit, not Thunberg herself.

What’s known is that the climate change zealot deleted her original toolkit tweet and replaced it with a new toolkit that doesn’t contain the revealing instructions to her:

Here’s an updated toolkit by people on the ground in India if you want to help. (They removed their previous document as it was outdated.)#StandWithFarmers #FarmersProtest

— Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) February 3, 2021

Moreover, she dismissed the Indian people’s outrage by portraying herself as a victim of “hate.”


I still #StandWithFarmers and support their peaceful protest.
No amount of hate, threats or violations of human rights will ever change that. #FarmersProtest

— Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) February 4, 2021

Indians did not respond kindly to her bad attitude.


You forgot to add few lines before “still”. I’ll help you.

“Yes in my ignorance I exposed the very nexus that was paying me for doing their propaganda tweets and turned myself into a laughing stock but I’ll pretend that it didn’t happen and hence I still…”

— THE SKIN DOCTOR (@theskindoctor13) February 4, 2021

What about toolkits!

The question is HOW DARE YOU preach what is good for India and what not? What authority you have? Are you elected representative of India? Do you have an iota of respect for the people who voted this govt to power? Are you saying you know India more than us?

— പതി�

Lawrence Morra III

Bishop Schneider: Never before have the demons been so active

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
From Gloria TV: At present, demonic forces have increased to such an extent that we find ourselves in a spiritual battle whose magnitude surpasses anything we have ever seen before, says Bishop Athanasius Schneider in a video about the angels. The video was published in?German,?English,?Spanish,?Portuguese,?Italian?and?French. The battle lines…

I actually see more people now who are being demonically influenced or possessed than I ever imagined I would in my lifetime and I’m no expert by any means or stretch of the imagination! But that says something significant if its become more noticeable and these demons don’t even try to hide in some cases just like the behavior we see in significant political figures, say like those in Congress here in the US that are so over the top blatantly on the attack not caring what harm they are doing to the Nation and its founding Constitution or Bill of Rights; the only thing that matters to them is getting their way no matter what it is they are after; which always revolves around more power and control!

Those are serpentine and demonic desires and goals so everybody better wake up to how bad things have gotten and how much worse they are going to get if a major breakthrough doesn’t come, to not only expose all the corruption of the Democrat party and others including many Republicans; but to actually lock them all away for good! Because if not you mark my words; if Biden and all the rest of these ghoulish minions are allowed to continue demons will be the order of the day in America and the world as more evil comes into play all around us!

What we’ve seen going on and the suffering is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg! What occurred in Washington D.C. on January 6th, America’s Nation Capitol; going from a planned event that was billed as a peaceful protest over the Election Fraud and support of a President, but then somehow went from a peaceful rally to Insurrection; was all an orchestrated event that demons and bad people in the US government as minions of that evil created to hurt Trump and his supporters in order to usher in Marxist rule by their covert manipulation of this initially peaceful event that was then seen by more people as a riot. The Devil is having a field day with playing both sides against the middle! Creating division and mayhem is Satan’s specialty! We can see all the way back to Cain and Abel how he did that! God help us. Amen.
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

From Gloria TV:

At present, demonic forces have increased to such an extent that we find ourselves in a spiritual battle whose magnitude surpasses anything we have ever seen before, says Bishop Athanasius Schneider in a video about the angels.

The video was published inGerman,English,Spanish,Portuguese,ItalianandFrench.

The battle lines in this struggle are between truth and error, and naturalism and supernaturalism, Schneider explains. He notices that there is an enormous confusion in doctrine, morals and liturgy, so that even good people start doubting about basic truths like moral tenets regarding contraception, divorce or adultery.

The truth is obscured with suggestive formulations, Schneider analyses and mentions expressions such as “primacy of mercy,” “surprises of the Holy Spirit,” “paradigm shift,” “individual conscience,” “pastoral accompaniment” or “process of discernment”. Interestingly, these formulations are all used by Francis.

Schneider recommends venerating the Holy…

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Joe Biden Eats and Drinks His Own Spiritual Death

It goes beyond this man being a heretic and imposter on so many fronts! This man is diabolical and I believe he is worshiping Satan over Jesus Christ; in fact I look at Biden as an antichrist even if not the actual one and only himself; he certainly emulates that demon! I was talking to a sister recently about praying for our enemies and those who have hurt us in our own personal lives; but when we got to the subject of those that serve the diabolical and do it willingly say like the way Adolph Hitler did and many of his henchmen of the Gestapo SS we agreed why would we waste our prayers on actual demons or those that want to share hell with them? I won’t pray for Satan or any of his demons along with any person who over many years has been partaking of the powers and influences of Hell gladly; while doing harm to so many things especially the unborn by such horrendous policies as promoting abortion; even full term murder. No; I will not pray for any such vile degenerate soul and I see Biden as plain as day fitting this type of heretic impostor and servant of hell! Remember this man has done and still does many blaspheming things before God and man; as well he isn’t really an elected President but is a thief and stole it with the aid of the criminals in the establishment and Deep State who have something to gain with such a man of treachery being in such a position of power and influence; so they either truly want him to be this false Puppet of Hell POTUS or they capitulate for personal reasons. The Liberals and Left are jumping for joy because Sin and Immorality; even Blaspheming God Almighty, just got a green light and license with this Imposter being Installed as POTUS! So, I’m keenly aware how horrible things have gotten by this monster of a human Imposter President, with his equally scary backup Harris, taking over the helm of my country’s government; the diabolical are looking to destroy and that means they are after me and all people who will not see things their way; so I pray to God to strike him deader than a door nail sooner rather than later! This evil man and many others are working in lockstep with Satan; to make this world Hell on Earth! That is how I truly see it! You don’t make your statement against all of this and him strong enough in my opinion! You better clarify your position and standing before Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven more succinctly and absolutely! Amen.
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Biden Mass

By Austen Ruse at Crisis Magazine:

Yesterday morning at the grand Cathedral of St. Matthew in Washington D.C., Joe Biden ate and drank his own spiritual death. That he received the Holy Eucharist from the hands of a Cardinal of the Church adds scandal upon scandal. One radio wag called it a mass for Planned Parenthood. And so, it was.

