Why Is There No Correlation Between Masks, Lockdowns, and Covid Suppression?

Eventually the tangled web of lies these despots and the MSM propaganda arm must collapse under its own weight of having tried to manufacture such a huge lie all at once the human capability even assisted by the digital age technology is too much and virtually impossible to maintain! This Artificial Pandemic Scare with all of its accompanying social distancing and cover your face or wear a shield insanity is so over the top that even chimpanzees I think will start laughing at the stupid looking people driving down the highway alone with a mask on or wearing those newest fashion accessory the Face Shield! How many thousands of years did humans and monkeys live on this planet already as social animals without any catastrophic disaster brought on by a virus and in this case more like a cold or flu bug than say Ebola! Looking to me like the monkeys have s beat by miles as far as basic common sense intelligence these days!

I have studied lately the behavior of many of my fellow humans and I have to say I think I’d rather be a monkey if they don’t all wake up and say enough already!

People driving in their car alone with masks on covering their faces from their lower eyelids to the neck; or a man walking in a parking lot with a face shield on; oh sure have to watch out for those contagious vehicles parked there!

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” (Sir Walter Scott, 1808).
I think we have a jumbled up giant knot rolling around the planet with a mind of its own by now, catching anyone it can!

Does his have to go on much longer before the majority say we’ve had enough and NO MORE?

Thank you.

God bless.

Lawrence Morra III


The Most Revolutionary Act

covid propaganda

By Anthony Rozmajzl – Mises Institute – 05/04/2021

In the past couple of months, our esteemed public health experts have had a rough go of defending the supposedly settled science behind lockdowns and mask mandates.

White House covid-19 advisor Andy Slavitt was first on the chopping block back in mid-February, when he was reduced to parroting empty platitudes about social distancing after failing to explain why a completely open Florida had numbers no worse than a strictly locked-down California. Then comes media darling Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has had a particularly embarrassing series of public appearances of late. During a recent MSNBC interview Fauci expressed confusion and wasn’t “quite sure” as to why Texas was experiencing falling cases and deaths an entire month after lifting its mask mandates and capacity restrictions. Moreover, during a hearing with Representative Jim Jordan, Fauci completely dodged Jordan’s question of why Texas has lower case rates…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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