VIDEO ‘Sin Is Still a Bigger Problem Than COVID’

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If the same amount of finesse and energy were devoted to eradicating SIN from our citizenry and culture by our government’s actions or lack thereof, especially by the totally Secular Democrat Criminal Party of Political Thugs and Racketeers; as was put into resisting a Covid virus with a 99.97 survival rate for a fraud pandemic; we would see this Nation once under God flourish and unite like it should, by means of all the advantages and blessings already having been bestowed upon it for and by the efforts of the previous several generations of True Hard Working Morally Upright Compassionate True Americans.

But that was squandered away by the contemptuous and reckless greedy power hungry secularists that have infested our Government and Military Industrial Complex; a for the most part what’s become this vile despicable lot that can’t light a candle to those past heroes and good people who really cared; those who genuinely took pride in our Great Republic! This country once under God is in extremely wasted pitiful shape and will never survive the things that are coming; but I don’t mean God’s judgment because that’s now become a forgone conclusion as I see it! What I’m saying here is; the enormous challenges coming at us of a typical nature, but along with what our enemies are planning to do to us as a nation and a people! Think how Communist China; the atheist evil leaders there have plugged into this once great Republic under God via traitors like Swalwell and Biden; along with many others! While our people have been busy attacking each other and screwing things up royally, these deadly evil enemies have been waiting in the weeds right here in our Nation for the right time to strike!

Focus your mind on this and pray on it! “Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves. There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio-weapons have been invented one after another. Of course, we have not been idle…. We are capable of achieving our purpose of ‘cleaning up’ America all of a sudden.” General Chi Haotian

“Would the United States allow us to go out to gain new living space? First, if the United States is firm in blocking us, it is hard for us to do anything significant to Taiwan, Vietnam, India, or even Japan, [so] how much more living space can we get? Very trivial! Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.”

“We are not as foolish as to want to perish together with America by using nuclear weapons.” “Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.” When he was asked about Bio-Weapons his response was emphatically! “Of course,” we have not been idle, in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind.”

Now do you see what is really going on and who is getting the upper hand especially with enablers or traitors like Bill Gates, Biden, Fauci, Soros and a host of obliging cohorts and useful idiots!

Most of us have been fools to allow our greatness and real strength that came from God as a nation which protected us and got us through some of the worst times; to be thrown under the bus and kissed off!

Cross sm print

May God have Mercy on our Nation and its People giving them an opportunity to finally be awakened to the “Whole Truth” before it’s too late!
Lawrence Morra III

Urgent Post Script: This just came into my mail a moment after I reblogged and I know for sure God is talking to us here. Perhaps you will see what I mean.

Pompeo Unleashes Bombshell COVID Origin Evidence — And It Ain’t Bats

by Right Wing Rebel
about 3 hours ago

“Current evidence shows that covid originated from a Wuhan lab in China, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated over the weekend, warning about the risks of bioterror coming from the region is “very real.”

Pompeo spoke to Maria Bartiromo and said that the CCP “covered up” the source of covid and that evidence keeps showing that despite their attempts to block access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the doctors who worked there.

“We tried to get evidence, we tried to partner with China. But they covered it up horribly,” Pompeo said.

He said this combination of evidence and China’s overwhelming effort to block any information relating to the lab shows that the virus came from the lab.

“I have not seen even the slightest evidence to show anything to the contrary,” Pompeo said.

The former secretary of state also warned about the future possibility of biological terrorism and warfare.

“The risk of something like this happening again from a Chinese laboratory is very real,” Pompeo said. “They are conducting activities that are inconsistent with their ability to secure their facilities. And the risk of bioterror coming from this region is very real.”

It is unclear exactly where the virus came from as Biden administration officials show concerns about Chinese interference with global investigative efforts.”


April 15, 2021byStaff

In a video called “Dear Closed Churches” uploaded to his YouTube account, MarkDriscollmade a comment that he is concerned that so many churches are still closed.Driscoll is the former senior pastor of Seattle’sMars Hill Churchand current founding and senior pastor ofThe Trinity Churchin Scottsdale, Arizona.