Joe Biden is an enemy of the Catholic faith. This fact must be repeated as often as humanly possible. Joe Biden holds himself out as a faithful Catholic, yet he does not believe in the faith’s fundamental teachings about the human person or human sexuality. What’s more, he advances this unbelief in public policy and will now have the full force of the federal government behind this unbelief.

We know what he will do soon after taking the oath. He will reinstitute a policy that will use American money to…

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Catholic Conscience and the COVID-19 Vaccine

“the world going to hell in a hand basket”

By:Lawrence Morra III

Zero Lift-Off Only The Beginning

Catholic Conscience and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Posted on January 20, 2021 by Catholicism Pure & Simple

By Annamaria Cardinalli at Crisis Magazine:

You speak about conscience here and let me tell you this from my clear perspective mostly derived from my first hand horrific experience with other human beings over the last 15 years. People are for the most part divorced from such great humanity of true genuine conscience in today’s world and most are on the diabolical ride of self-aggrandizement and stupidity or even worse than that true hate of others and even self! This world is so ugly and corrupted with sin now that you can’t tell me that any rational and sane person shouldn’t watch his or her back continually even when turned to coworkers, neighbors and sadly in many cases even family or kin folk! Like you now, are a stranger to me and even these Pope’s are strangers to me, so I don’t care one bit or Iota what they are purported to have done or not! Maybe they were tricked to take the vaccine but because the diabolical is at work now at a fever pitch, as we now; I’m quite sure are in the End Time, we have clearly seen how Bergoglio is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing and a real monster, who even made a big push for Biden a truly evil man, a man to me whose soul is as corruptible as Adolph Hitler’s was! And during a major life threatening crisis and a scandalous local tribulation that took place here a several years back; when I wrote to Bergoglio a very genuine from my heart plea letter with specifics, which he didn’t even acknowledge, and do you know why; because I was dealing with the same Freemason devils of which he is a partner with, so they turned up the heat on me instead; go figure!

Francis slapping female pilgrim worshiper

Do I care one Iota what he thinks does or says; absolutely not, he is a devil to me and so this illustration you present means nothing but more smoke and mirrors! The whole reason for vaccines now was concocted by an evil diabolical alliance between the CCP and various nefarious agents here in the US along with others in the WHO with the roll out of the Pandemic Hoax to start a manipulation of the world’s peoples to submit to the NWO Global Reset. This Wuhan Corona Virus or COVID-19 is less virulent a strain of virus than the annual flu and the survival rate is near or approaching 99.97%! Why in the world would I take a vaccine for such a thing when common sense dictates to me that I catch a cold nearly every year, which I just did and within a few days using my home remedies and rest was over it no more sneezing and feeling ill? God gave me the immune system and raw botanicals along with foods to keep the immune system functioning well enough; so to me this vaccine is totally unnecessary and a trick by the most nefarious humans on the planet to make people sheeple, and prepare them for the antichrist’s arrival on the world stage which I think is coming quite soon, a matter of a few years or less.

Take what I say in conjunction with what just happened here in the One Nation under God the United States of America with all of the evil trickery and lies going on in Washington D.C. the hub of its governmental or earthly power, where now we see the betrayal of the Good President Trump not just by so many dirty crooked even criminal politicians during his whole term in office but even the so called Christian V.P. Pence who started in life as a Catholic and went onto be a born again Christian or whatever, so he says; but in the hour of reckoning to deal with the obvious fraudulent laden rigged or fixed election to “install” a false POTUS Puppet, the sinister most despicable candidate in history Biden, as the President Elect!

But Pence didn’t do his sworn duty and carry out his oath of office to protect the US Constitution and the Republic by asking for a fully certified audit of all legal votes which is in the laws and he being the President of the Senate could have requested that, to make sure all is in order, and that would be a normal thing to do but instead he stabbed the President and Nation in the heart like some monster who was lying in wait for his big chance to do evil which he did in spades; a Judas Priest if you will! All of which is in alignment with the “diabolical global plan to usher in the antichrist;” and to anyone with a real conscience which obviously hundreds of millions of people lack just by the sheer fact that they don’t see anything wrong with this fiasco and don’t really care! So cliché as it is; the expression of, “the world going to hell in a hand basket,” yet now it fits perfectly never having been more fitting than now! We are all sitting and staring into the precipice and hell is beckoning to pull in as many as will be willing or can be “tricked” into its eternal damnation!
So, no I will not accept any vaccine as a matter of fact I never take any annual flu shots so why would I suddenly jump on board with this big lie? With all I have gone through personally with local politicians, doctors, lawyers and chiefs when I was the only person to speak up and write about corruption by many of them regarding their nefarious dealings and plans, because the news people which I used to be a part of once upon a time were not saying a word about the corruption by the powerful and corrupt minions; I became a target for them all, and they worked in earnest to destroy me but they only failed because God Almighty wouldn’t allow it and brought a couple of the right people to my aid in order to help save my life when I needed them; in the nick of time. So there is where my trust has been and will remain; in God through Jesus Christ; not science or any fake Pope or totally lying Media! I turn my back on this world of evil rampant corruption and decadent sin of what you even mention here about using fetal cells harvested, which to me is more for commercial purposes that’s what it’s really about, coupled with other ulterior motives; let alone the full term day of delivery abortions along with now all the industrial scale abortions taking place on a massive global scale; so I turn my back now on a fully perverse world; just like they did to Jesus long ago and they now repeat human history with that same evil hate and pretend to care or believe, when in their hearts they are lying fakes like Bergoglio or Pelosi, Pence and the rest on down the line!

