A Coach and Donkeys…

donkey cropped

Beautiful donkeys!! My grandfather loved them and had some on his farm when I was a boy, so I learned to appreciate them very much! I have an original painting one of my aunts painted of grandfather hugging one of his donkeys; it hangs over my desk and I see it every day! I miss them both!
Thank you,
God bless.

Equus Asinus

Rubí Tuesday Blogue, in which Rubí donkey starts a new career as a Life Coach.

The Peasant was movin the old rusty donkey trap at the weekend and it has not been used since we used to live at Elca Seriu where Morris was bein trained to pull it.  Morris got quite maudlin about it – seein the trap bein moved – and he asked the Peasant why he is no longer bein taught carriage drivin.  Morris tried to persuade the Peasant to give him another go at it.

He said, “Even the old dead Duke of Edinbugger used to be keen on drivin carts, prolly in order to get away from his wife for a while, as she spent all day fumin and swearin about how the country had ‘gawn to the dawgs’ after Brexit. Can I have some more driving lessons?”

But the Peasant said no: “It’s because…

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