Biden Lied About Yemen — Caitlin Johnstone

Say it isn’t so Joe! Yes actually more lies from this twisted, heinous imbecile Puppet POTUS, be it only by fractions; of still the most powerful Nation on earth! I’ve said for years this man was one of the most evil people in Washington and he’s been cloaked or protected by an evil network of Deep State Swamp Creatures that have a huge agenda! Of course that agenda is ultimate power and more and more phenomenal amounts of cash through all of those back down deals and money laundering networks overseas! Sorry to have to say that the truly most despicable characters have had far too long to establish their network of crime; to possibly be vanishing anytime soon!

Many Establishment Defense Contractors love the name of this tune just like when George Bush and Dick Cheney were ruling the roost and got the Iraq War rocking and rolling over supposed WMD that eventually General Colin Powell had to admit that they went on some flawed intelligence that was askew and there weren’t any; but meanwhile that was OK with the cronies because the heavy hitters were still able to rake in all those billions! These basically lying criminals don’t care at all about us citizens; as all they eat drink and sleep is trying to come up with more ways of making these kinds of deals to try having eventually more money than God!

I’m actually starting to realize that there are many sociopathic characters in Government or Political Positions because they have absolutely no conscience or even a modicum of guilty feelings for all the underhanded things or actions they perpetrate upon the unwitting public! They’re way too trilled presently to be concerned with eventual consequences; but they will come!
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Caitlin Johnstone

The Biden administration has finally admitted that the US is indeed providing offensive material support to Saudi Arabia’s genocidal assault on Yemen, directly contradicting Biden’s February claim that it would no longer be providing offensive support in that war. We are being lied to about yet another US war by yet another US president.

“The United States continues to provide maintenance support to Saudi Arabia’s Air Force given the critical role it plays in Saudi air defense and our longstanding security partnership,” Pentagon spokesperson Jessica McNulty has informedVox reporter Alex Ward.

“Multiple US defense officials and experts acknowledged that, through a US government process, the Saudi government pays commercial contractors to maintain and service their aircraft, and those contractors keep Saudi warplanes in the air. What the Saudis do with those fighter jets, however, is up to them,” Ward reports. “The US could cancel those contracts…

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