I see no reason to trust any vaccine or the rhetoric which accompanies it so I will never take them and won’t trust the crooked ways of this world ever again; this world is dying fast and “Armageddon” is fast approaching believe you me; I know it in my bones! We have one choice and decision to make; heaven or hell; which of these do we choose; because we must, should even be willing to die for it? I know all of this doesn’t sound uplifting or is rather very negative in tone but I’m not here to give lip service or be a cheerleader giving some pep talk. Coming from a fairly large family I was the constant eternal optimist and the one watching after all the others even my mother at times trying to always mend fences and help others to understand things whether science or personal problems, especially of the mind and heart; and of course to know Jesus and His words as to what they teach us. So one must ask why this man would talk this way coming from that background, is he angry at the world or hates too. No not at all, it all just bothers me too much as I see how limited the time is to prepare for the inevitable and people are not diligent enough or multitudes either don’t care to see the light and truth or they are so messed up they don’t have a clue. I should be frightened by all this mayhem but that is not my overwhelming emotion, but rather I feel compelled to try harder to speak truth where and when I can to help anyone who will listen and wants to find God’s will in their own life; before it’s too late! I’m more of an announcer I guess we can say, maybe ringing a bell and sounding an alarm; but it’s all I’ve got. I wrote a couple of paragraphs to another theological site last night speaking candidly about the coming tribulation and this person thought I was saying something amiss regarding the time table to End Time, so I did a bit of clarifying which I want to share here as well. I didn’t plan any of this it was just all spontaneous as I feel deeply in my heart; so just discern all I say and pray to God through Jesus Christ to guide you to the absolute Truth; God’s truth, and you will be fine, please do that.
Hi and you’re welcome! Believe me I’m no expert about anything to do with End Time but I see many component parts that will be necessary to bring on the events spoken of in the Holy Scriptures! I think President Trump was put in place by God to bring into alignment certain pieces of the puzzle if you will, mainly the recent “Middle East Peace Accords” between Israel and neighboring Arab Nations; something Obama and Biden didn’t scratch the surface on for those eight dark years of the Obama administration; the time period when I had my worst personal trials in my life brought on by very evil, nefarious politically corrupted minions who were huge supporters of him; in my locale. Obama, Trump’s nemesis was doing all the opposite things Trump has done and was hiding the fact that he wanted to crush Israel while ruining America, and who knows he might be the Anti-Christ or at least a huge facilitator with Biden; but I’m positive Obama is at least a very diabolical man having much to do with End Time along with Biden. This to me is a clear sign that the clock is counting down when taken into account with the strong buildup of anti-Israel forces namely Turkey and Iran with even Russia “the Bear” from the North cooperating while Iran this week just announced they have nuclear warheads or at least plenty of enriched uranium to place in missiles; and with Erdogan who has a very bellicose nature on the world stage and his wanting to hurry and bring Turkey back to past Ottoman Empire Stature throughout the Middle East; as well on into Europe, ushering in a giant Islamist Caliphate, and he along with the Ayatollah in Iran want the destruction of Israel, both having even recently said as much!

Tying into this is the fact that a wicked highly corrupted man Biden, a puppet for China, who I believe is demonically influenced or even possessed has been illegally installed as President to help facilitate this climate of hate toward Israel, which of course is the key here; to attack God and his chosen children via the birthplace of the Messiah, in these next few years during Biden’s term in office. This may very well match up with the coming “abomination of desolation” when antichrist enters the temple in Jerusalem and declares that he is God. Being that, to me, potentially the man of perdition Biden; has a four year term in this elected office, the commencement of the tribulation could have started with the recent Peace Accords, and this false Presidency in the Nation under God; America. I tend to think this means that Jesus will be coming soon in the next several years but those spared the horrific time of tribulation which will be the 2nd half of this current seven year period under way means the spared faithful will be taken away in the rapture just before the horrors brought by the horses of the apocalypse, which I believe in Scriptures is pointed out when “the abomination of desolation will stand in the holy place of the temple;” the antichrist. Matthew 24:15 ; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
Daniel 9:27 indicates that the seven year tribulation period starts with a peace treaty. In conjunction with this now, is that the false Pope Bergoglio has strayed from his real church duties and inserted himself into powers and principalities or corrupted ways of the world, namely the UN and China’s CCP; further throwing the Geo-political stage into further disarray while he encourages these already mentioned events; I see the evil working in him as in these other key world figures as the definite beginning of the end, as they are all diabolically influenced leaders and circumstances! Armies of the nations of the world will be defeated at the Battle of Armageddon. This period of time which we know is called the Great Tribulation by Christ (Matthew 24:21). The Second Coming of Jesus Christ occurs in verses 29-30

I’ll just say I know from my own personal trials and the ugliness I’ve witnessed or had to suffer due to evil people around me over the last 15 years, the lack of real genuine humanity, while seeing these frenzied evils growing around the world; I can tell without a doubt that we are all on the precipice of hell! We know from WWII history how ugly a turn the world took back then, but they didn’t have anywhere near the technologies and totalitarian capabilities that we have now along with nuclear and biological weapons that will destroy the entire planet and all life on it! We are close to the end believe me! Humans are way too flawed and diseased to fix this nightmare they are building; which is spawned from Satan. This is a frightful time and so many people are wicked; just look at those politicians in Washington, so vile and serpentine in their self-righteous ways! Forked tongue devils on steroids! No, I don’t know enough to be any expert, but, I know hell is close now! Those who want to be saved had better get their affairs in order fast! Turning to the Lord and washing their robes daily in order to not be left out of the wedding banquet.
…11″But when the king came in to see the guests, he spotted a man who was not dressed in wedding clothes. 12‘Friend,’ he asked, ‘how did you get in here without wedding clothes?’ But the man was speechless. 13Then the king told the servants, ‘Tie him hand and foot, and throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”…Matthew 22:11-13
I hope my point of view will help you & others who are so tired of all the terribly rotten things that have been going on & still are in our Great Republic under God and around he globe! God is watching & His plan is perfect even though the best of men’s plans must eventually fail. Our hope is in Him!

