Francis Effect: The End of the Traditional Latin Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica

What is this other than the beginning of the end! Now while government elected and appointed officials, even a heretic pope Bergoglio tell us we must isolate, wear a mask that actually does nothing good, take the Jab, what to believe and not to believe, who to look up to; mainly the government and science or the man-made system and world!
Now they sock the screws tighter and tighter as those that have infiltrated and taken charge of your beloved Church Lord Jesus won’t even allow the most authentic and beautifully sanctifying Holy Tridentine Mass to be performed without restriction as it always had been prior to the polluting Second Vatican Council which has led to this apostasy or corrupting of this purest form of the consecrating of the body and blood of our beloved Savior in the Eucharist our foremost important Sacrament as instructed by Jesus Christ Himself with the Apostles!

We are most certainly in Latter Days and the End Time is fast approaching! We need God through Jesus Christ more than ever, in this most contemptuous wicked time here on earth; a most unprecedented time when there is this apostasy and falling away!

@mmvc…Thank you for this example of true humility before God. What a great message is contained in this example made by the then Bishop who is now a Saint! Dear Lord Jesus look upon us now with the greatest mercy and pity; see what has happened to your beloved Church and her children as they are so scattered, disruptive, unruly and even blaspheming our Father in heaven! Save us from these snares and traps the most unholy one has laid out all around us to subdue and conquer all of God’s children as his own to do whatever he wishes; to bring all pain and suffering upon them all. Please forgive us for our sins and mistakes for which we are so sorry, and let us join you Lord and our Father in your kingdom forever. We ask in the sweet name of Jesus. Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

From Rorate Caeli:

The Traditional Mass used to be celebrated hidden, out of sight, in the crypt of the Vatican Basilica (the Hungarian Chapel) from the days of the motu proprio Ecclesia Dei to Summorum.

Since the 2007 motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, which recognized that the Traditional Mass had never been abrogated (and in fact could never be so), many priests who have celebrated in the several side altars of St. Peter’s have done so by using the 1962 Missal. And it was celebrated daily in two of the Basilica’s major altars, especially theAltar of Blessed Pope Innocent XI.

Alas, the new order (see below) that has come to the Vatican Basilica has abolished all privately celebrated masses in the upper body of the Basilica (including Novus Ordo masses, which used to be very numerous as well), and has determined that all masses celebrated in the Basilica will…

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