Taken from his sermon this past Sunday where he preached out ofRomans 10 on predestination, Driscoll made the point that people will use the sovereignty of God as an excuse not to be on mission for God. Observing that type of thinking leads to a lazy, indifferent, unmotivated Christian, he said, “I don’t like to go super negative, but I do have a real concern…so manychurches are still closed. Where is the sense of urgency?”

“Churches that even could be open…they’re still not open,” Driscoll said and explained the reasoning…

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Tucker Carlson shreds Biden over his ultimatum to unvaccinated Americans

“take a long walk off a short pier”

May 14, 2021 |

Republication by: Lawrence Morra

For informational sharing purposes only on his platform.

Zero Lift-Off    Only The Beginning

Elmer 3 (2)

This Creep Puppet POTUS is the biggest Hypocrite Loony Tune going!

He starts trying to bust ass of all US American Citizens over this Faked and Pumped up Medial Emergency; which it is not and was not the whole damn time, but he allows illegal invaders to saturate our country’s southern border in the range of a half million in a few months carrying only God knows what diseases; some probably even terrorist’s sneaking in with families for cover, and all catch and release no papers or bonafide documentation!!!

These Illegal Invaders are going to bring way more disease like Incurable TB and other rarely seen illnesses into our Nation from 3rd world countries with dictators; while he hammers “American Citizens” to “MASK UP or ELSE???”

Hey Biden, take a long walk off a short pier and if the water sports aren’t your forte; then try HELL!

Lawrence Morra III

Tucker Carlson shreds Biden over his ultimatum to unvaccinated Americans

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson mocked President Joe Biden on Thursday after he appeared to demand that Americans who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 continue to wear masks in all venues.

In a Thursday evening segment, Carlson began by noting that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Rochelle Walensky advised earlier in the day that it is no longer necessary for vaccinated people to continue wearing masks indoors or outdoors or socially distance, though the agency chief told a congressional hearing earlier this week she wouldn’t permit her vaccinated 16-year-old son to go to summer camp this year because she felt it is too dangerous.

Previously, Carlson said sarcastically, the same CDC advised wearing triple-layer masks “which we did, and turned blue oxygen loss.”

“They were telling people to wear masks outdoors at sporting events and concerts, on your bicycle and while jogging,” the host continued. “But that’s all gone now. Now we don’t need to wear masks.”


(Video: Fox News)  Click here

Carlson went on to point out that the Biden White House is also now acknowledging that some Americans have legitimate questions about the various COVID-19 vaccines, whereas before, officials often seemed put off when Americans questioned their efficacy given certain behaviors by ranking officials including Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, both of whom have been vaccinated but who continue to wear masks in all venues, including around other vaccinated people.

“Oh, so you are allowed to ask questions about the coronavirus vaccine, that doesn’t make you an anti-vaxxer,” Carlson said sardonically. “But you’re not allowed to refuse it. You can ask all the questions you want but in the end, you will take it. And if ya don’t, Joe Biden declared today, you will wear your mask forever.”

The host then played a clip of Biden during a Rose Garden press conference earlier in the day in which he struggled to explain that anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated still must mask up.

“Get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do,” Biden intoned.

“The president of the United States announcing that he somehow has the power to decide what you wear. Hmmm…that’s never happened before,” Carlson responded as he brought in New York Post columnist Miranda Devine.

“If you have been vaccinated … why are you worried about whether or not other people wear masks? How are maskless people or any people regardless of infection status a threat to you if you’ve been fully vaccinated?” Carlson asked.

Devine proffered that those pushing for people to get vaccinated may be doing so in order to get the U.S. population to reach “herd immunity” with COVID-19 as has happened with many other viruses such as rubella and mumps.

That said, Devine went on to suggest that the Biden administration has done a poor job of “selling” Americans on the efficacy of vaccines by their actions, such as continuing to mask up despite being vaccinated.

“The science has not changed for this…miraculous Hallelujah moment today where suddenly, we’re told the bleeding obvious which is, if you’re vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask,” she said, adding that Biden “was one of the first people in the country” to become vaccinated.

“He just sends the message with everything he has done that he does not believe that the vaccines work,” she added.