I want to leave something I find very insightful by a man we all know was a remarkably brilliant person who I think even though his head was immersed in the world of science and theories he had a keen insight into God’s presence and reality like few people can achieve with our limiting cognitive faculties.; and his respect and love of God was present and genuine; therefore we can say God will judge accordingly, I know for myself Einstein was a good and respectful soul in this world, so I do wish him well. What follows I was writing about back at this mentioned date.
Sunday, May 03, 2009
Einstein on Self and the Mystical
“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”
-Albert Einstein, 1954

“The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the centre of true religiousness.”
-Albert Einstein – “The Merging of Spirit and Science”

This man the father of physics had said a few great one liners but two that stand out are these. He referred to God as the “Old One.” He speaking to other physicists was known to have said during a discussion about the Big Bang Theory in which one scientist said that with enough random events occurring in this pre-millisecond before it happened eureka the right combination occurred; Einstein just plainly said; “God doesn’t roll dice.”

God bless you all.
Lawrence Morra III

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Trump Rally Supporters Storm U.S. Capitol Building. Infiltrated Antifa Supporters Among Violent Protesters.

“A Heroine Proud American Patriot and Martyr of God’s”
First I felt rage at first seeing the video of this brave young Patriot USAF veteran and mother being blown away like garbage by a Nazi Security Thug as I see him! Then I had to cry for Ashli Babbitt followed by my solemn prayer for her immortal soul which in my own fallen human state know she deserves and is in heaven now, as we all grapple with the aftermath of this hideous event that was not at all necessary even with a breach of the Capitol building; where are contingencies and protocols that they surely must have in the Center of US Government Power in Washington DC! Evil from hell was at work as it has been throughout the last few years being usurped by many renegade deeply corrupt politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler and of course the infamous wicked Joe Biden known in some parts as a mob archetype “Scranton Joe” who is being installed by a fraud and manipulated election which involved foreign adversaries to America namely The Chinese government CCP who have Biden on a leash to be used as their useful idiot to do more of God only knows what to gain more power and influence over the United States, and even take possession of it like many souls already have been by diabolical evil! I place the blame squarely for this and all the previous violence throughout this past year on the backs and heads of the entire Democrat Communist/Nazi Party that has done nothing but fabricate and concoct any falsehood they could to not only ruin Trump’s Presidency but anyone who would be in the way of their seizing absolute complete control of the government; from going after the character and integrity of fine judges like Kavanaugh to Barrett or General Flynn a decorated outstanding Christian Patriot American, to basically anyone that was supporting Trump and Making America Great Again! These Archbishops Gomez and Cordileone are despicable coming out like this in attack mode of Trump and the protestors when they were totally silent during all of the ensuing riots and mayhem throughout the summer by Antifa and Blm, who were given praises for peaceful protest by MSM and all establishment quarters including these same crony bigoted archbishops who obviously are in league with the False Pope Bergoglio Freemason devils of the Church who are promoting the NWO and communist totalitarian agenda of the far left elitists moving ever closer to the staging of the antichrist on earth!

All I can say to that is I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when they have to explain to God Almighty why they did these things and where were they when so much evil was being promoted, say for example in San Francisco Cordileone’s and Nancy Pelosi’s area of influence, while the city has decayed into utter violent, degenerate sinful havens perhaps worse in some ways than Sodom and Gomorrah was in its time because these fraudulent despots, they have not influenced good there but quite the opposite as these two minions of darkness bring ruin or encourage it by not standing up against that which is evil or in the least criminal, but can be finding all of this fault now in this incident which in my mind was a justified protest rally, as their intent as “True Patriots” was to be heard loud and clear by the law makers who are not doing their job; that this recent election can’t be accepted being so corrupted! So as good citizens they wanted it to be thoroughly gone over with the fine tooth comb and examined for any and all breaches of Constitutional Law and even State Laws governing the election process in order to make certain the end result is the rightful candidates are elected and installed into the offices of president and vice president! It’s obvious that was what these Patriots where there for, they weren’t gang members or thugs like Antifa (classified as a domestic terror group) and others who riot in the streets recently! They actually could have been approached these Patriots, and asked if they could hold back while officials are asked if they could be given an audience to be heard briefly and hear their heart felt sincere feelings and thoughts but Ashli gets shot in the heart; this being the action of a Nazi Gestapo not the seat of Great America’s government of the people! George Floyd was mentioned here in the commentary and he was one case that came to my mind immediately as to how two-faced the entire MSM, establishment and even many members of the clergy who had been so supportive of a street career criminal thug, causing his own demise with a lifelong behavior of repeated criminal activity and arrests and in the end he wouldn’t cooperate with authorities escalating the dangerous situation causing more violence than was necessary to deescalate his lack of cooperation of what should have been a simple arrest.  Here we had a very unusual set of circumstances with these Patriot Protesters concerns about a major election riddled with FRAUD and much of which the DC Capitol Police and other authorities were aware was a building situation of possible emotional potentiality days if not weeks prior to the Rally and “March for Election Integrity,” but, they have a NAZI style cop that shoots point blank at a little woman climbing over a partition/door and that requires a lethal shot to her chest? In street vernacular of days gone by and even now he is a PIG! He is also a condemned man for what he did because with approaching security coming up from behind the Protestors with Ashli; who were armed and fully capable of containing any violence, but instead this despot of law enforcement blew away a young mother and Veteran for no good cause at all, and in my opinion he should get life in prison for cold blooded murder! His badge doesn’t give him authority to assassinate anyone! These sick and twisted archbishops jumping in as they have condescending like wolves in sheep’s clothing and with the twisting or concocting of the narrative they promote, they are stained with the blood of this victim on their hands as well! They are wicked men who should be excommunicated from the church immediately but that won’t happen because they are establishment crony devils and in union with the evermore wicked and evil Bergoglio with his internal corrupted church hierarchy! I’m sorry if this all sounds so accusatory or harsh to any one of you but this is how I truly see it and I know I’m at least in large part correct and won’t change my mind one bit! Why? Because this incident and circumstance could have been handled completely different as I’m sure it was something that was anticipated in light of the fact of how much corruption the Democrat Party is guilty of with all of their many treasonous acts since 2016 alone and Biden being a career politician organized crime racketeer and traitor for 47 years!

