Eucharistic miracles of Buenos Aires and Lanciano

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Quite extraordinary and miraculous from the evidence presented. I don’t have Issue with such an event occurring so spontaneously and basically out of the blue like this, but what is so disturbing to me is how Jorge Bergoglio is directly linked to this in such a profound way; yet he went on to be such a disaster of a Pope and to me I see him as false and abominable regardless of what any current school of thought or Church Hierarchy and Theologians may have to say about him and the course he’s charted for the Catholic Church.

Screenshot_2021-06-02 Eucharistic miracles of Buenos Aires and Lanciano (2)

Luke 12:48 “But what about the servant who does not know what his master wants? He also does things that deserve punishment. But he will get less punishment than the servant who knew what he should do. Whoever has been given much will be responsible for much. Much more will be expected from the one who has been given more.”

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To me one word comes to mind; blasphemy! He appears to have deliberately gone out of his way to bring sacrilege and transgression against Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven. But I must admit I’m only a person more or less on the outside looking in and so what do I know. I just wish God Almighty would please bring closure to all of these inconsistencies occurring at this time because it’s probably terrifying to many persons and to others like me it’s shameful and disgusting! I pray that God’s good graces will resolve the dilemma of the Church and Humanity sooner rather than later. Amen.
God bless.

Screenshot_2021-06 02 Eucharistic miracles of Buenos Aires and Lanciano(3)

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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