Biden’s mask command also did not play well on social media.

Jon Dougherty
Jon Dougherty

Bidens and Democrats anti oil policies left many drivers without gas, Democrats push electric vehicles during gas crisis


Pelosi insane house

Stop the Evil Democrat’s and their Task Master Figurehead Man of Perdition 48 year Crooked Career Politically Organized Crime Syndicate Racketeer Puppet POTUS Biden!

Pray to Jesus Christ now that all of these minions or cohorts of Satan are dispatched sooner rather than later to HELL!  They’ve been working toward that ultimate goal and destination at a fever pitch; so let’s help give it to them!
God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


There is crisis after crisis after crisis with the Biden administration. Every crisis seems to fall into their favor with no actual repercussions after it. The Bidens anti oil policies and push for electric cars lead us to a gas crisis that hasn’t been seen since the 70s.

During this crisis they push the all electric pipedream..

Biden administration pushes electric cars during gas outages

meanwhile people are struggling to get to work and other neccessary places. And they have the nerve to push electric vehicles. While its interesting how the cyberterrorists disbanded this electric vehicle push was unnecessary. It’s as if Biden himself paid hackers to create the gas shortage panic just to try to sell more electric vehicles.

All the while automakers suddenly seem interested in going full electric, bans are taking place around the world, you got people saying if you don’t buy an EV you’ll be…

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Census reveals weird anomaly: Shows millions less voted in 2020 election than official tally


Oh yes the writing was all over the proverbial wall and the Truth will Prevail! It’s been coming out steadily but soon the Winds of Truth and Justice will be howling like the Banshees from the nether world to take claim of those minions of the Darkness who have propelled such atrocity and lies upon the world to subvert and ruin!

Payback is a bitch and the big difference in this battle is God’s Army of Angels is the Vindicators and do God’s will with Almighty Absolute Perfection!

Unstoppable these cohorts of the Evil One have no chance!

God bless you.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Election Wizard

US Census data released last week called into question the official vote tally from the 2020 election. As part of the Census, the government collects data on citizens who self-report as having voted in presidential elections. The collected data shows an unusual anomaly in the reported results.

According to the Census, the recorded number of people voting in 2020 was tallied at 154,628,000. On the other hand, official results place the number of actual ballots cast slightly north of 158 million. That’s a discrepancy of nearly four million votes.

Speaking to pollster Richard Baris during an episode of “Inside the Numbers,” lawyer Robert Barnessaid historically, the Census tends to “pin on the nose” the recorded vote numbers with the actual results. In other words, often the two data sets reasonably match.

Barnes is right. For example, the bureau was nearly spot-on in 2008, slightly…

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Senior Biden Administration Officials Participating in High-Level Vatican Conference on Friday


This is all absolutely satanic and Kerry a man caught in his own lies recently is a most corrupt and vile criminal blasphemer, a demonically influenced or possessed man, along with Obama, Biden, Pelosi and the list goes on into the millions who are part of the diabolical NWO construct! This is all far beyond heretical abomination and is in fact Freemasonry Illuminati activity of the NWO global construct under way by the powers of darkness that Satan is directing, and using the Catholic church to produce a guise of righteous moral authority to project to the world all this evil in this way! Which is a clear sign to anyone with a brain and especially real faith; to see it for what it is as clear as day!

The most diabolical evil is being allowed to carry on for a time in order that it will reveal itself along with all of its followers; a preemptive separation of the goats from the sheep if you will. All this precipitating the arrival of the global conflict to come; Armageddon; many signs are evident already of its coming.

Pray like you never prayed in your entire life as the antichrist plan is fully operational and underway!

God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and climate envoy John Kerry will take part in the conference, entitled ‘Dreaming of a Better Restart.’

(L-R) Treasury secretary Janet Yellen, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, and climate envoy John Kerry.
(L-R) Treasury secretary Janet Yellen, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, and climate envoy John Kerry. (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Edward Pentin at the National Catholic Register:

VATICAN CITY — U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, President Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry, and the heads of the IMF, World Bank, and African Union will be taking part in a high-level Vatican conference on Friday on the theme “Dreaming of a Better Restart.”