But where have you crooked church officials been during this time not pointing out the severe injustices and crime being committed even in your communities by so called members of the flock like Biden, who is always declaring he is a Catholic but living in total opposition to the tenets of the faith and an outright lying blasphemer of God Almighty! You foolish men who now give a bit of your lip service to his incident to obviously promote the same evil MSM and Establishment NWO narrative you’ve all been silent about all these years, you carry guilt that will sink you to the pits of hell when your judgment day comes! The world should wake up NOW and honor this young women Ashli Babbitt far exceedingly over all that unjustified hoopla and nonsense, then destruction, over that criminal Floyd who did nothing for anyone but himself and even there he failed miserably having no moral compass or the slightest bit of integrity; while this woman cared for and served her country and fellow Americans! She is a hero; to me a saintly wonderful lady and mother! But you depots out there you know who you are and more importantly God’s know who all of you are; you should be ashamed and cower in fear of the Almighty because His final judgment of all souls will come. Bergoglio encouraged and supported the blaspheming Biden and Democrat Party Agenda who have pushed full term day of delivery abortion, the murder of so much innocence, along with so many other atrocities by just giving a green light to Biden’s run for president; so he takes on all of his evil baggage, sharing in the guilt or lack of moral responsibility and conscience; even some culpability in this tragic event that he the fake Pope enticed by taking part in the evil global politics agenda and he is damned to God’s harshest judgment imaginable for it we can be certain; that is what Holy Scriptures say about anyone who so unrepentantly blasphemes God Almighty. Amen.
Ashli Babbitt; an Honorable American Heroine, Proud Patriot, USAF Veteran, cherished Mom and a Martyr in order to bring light to all of this evil in America’s government that has culminated with a grave falsehood of a criminal evil man being elevated through a fraudulent election to become the president. Her life has served a greater purpose than we can imagine or know right now! Amen.
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Catholic bishops strongly condemned pro-Donald Trump protesters’ incursion that penetrated the Capitol Building Wednesday as Congress debated the certification of the 2020 presidential election results, leading to the evacuation of lawmakers and the deadly shooting of one protester by law enforcement.

“I join people of good will in condemning the violence today at the United States Capitol,” Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said Jan. 6. “This is not who we are as Americans. I am praying for members of Congress and Capitol staff and for the police and all those working to restore order and public safety.”

“The peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of this great nation,” he added. “In this troubling moment, we must recommit ourselves to the values and principles of our democracy and come together as one nation under God.”

In his own statement, Archbishop…

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A current news headline; “Canadian COVID Compliance Police Raid Home For Unauthorized Six Person Gathering, Non-Compliant Citizens Arrested”

“This is How it Starts”

“This is How it Starts”

COVID Mandates or Government Edicts Going Wild

Call it fascism, communism, totalitarianism or just your basic garden variety of evil tyrannical oppression it comes down to one thing; wicked minds and cold sinister hearts are at work among us at a fever pitch to crush all freedom throughout the planet! This is completely unprecedented because although horrible oppression and vicious evil has been around since the dawn of

civilization, at times being horrific beyond description whether we talk of the ancient pharaohs of Egypt using massive numbers of slave laborers to construct their pyramids or temples to their many gods working these slaves to death or

killing them for lack of useful work capacity! Then the ancient Mayan civilization doing the same thing and taking many captured people to use for this slavery, and even human sacrifice on a daily basis, yet with all of this hideous human behavior back then; as even now turning our focus to find examples of such atrocity in the modern age,

Auschwitz, Poland – May 25, 2016: Barbed wire fence at the Auschwitz concentration camp, the biggest extermination camp in Europe built by Nazi.
1949: A Nazi officer raises his riding crop as a group of women carry a fellow prisoner away in a scene from Wanda Jakubowska’s ‘Ostatni Etap’ (also known as The Last Stages or The Last Stop) which was based on her own experiences as a survivor of Auschwitz. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Murdered prisoners at the concentration camp Auschwitz. Poland. Photograph. Ca. 1943. (Photo by Votava/Imagno/Getty Images) .

we can still easily observe and produce stark examples, as we can speak about the diabolical Adolph Hitler putting to death millions of Jews to Pol Pot in Cambodia or Josef Stalin in Russia both butchering millions of their own people who would not cooperate or submit to these leaders and their tyranny of complete control. Make no mistake about it this is the same evil which in this current case is global and though starting with smaller reprimands and punishments such as this gathering restriction the ultimate intent is the same and no doubt if left unchecked convert to a raging inferno of hate and utter barbaric treatment of the common people! All I can say is that the majority of everyday people better make up their minds in a hurry that they won’t accept any government’s edicts or mandates as if coming from dictatorial regimes that take away freedoms or human rights; as they must be willing to rise up against

these tyrannical devils by the millions and fight to the death if necessary or if they aren’t willing to fight for themselves nobody else will and with today’s massively powerful high technology tools these wicked minded tyrants have at their disposal; it will soon become a world resembling George Orwell’s novel 1984!

