VIDEO Refusing to Live by Lies

Absolutely spot-on here with the clarity of conscience and forthrightness we need to be hearing from not only this brave and decent human being but from all of our elected and appointed public officials; who have outlandishly betrayed all of us, the entire human race, and they deserve to hang for it!  I for one want all of those responsible to be tried and appropriately punished which to me should be execution; no doubt in my mind!

I just wrote this short statement to another blog posting regarding another such brave soul that is doing the Right Thing!

If I had the capability to actually do something about the criminal conduct we’ve seen around the globe I would be doing it right now and not stop until all those responsible were dealt with!  Here is what I said in the other blog which continues to show my total frustration and breakdown toward many humans and their nefarious designs!  We’ve become a race of cheapened self-serving gluttonous monsters!

Hi to Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay and thanks for taking to me as I see it, the proper stand against the world of vaccine medicine and all the damn bureaucrats who have been trying to alter human immunology with their damned edicts and lock-downs to only control; that to me serves only the Globalists NWO evil!

I like you am very concerned but do not have PhD’s in molecular biologist and toxicologist specialties!  Even so I’ve said from the get goes that this was all an insane thing to be doing because it simply didn’t add up, how a gene altering vaccine or one that even works in conjunction with genetic function on a level effecting the human genes or autoimmune response is absolutely crazy to do over a covid corona cold type virus, and especially when there haven’t been many years of painstaking trials and accompanying studies to prove its Safety and Efficacy before injecting them into human beings!  This whole vaccine scam-demic is a Crime Against Humanity of Mass Murder proportions; and heads should already be rolling!

I hope that you with your scientific knowledge and experience in this field of medical science will be continuing to be brave enough to stand up against the establishment and all those who pushed this evil down humanities collective throat!  This has all been a crime like no other in human history and many of those responsible and directly involved in the process should be tried and executed no doubt in my mind or heart!  Time to get the evil and punish it!  Let’s all feel this way and stand behind this courageous Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay!

I’m here to serve; and if God along with the decent God fearing humans that still exist on this planet want me to help in any way; I will be in the ready!  For now I pray!

Lawrence Morra III


BYRANDY J. GULIUZZA, P.E., M.D.* 30April21

Perhaps my parents were naïve. They raised me to respect my teachers, the government, and other authorities, and to believe these entities acted in my best interests and certainly wouldn’t lie to me. I was warned about the duplicity of politicians and used-car salesmen, but they were mostly grouped in classes by themselves.

Now I know I was misled by these authorities on some very important things. For instance, in biology class I was taught as scientific fact a totally fanciful—and atheistically religious—story that “survival of the fittest” caused the evolution of life on Earth. Disseminating that lie was an abuse of youthful trust in authority.

The lying has gotten far worse. Back then, I never felt institutional coercion to join a perverse government-led movement that affirms as truth many things I and most other people can clearly see are false. For example…

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