Hosted by the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences, the one-day meeting, which includes the participation of finance ministers from the US, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Argentina, aims to build on recent inter-governmental efforts to combat inequality, climate change, and hunger following the COVID crisis.

The conference, which will take place online and in-person, takes its…

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St. John’s Orphan Asylum for Boys: Pennsylvania

What a beautiful commemorative biographical story of real good that was done to help many real good kids who went on to be good men! I always remembered the true story of Jim Thorpe All-American which stood out to me in a profound way not only because Hollywood in its heydays memorialized him in a film but because I thought how Jim was a real deal genuine American; a really great athlete and good heart of a man that stood for something bigger than life!
God bless him and all Native American’s!

But  though this story may have a very sharp and sad tone to it; the common decency and love that was found by many young men over time in this home for orphans shows the unceasing spirit of love and goodness that really exists in many locales across this great Nation under God!  We all have heard that with God all things are made possible and these lives are a testimony to that faith in the higher power and eternal love of God Almighty!  I get a tear in my eyes thinking about the dedication of so many good people that made and make this possible!

These people are all larger than life to me!

God bless.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Lara Trace Hentz

How many boys can YOU identify?

St. Vincents Tacony, St. John’s Orphan Asylum for Boys, West Philadelphia, St. Joseph’s House for Homeless and Industrious Boys, North Philadelphia, AKA The Hut, St Francis Vocational School Eddington, (St. Francis-St. Joseph Home)  alums plan anniversary party.  We also invite any women survivors from homes or orphanges for girls, like from St. Joseph’s Gonzaga Home – Gemantown, St. Margaret’s, and the Catholic Home for Destitute Girls 29th and Allegheny Ave.  Alumni of St. Francis-St. Joseph Homes for Children will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of what were then separate institutions on Sept. 8, 2013, main campus, Route 13 and Street Road, Bensalem.

St. Francis was founded in 1888 by Elizabeth, (St.) Katharine and Louise Drexel as St. Francis Industrial School, a vocational training facility for adolescent boys who aged…

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Over a dozen U.S. cities and counties are now pro-freedom ‘sanctuaries’ against COVID measures

Can this become an infectious behavior around the globe? Can enough free peoples decide to stand up and be counted telling the despots that we will not sit down or take your orders any longer; we take control of our own lives and will not surrender, not ever!

Having fearlessness of any of them, their trickery or lies! Are we willing to live as cowards hiding in the shadows or will we step out boldly into the light from above and proclaim our God given rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! I will and plan to no matter what; they can shoot me or anything they want to do to try and stop me because I know they can’t ever stop the one who dwells in me filling my heart and soul with His love; my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The evil run in fear at the mention of His Holy Name and those that hold His Truth in their hearts, minds and souls; they are invincible! Amen.

Thank you Jesus Christ. Amen
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

Over a dozen U.S. cities and counties are now pro-freedom ‘sanctuaries’ against COVID measures
Dr Eddy Betterman

More than a dozen cities and counties in the United States are fighting COVID-19 restrictions by designating themselves pro-freedom “sanctuaries” or by simply refusing to enforce emergency orders.

(Article by Raymond Wolfe republished from

The counties are primarily located in highly regulated states – like Michigan and California – that have suffered catastrophic economic and mental health impacts amid months of business closures and mask mandates.

Late last year, county commissioners in Campbell County, Virginia passed a “First Amendment Sanctuary” resolution, declaring that “(n)o Campbell County funds will be used to restrict the First Amendment.” No funding “shall be expended to aid federal or state agencies in the restriction of said rights,” it added.

“We’re not going to utilize county resources to enforce the governor’s orders,” a district representative from the county told local news. “We’re not going to aid the Virginia Department of Health…

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This is hopefully the soft calm push back that is long overdue, and demonstrating how We the People are going to show all the power mongers that we won’t take this crap anymore!