Here is a Scripture I quoted in an article I wrote just back in September which is good food for thought and the link to the article is provided as well.

Lawrence Morra III

Jeremiah 17:5-13 English Standard Version (ESV)

5 Thus says the Lord:

“Cursed is the man who trusts in man

and makes flesh his strength,[a]

whose heart turns away from the Lord.

6 He is like a shrub in the desert,

and shall not see any good come.

He shall dwell in the parched places of the wilderness,

in an uninhabited salt land.

7 “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,

whose trust is the Lord.

8 He is like a tree planted by water,

that sends out its roots by the stream,

and does not fear when heat comes,

for its leaves remain green,

and is not anxious in the year of drought,

for it does not cease to bear fruit.”

9 The heart is deceitful above all things,

and desperately sick;

who can understand it?

10 “I the Lord search the heart

and test the mind,[b]

to give every man according to his ways,

according to the fruit of his deeds.”

Pope Francis: Let us Dream of a New World Order

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
By David Martin Pope Francis recently published a new book titled,?Let us Dream: A Path to a Better Future,?which is being touted “an inspiring and actionable blueprint for building a better world for all humanity” (Simon & Schuster). What is strange is that the book is void of…

“The Devil is Speaking”

First of all this is all Anti-Christ. We live in the fallen state and are in need of Salvation and Redemption which can only be obtained through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for any of us who will believe in Him while living in accordance with His word! All of this utopia concept that this false Anti-Christ Pope Bergoglio and NWO minions via The United Nations and other political bodies; all advocate Abortion on Demand just like the completely corrupt and evil Biden advocated for his new way or change if he is allowed to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

Biden even stated he wants governor Cuomo to be his AG and he is the one who pushed through the New York legislature Full Term Day of Delivery Abortion making it law; while additionally he is the one responsible for many thousands of senior citizens deaths in nursing homes because he sent COVID patients into those nursing homes with so many frail elderly residents, instead of the Medical Ship moored in New York harbor or to other medical hospitals in order to create a high body count to blame on COVID!  Yet he by the NWO minions in MSM or elsewhere received accolades for his leadership; a sociopathic serial killer! What does this tell you folks when Bergoglio pushed Biden as the one to be leading America? All of this is orchestrated by Satan whom all of these men get their marching orders from; sold their souls to the Evil One. This is an example of man claiming that he is his own god and will do as he pleases which is all inspired from the original rebellion of Lucifer and the other fallen angels from God’s domain. All of this bantering about a supposed new way is the absolute old way of TRANSGRESSION against GOD from the Devil’s master plan; which is to enslave all of mankind for his ultimate purposes and pull as many souls into eternal damnation as he can. Satan is the master of all lies and deception! So what about those millions of comrades that Lenin or Stalin snuffed just like Pol Pot or Mao did to their own people; surely that won’t happen again in this communist utopia New World Order; they will magically get it right this time and with no killing just an all inclusion panacea !

Begoglio cleverly disguises what the Devil is saying which is the Old Way or God’s plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ isn’t working and its time for a Change and New Way which is no Salvation; but let’s instead do as we please just making life on earth the beat all and end all; living for material life only! This is the modern day version of worshiping the gilded calf like in the time of Moses!  This was all spawned in hell including the COVID HOAX which was the device needed by the NWO and CCP along with willing global partners to initiate this very process of satanic change and NWO that Bergolio speaks to and advocates! He never advocates Jesus Christ above all things manmade or even hell; so know them by their fruits that he is a devil! Abortion is a heinous evil hateful and blaspheming ugliness that Satan revels in; cursing at God Almighty and His creation of human beings as His children! Bergolio and Biden are one in the same that they like many NWO minions or cohorts of hell, are completely divorced from God and all Holiness; only seeking to replace God with a contrived man-made falsehood that will usher in the antichrist claiming he is god in order to take over and enslave the entire human race; to spite God and say look at what I’ve done to your children and they are mine!

Anyone that doesn’t see what I say or get my meaning is on the path to annihilation and not much time is left to change course so pray and seek Jesus Christ like you never have! The world is changing and for the absolute worst! It was never meant to be permanent or successful but only a temporary part of God’s plan! Its usefulness is coming to a close! Amen.
God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Post Script Supplemental text:

I believe there two lengthy comments I made to other writers on the original blog should be listed here to hopefully add more clarity to this matter.

