Historic Court Judgment in Germany: “Threat to the Well-Being of Children”. No Masks, No Social Distance, No More Tests for Students.

“The Winds of Justice are Coming”

When do the Nuremberg Tribunal Style Trials begin?  For months I’ve been saying that this whole Plan-Demic Fiasco being orchestrated by the most evil despot madmen on the planet, Gates, Soros, Xi Jinping, Fauci, Rockefeller, Rothschild and many others right in our US Congress which was and still is a giant PSYOP to use ruling class muscle to manipulate and control the populations with Mandates and basically Monarchy style Edicts!

These Crimes Against Humanity they carried out caused death and ruin in the millions of lives lost or damaged beyond repair permanently; leaving behind massive destructive fallout that will have devastating effects on economies as well as future generations of children damaged by the psychological warfare that was implemented upon them and the whole of societies!

All of this in conjunction with the millions of citizens vaccinated with a gene altering concoction that was never properly tested or vetted over many years which is normal protocol before use as an approved therapy; God only knows what unsuspected illnesses or disease will erupt because of them! A huge promoter of these vaccines  Bill Gates is without a doubt a sociopathic madman mass murderer and he along with so many others like Dr. Anthony Fauci of the CDC, Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus  Adhanom of WHO, along with so many other worldwide officials are just the tip of the iceberg as it were, of this monstrous Planned Global Operation to destroy!  They all need to be brought before The International Criminal Court at The Hague for trial, and I believe they absolutely deserve execution without a doubt once convicted; for the massive genocide and crimes against humanity they’re responsible for!

It’s now time for a massive worldwide coalition to be formed with many of the top medical experts, scientists and the more forthright government officials as well as judges like these mentioned in the article; to begin the process of deciphering all available data and records to pinpoint who is responsible for any portion of this global atrocity that’s been committed; so they can be brought to a “Full Measure of Justice” and punished appropriately for this evil!

They are not going to get away with this, not now, not ever; no matter who, and how big they think they are, or how much money they have to buy people off, like they have already!  Time is running out for them and “Justice Will Prevail!”  By God!

Lawrence Morra III

“Danger to the mental, physical or emotional well-being of the child”

By reitschuster.de

Global Research, April 12, 2021reitschuster.de 10 April 2021

The Weimar District Court has ruled that the obligation to wear a mask, to maintain minimum distances and to perform rapid tests in schools pose a threat to the mental, physical or emotional well-being of the child.So serious that, without any intervention, significant harm to children can be foreseen with a high degree of certainty. The judge stated in his decision:

“There is such a risk here. Because the children are not only endangered in their mental, physical and spiritual well-being, but are also currently damaged by the obligation to wear face masks during school time and to keep their distance from one another and from other people. This violates numerous rights of children and their parents under the law, the constitution and international conventions. This applies…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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