“…The world will turn into a great battlefield, where confusion will reign…”

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AM+DG I will intervene in ways which will astonish the world 28 August 2014 @ 8:40pm; Message 1202 ” My dearly beloved daughter, I know My Own and they know Me. They also know those who are of Me, just as they know those who do not come from Me. Those who…

Thank you for this what has to be a God Send presentation of Truth. I just a moment ago clicked send for a comment I was making at another blog site which spoke about the continuous toxic flood of propaganda or “demoralizing news reports!” Which I say are no doubt being directed at all of us by the many cohorts of Satan on earth, regardless of whether those doing his bidding are useful fools or actually demonically possessed; the result is the same and tragic; as the world is being pushed to the brink.

I thank God that you made this posting today and that it came to my sight immediately when it did because I was going to leave the blogging for a while; and this is all too important to ignore or not respond to as I see appropriate. Here is the whole comment I made a moment ago! God bless you and keep you.

Excellent and a quite necessary reminder Ali! Taking ownership of our personal situation or actual daily lives and not allowing ourselves to be sucked into the “global madness vortex” being propagated by the MSM and unfortunately Social Media! I picture flypaper when I think of what you are pointing out as this toxic non-stop filling of our heads with the continuous drone of what really can be classified as propaganda!

Then I see a world at times which appears to be in a state of some opposite scenario of Extraordinary Rendition, or irregular rendition at times, the kind of non-stop though not as harsh but still a powerfully organized forced rendition technique used with terrorists in achieving counter terrorism objectives; but where it’s now we the masses who are all being targeted to be coerced and manipulated, poked or prodded to produce the desired behavior that these mass manipulators are attempting to achieve, to get us off balance or distracted from the hidden agenda’s! A rendition at times as though all the humans like a herd is being drawn to the daily buzz and this keeps going on until people become in a way mesmerized or so distracted and conditioned they just keep coming back for more, and then ultimately are captive by the will of the few; even with subliminal suggestions!

This all really becomes a world of artificiality and a going nowhere scenario that I’ve seen happening to some people, me included at times; to where they are absorbed with their online life to the point of forsaking their actual life and purpose which was never meant to be a cyberspace one! I have to add as I understand and see this its become a sickness, so I like you hope more people will be mindful of this danger and get moving; doing all the many hands on things around them that need their attention and devotion for the good they can actually accomplish! Amen.

Thank you for taking the time to point out these many important points of contention in our lives at this time; and may God bless you for it!
Take care.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III



I will intervene in ways which will astonish the world

28 August 2014 @ 8:40pm; Message 1202

Jesus loves sinners” My dearly beloved daughter, I know My Own and they know Me.They also know those who are of Me, just as they know those who do not come from Me. Those who are of Me are tender of heart, full of love for all sinners including My enemies,and full of humility for they know they are nothing without Me. Their souls are free of malice,spite, hatred and they suffer because of this. They shine like beacons, their souls full of the Light of God.

It is this Light, which Satan and every fallen angel target with every kind of temptation. These are the souls who are most sought out by the evil one and in the times, which lie ahead, they will be swayed by…

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