Yes Crow; we have had bad Popes at least several times that I can surmise but none ever in such an unprecedented time as ours when the entire human race teeters on the brink of self-annihilation with so much aberrant evil human endeavors or behaviors which is the time that Satan and his antichrist have longed for! A timing; and timing can be everything; when all the necessary components for world domination and total control are in place and that has never been the case until NOW and NWO is in play NOW! There are so many distractions in this high tech modern world with many voices calling out to us to look here and see what we can do for you, or this is the way to a happy rich life; and how science or a government ideology has all the answers for mankind when in fact it is another double edged sword that is being used to deceive and even kill people off with unnecessary vaccines or other poison pills in one form or another and the like. We have eyes and ears to see and hear and keeping in step as best we can with the word of God and reality is all we need now, to follow Jesus even if unto death; I know for myself that this minuscule life I breath here will stop but my new life to come will be eternal and with God and Jesus in heaven if I don’t lose hope or my belief in Him which is being put to the test after my difficult trials I have sustained through; and I’m sure more to come! Remaining vigilant and steadfast to the last breath, because we know the Devil is weak and can only use fear or weakness in humans to capture their will and thus their minds and hearts! The Evil One has no power over me I tell him so; and he is far behind me as I walk upon my path that God our Father in Heaven has chosen for me! Amen.
God Bless.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Yes precisely Kathleen; you have pinned down the crux of the matter at hand and how the Church invasion has been gradual but deliberate bringing the compilation of insult or destruction to this current pinnacle and even precipice where we actually have a Pope who is a false prophet and cohort of hell attempting to entangle the Church of Jesus Christ on earth with political globalist manmade systems and ideologies which is exactly what the antichrist will be leading from, his throne of absolute earthly power and control having both a false spiritual moral authority and also the reigns of earthly power and might at his fingertips, becoming the first global tyrant over all humanity; something we could see in the ancient past civilizations in say the Pharaohs of Egypt in the time of Moses and that gilded calf, or as in later madmen megalomaniacs of more recent times as was the mindset and desire of Adolph Hitler or others like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and now Xi Jinping with the CCP! But, Putin in Russia being the cleaver devil that he is, having his own hand to play in showing them all that he comes from the birth place of all this totalitarian ideology communism; and therefore the true heir to the long awaited seat of global power! Putin revels in the idea of restoring Russia to its previous Soviet Union dominating status in the region and globally, along with that he suits himself as being a throwback to the time of the most powerful Czars like Peter the Great, Alexander and Nicholas, or like the emperor of the kingdom; like the Caesars of the ancient Roman Empire, and although an earthly one projecting himself as a god like figure upon the world; another madman, an antichrist! Right now with all of the election chaos and instability in the USA coupled with the Global Reset initiated by the Hoax Pandemic; China has been moving massive troops to the Canadian/US border while Putin has invaded the major US Cyber Security with a most devious covert plan, we are teetering on the brink like never before, as the most diabolical evil rears its ugly head usurping all the powers of darkness to conquer! This is just as previous visionaries have forewarned; as at Fatima via our Blessed Mother Mary. This is the crux of it all right now we face what we were told was coming if certain steps weren’t taken by mankind; but, they don’t listen and won’t! Of course our Mother of the Church wants her children to be spared unnecessary suffering as any good mother does for her children. I can only say I pray and ask that all of our genuine heartfelt prayers be heard and those miracles, which I know in my heart will come can come sooner rather than later; but the world is a cruel and horribly sinful place now and deserves such a wrath from God’s judgment seat. Amen.
Emmanuel! God bless you and all the faithful.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

By David Martin

Pope Francis recently published a new book titled,Let us Dream: A Path to a Better Future,which is being touted “an inspiring and actionable blueprint for building a better world for all humanity” (Simon & Schuster). What is strange is that the book is void of the instructions for a better world given to us by Christ. There is nothing about doing penance (Mt 3:2) and obeying rules and commandments (John 14:15).

In his book, Francis talks about “creating something new”, “our new principle”, and “reimagining a new world.” This immediately calls to mind the lyrics of John Lennon’s anti-religious song “Imagine,” in which he says, “Imagine there’s no Heaven … and no religion too.”

Sees COVID as a Launch into “Great Reset”

The pope indeed appears to be dreaming, as if he is saying a “new world” with a “new principle” is too good to…

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The Final Confrontation Between the Church and the Anti-church

Beautiful and so perfectly timely is this article! Some of my thoughts of late coincide perfectly as I see it all occurring as within this process that God through Holy Scriptures foretold us and by what Saint John Paul II spoke to back when he conveyed some of these things to us when he was the Pope from Poland!
Here is part of a letter I wrote to our President Trump in America just this past week!
“Dear President Trump, First let me say I pray that you actually read this! If not then whoever is reading it I want to tell you something you already know but need to focus on! This is a Nation founded under God Almighty! The almost insurmountable corruption in this country’s government and election mechanisms has gotten so bad that almost all participants are passing the buck and going along to get along; mainly so they don’t get caught up in criminal proceedings that will put major names behind bars for the rest of their lives! DiGenova said what was right to say because the former DHS director and many others in such positions are guilty of Treason on its face by the sheer fact that we’re in this mess; because of lack of oversight and just going along with criminal activities in our government that are too many to mention here; but let’s start with the near crucifixion of our current President Trump prior to his even being sworn in by all of the weaponized lies and phony collusion/impeachment fabrication tossed at him by the DEMs, DNC, DEEP STATE and even foreign participants! Lou Dobbs just said it best; “The Democrats and the deep state this time have put it in our faces,” Dobbs said. “They have said, you know, ‘We’re going to do this, and you’re going to watch us, and you’re going to see us, and you can’t do a damn thing about it because, you know why? Your leaders won’t do a damn thing about it.’ And they’re right.” I mention under God, and all of you folks serving in our Federal Govt. should think very hard about Hell and Heaven; because we all end up in one or the other for Eternity; I’m positive, and I’m trying hard to make it to heaven. Will you please do the same with me, I would love to meet any of you there when that time comes, but you folks have a big responsibility to fix the BIG MESS! Whistle blow jump into the fight whatever it takes; if I can help I will!
This election is dead in the water too much fraud and treason, Trump is and will remain our President!”
Then today I was responding to another bloggers pseudo religious point of view and after that another fine article here that I did reblog!
I said these words in these first few lines in the Catholicism pure reblog, followed by what I had to say regarding the pseudo religious thought.
“Astrology is based on such occultist phenomenon and superstitions all of it is to be avoided and means nothing other than being repetitive worldly events of the material realm. The Holy Spirit is where we can find Truth brought to anyone who seeks it from God the Father though Jesus Christ; not from the stars.”
“No grasshopper not God and the Universe! God and Jesus Christ who are one in the same! Not the Universe; the universe is only material and ending or falling away as “Holy Scriptures” have told we humans for ages. The blind leading the blind! No one or nothing can lay claim to what Jesus said and did. Foolish modern mankind with its designer world and designer religions! Missed the boat and the Truth; being defiant, rebellious and wrong! Transgression just like Lucifer’s; who was Cast Out! The fallen with the falling away Universe or “material world;” which is the realm of the Fallen One the Prince of Darkness! Your choice is simple; so much so that even a fool knows. The Truth is self-evident and the signs are too. All the Glory is His; He the Father, Son and Holy Ghost which are in heaven. Amen.”