If they don’t reverse course with all the lies and deception directed at We the People then we will have no choice but to switch over to much more provocative and painful measures; where they the depots will start to feel the pain!
God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Did You Know

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Why are we being lied to about Covid? There’s no good reason


This is all I’ve been saying since a year ago this past March! LIES on TOP of LIES! Question is when are the billions of humans on this planet going to say enough already and if you people in charge don’t reverse this whole direction things are going we the people are going to come and get you all and string you up! Just like they did in the past French Revolution and so many others! These mentally deranged tyrants have been getting away with Murder and Mayhem to PROFIT that is another giant driving force in this SCAM-DEMIC! They stand to make TRILLIONS of BUCKS!

Look at this: “that variants are different enough to warrant border closures and require new vaccines;” What the hell are they talking about, the flu every year is a variant and not everyone bothers to get a damn vaccination which most of the time are off the target and useless!  I  never get it, the vaccination, and hardly the flu!  And we never had massive Lock-Downs over the Flu each year!


God Bless! Let’s get the show on the road!
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

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Canada Doubles Down on Arresting Christians


By  Staff Writer May 11, 2021

Republication by Lawrence Morra III

Zero Lift-Off Only The Beginning

Informational sharing purposes only on this platform.

May 12, 2021

Wake up call to all.  This is all far beyond the Writing being on the Wall.

The movement if global as you know by now; but what you need to make your mind up to is how much are you willing to take; or a better way to say is when are you personally going to say enough is enough and I will not listen or take any of this garbage you tyrants are heaping on the citizens?  Are you one who just goes along to get along and figure if you shut up you can stay Safe in your make believe little bubble of a world and just have it simple?  Life isn’t ever going to be simple on earth ever again!  The Cat is out of the Proverbial Bag or let’s say Pandora’s Box with a Vengeance has now been Opened releasing the many unsavory spirits and foul things contained in it since the beginning of time upon the earth via the worst despot tyrannical humans to ever infect this good old earth!  Demonic possession on steroids!

As I see it people better start making a huge stink and fight back, which I agree can be difficult, but, if you don’t now, when the clamps are all in place the pain and misery is going to be unbearable; and there will be nothing to do but suffer and let them take your life horribly, massive martyrdom!  In China they already have squads that drive around and pick out citizens for organ harvesting and other things we won’t even talk about now!  But that is he tip of the iceberg of the evil that is consuming this planet and the USA is not immune to any of it as it was once upon a time when a land of high morality and virtues; NO MORE!  We are not safe and the longer we sit back and wait the less time you have to stop what’s coming!

God bless you.  Amen.

Lawrence Morra III


Canada Doubles Down on Arresting Christians

By Staff Writer
May 11, 2021

On the heels of yet another arrest of a Canadian pastor, this time Artur Pawlowski, many onlookers are pinching themselves to see if this is reality or just a bad dream.

Blaze Media reports that Artur Pawlowski and his brother, Dawid Pawlowski, were arrested last Sunday for holding their church service as usual – which is now considered to be an “illegal gathering” according to the Queen’s Bench Order.

This is all being done in the name of “public health” of course… as is reflected in the statement that was issued by the city of Calgary:

“Earlier this morning, CPS lawfully enforced this order by proactively serving an organizer of a church service with the court order in an effort to ensure that citizens attending the Saturday service were abiding by the current COVID-19 public health orders. The order was served prior to the church service, and CPS did not enter the church during the service. The service organizer acknowledged the injunction, but chose to ignore requirements for social distancing, mask wearing and reduced capacity limits for attendees, and continued with the event.”

Pawlowski became a household name last month, when videos were circulated of him screaming at Calgary Police, calling them “Nazis” and “Gestapo” when they tried to enter his church service in order to serve him papers.

Pawlowski is from Poland and grew up under the Soviet Communist regime. He explained that this type of tyranny is all too familiar to him, and he is urging people to wake up to what this means for the church universally.

The fact that these instances are becoming more and more commonplace in the West appropriately creates an eerie sense of foreboding in many evangelicals. Blaze contributor, Steve Deace, asks some all too important questions in response:

“Do we understand the times and what to do about them? Are we prepared for what’s to come, and is already here? Well, we’re about to find out”

Source: 2021 © American Announcement. All rights reserved.