Texas Incredible COVID News Proves Liberals to be Dictatorial Idiots

“Everything is Big in Texas”

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April 13, 2021

“The Clueless Puppet POTUS Biden” 

As the old adage goes; “Everything is Big in Texas” which is absolutely true, and that means bigger and better brains apparently, which is something the idiot left wing trouble makers don’t have much of!  Vanity Fair a leftist Liberal MSM piece of junk was quoted here as stating that the rogue action of abolishing; what I’ve called since last year the stupid mask mandate; by Texas and Mississippi would result in 500,000 more Covid deaths!  And “Lookie Here;” the numbers continue to drop like a stone tossed into a deep well; out of sight and out of mind!  These liberals love failure and misery as they always look to forecast more of it, in order to hold onto any control they inappropriately have by stoking the Fear Factor, or to even cause more pain and suffering being the opportunist’s that they are; so they can blast their horns to announce more horror is on the way, and of course that means mandated control by them to keep everyone safe; which is really them trying to maintain “power over everyone!” Look at that despot Governor Cuomo in wacky liberal New York, actually had a hand in exterminating frail elderly folks in nursing homes with his edicts or “over the top” measures!

All the left has done in conjunction with the lying bought and paid for MSM, is prolong what would have been a flu-like outbreak a year ago, and instead dragged the contagion period out from mere weeks to over a year, by forcing “lock-downs and mask mandates” on the public while banning actual available proven successful treatments, like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine; to instead produce a “raging storm” out of what was just a “dust devil twister” for totally “Political Partisan Purposes!”  

Don’t let anyone fool you any further, this was all orchestrated by evil people in our government and behind the scene ruling class despots,” all with an agenda; namely NWO along with the Marxist Traitors here in our country to seize more control!  If normal flu season protocols were applied throughout the Nation with only the isolation of the most vulnerable or compromised frail individuals, this whole matter would have been mostly over within “6 weeks” and herd immunity would have naturally been established through the population; just like what occurred in Sweden!  But what the leftists and criminal politicians did, was to prevent the natural process from happening thus preventing the whole immunity equilibrium factor from being established sooner rather than later; to in effect create fear and panic in the public that things were out of control and drastic action needed to be taken, to prevent massive numbers of people from dying.

I recently republished a few articles that spell out clearly what the truth is in all of his mayhem brought on as I said by sinister extremely evil people!  I’m leaving links to a couple of those recent ones and some older articles I posted last year where I provided examples of the same truth that was evident to many top ranking scientists or doctors; that the totally wrong approach was being deployed by governments!

I quote from my previous article dated 4/28/2020; “German Microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi points to some very disturbing facts about this current pandemic SCARE!  One in which fear and confusion along with distrust of all our institutions has been injected into the world’s main artery to the brain!

“That the Western government shut downs is a completely wrong and extremely dangerous response to the Covid-19 virus.”

“Self-isolating the whole population is “grotesque, absurd and very dangerous. All these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide caused by fear.”

The virus expert who is one of the most cited research scientists in German history!

Lawrence Morra III








Texas Incredible COVID News Proves Liberals to be Dictatorial Idiots

Liberals found themselves irate and ready to put a pox on states that didn’t stay within the liberal freedom-stripping guidelines of their more austere COVID-19 protocols. Such was the case with Texas who lifted their mask mandate just two weeks ago.

However, the much-anticipated spike in COVID diagnosis did not come. Liberals waited, but alas, the COVID numbers went down, for the 18th day in a row. Thus far the states have administered about 10 million vaccine doses, and, according to The Washington Times, almost 13% of its population fully vaccinated, and despite all that out and about freedom exercising, hospitalizations have decreased, and death rates have plummeted.

According to the Times’ Kelly Sadler, Vanity Fair predicted that between Texas and its rogue mask-discarding compatriot Mississippi, there would be an additional 500,000 deaths from COVID, thanks to their decision to do away with statewide mask mandates.

That analysis stems from a few pieces of misinformation circulating; one was how well COVID-19 was tamped by the use of masks, and the second is what seems to be a misunderstanding of how many Texans were actually wearing masks on a daily basis.

Of course, there are businesses and medical institutions that have strictly enforced mask-wearing, but there have been relatively few establishments, especially in rural Texas, that forced the mask mandate to be followed.

Despite that, former West Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to get rid of the mask mandate was akin to a “death warrant,” and that he was “sacrificing the lives of our fellow Texans…for political gain.”

According to Sadler, CNN quoted an ICU nurse saying, “I’m scared of what this is going to look like,” and Dr. Anthony Fauci called the move “inexplicable.”

In what is a sharp juxtaposition, states like New York and New Jersey have some of the strictest COVID-19 restrictions in the country, have seen cases increase in recent weeks. And yet, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy took a swipe at Gov. Abbott, saying that he was “stunned” couldn’t “conceive of lifting a mask mandate inside.”

“Perhaps, just perhaps, all of these coronavirus restrictions don’t make any difference in stifling the virus,” Sandler said in her scathing Op-Ed. “The mainstream media was quick to predict disaster in the southern states which have largely returned to normal, like Georgia, Florida and South Carolina, yet just as with Texas, the data doesn’t bear out any of these dire predictions.”

“Locked down states have had no statistically observable effect on the virus trajectory and resulting in severe outcomes, the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) notes,” according to Sandler.

“On the other hand, the lockdowns destroyed industries, schools, churches, liberties, and lives, demoralizing the population and robbing people of essential rights. All in the name of safety from a virus that did its work in any case,” AIER reports.

In other words, it appears that the states who claim to be following the science, are, in reality, making their lives much more difficult by killing the economy, stressing their residents, and allowing the government to overreach into the private lives and freedoms of citizens in what is supposed to be the freest nation on the planet.

Sader ended her assessment by saying that “It’s audacious to think the government and the politicians working within it can control a pathogen – yet our mainstream media and Democratic leaders have worked overtime in the past year to make you believe they could.

“It’s time to reopen our country, and once everybody is vaccinated who wants to be, ditch the masks. Americans have acted responsibly during this pandemic – it’s time Democrats and the mainstream media also act responsibly and look at the data before they use hyperbolic scare tactics to try to conform people to their will.”

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