Jesus answered, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. John 14:6

God bless.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Lou Dobbs courtesy of Fox News

Catholicism Pure & Simple

From Fr George W. Rutler’s ‘Weekly Column’

During the 1976 Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia, a relatively unknown figure, the Archbishop of Krakow and future Pope John Paul II, said: “We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever gone through. I do not think that wide circles of the American society, or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the Gospel and the anti-gospel. This confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence; it is a trial which the whole Church . . . must take up, and face courageously.”

Those words in Philadelphia certainly were as prophetic as the voices in Judea thousands of years ago. In the subsequent generation, crammed with breathtaking events of universal and historic significance, heroic and tragic, we can count the manifold…

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Top Catholic Bishop Slams Joe Biden: He Would Promote Abortions Up to Birth at Taxpayer Expense

Any of you in the Catholic Church Hierarchy, I don’t care who you think you are or what excuse you would give as to why you supported and promoted this most vile, contemptuous, criminal, evil servant of Satan Joe Biden! You have put a spiritual noose around your necks to be dragged down into the deepest pit of hell for eternity! The evidence from his 47 years of being a slimy nefarious crooked career politician over time; revealing so much horror about this human devil; that many of you even of the Church must be devils to allow this! I know for a fact in my heart that God is going see that all involved in promoting such diabolical evil will be damned and punished to everlasting hell. If you get out and fight this like Father Dana Christiansen has suggested and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, I do believe in becoming truly a soldier and shepherd of the light for God, then you still could be saved; otherwise you are members of a synagogue of Satan.
Isn’t this the way Satan has worked among us from the beginning and now in these high tech times with a vast array of data manipulation taking place and in essence highly sophisticated smoke and mirror not only cheap parlor tricks, but, along with mind control on a massive scale which is now being deployed around the globe to poke and prod we fellow human beings into submission. I believe we are seeing the tip of the iceberg as it were and the plan has been underway for decades with a very systematic operation being conducted from within the shadows of our nation’s military industrial complex/MSM coupled now with the Tech Industry to alter our behaviors and beliefs incrementally; and the key was to take God out of the equation , first when they took Him out of all public schools not even allowing a moment of silent prayer, making for a very secular pagan belief system of incorrigibles that would submit to atrocious mindsets and attitudes; AKA industrial scale abortion on demand, full term day of delivery murder of an innocent human being and now some public officials(the Biden camp said this) saying there is no use for people to live past 75, and in essence are planting the seed of euthanasia.

Then they went on to alternative lifestyles or homosexuality as being perfectly fine with even gender reassignment now with children! I do pity any soul that isn’t able to distinguish right from wrong this badly, and isn’t able to see the sinister or actually diabolical at work in all of this madness. Now more people than not know just how much lying, cheating and stealing the Democrat party along with some false Republicans have been doing over the years all designed to become as filthy rich and powerful as possible; but the biggest problem with all of that is their joining this global plan of unprecedented proportions becoming and being actual components of the plan; or true minions of Satan. Look how the Clintons from middle class families are now part of a global cabal of mega rich just like the Obama’s who started out with less than 1 million in net worth at the beginning of the first term and now billionaires in reality when considering all their hidden and known assets! And one look at Nancy Pelosi and her outlandish behaviors or attacks upon a sitting President with her cohorts and it’s easy for me to see we have vile destructive persons in high office bringing ruin to our society and indeed the human race; the opening of a modern day Pandora’s Box if you will. That is what being a “Public Servant” of a great and good prosperous Nation under God is about; all the while Pelosi spews such rhetoric, “that nobody is above the law” when referring to President Trump, when in fact she should be pointing her dirty fingers that are stuck in so many corrupt pies at herself, and all of her counterparts in Congress. The Devil has used the root of all evil filthy lucre, and then lust for power, to capture many a soul in order to use them as his personal evil instruments and tools for his nefarious bigger plan; which is to destroy all that is good on earth and especially mankind; God’s children! I have little or no difficulty in seeing that we as a human race are on the precipice and that final curtain time is the closest it could have ever been; in that all the right components required to bring on Armageddon are in place and aligning now for this NWO Reset and swan song of humanity, in one big corrupted pagan adulterous lost generation; which basically is cutting its own collective throat and ending up if the Devil has his way; in hell.
God help us and I pray that more people than not wake up fast. Very Fast!
God bless you and yours.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

From Life News:

Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron will lead a new committee of Catholic leaders to respond to Joe Biden’s pro-abortion agenda, should he be confirmed president of the United States.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) announced the formation of the new taskforceearlier this week to consider how to work with Biden, a pro-abortion Democrat who professes to be a devout Catholic.

Biden has “given us reason to believe that he will support policies that attack some fundamental values we hold dear as Catholics,” said Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles, the president of the USCCB.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Gomez appointed Vigneron to lead the committee to address Biden’s conflicting statements about his faith and public policy.

“These policies include the repeal of the Hyde amendment and the preservation ofRoe v. Wade,” Gomez said. “Both of these policies undermine our ‘preeminent…

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