Americans are furious as one Marine was relieved of his duty for what he said about Joe Biden

“Criminal Politically Organized Crime Syndicate Racketeer”

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September 2, 2021

I agree and MUST add that Biden is a TRAITOR who should no doubt in my mind be tried by a Military Court Martial and then be summarily executed he has done the worst job as a president in US history and BETRAYED America and its Citizens! He has not upheld his Oath of Office as I believe all he has done wrong was absolutely intentional and he is putting on an act; with the aide of demons! This man is a DEVIL!

He signed more executive orders than any president in history all within a few months of being in office to reverse all of the good the Trump administration had accomplished while Trump was even under all the many Partisan Conspiratorial attacks by the equally corrupted and Traitorous Democrat Party that is nothing but a criminal organization working against America; and all this for the entire four years Trump was President! 

Biden is absolutely an enemy of the people and has been in bed with Communist China for decades making Billions of dollars for himself never having worked an honest day in his life, while all he’s been doing is selling out America!  This Scum has done all the things they accused Trump of and then exponentially many times more criminal acts including Espionage, Treason and many other evil acts for the fifty years this criminal despot has been in office!

He is absolutely America’s Man of Perdition!  Fifty years of being a “Criminal Politically Organized Crime Syndicate Racketeer!”

Time to send the military after this criminal TRAITOR and take care of business!

Lawrence Morra III

Americans are furious as one Marine was relieved of his duty for what he said about Joe Biden

Morale in the military is at a low point with Biden as their Commander-in-Chief.

And some military personnel have been calling out how Biden’s incompetency has led to the death of 13 brave service members at Kabul’s airport.

Now Americans are furious as one Marine was relieved of his duty for what he said about Joe Biden.

Can you imagine having a dementia-ridden old man who hasn’t held an actual job a day of his life as your boss?

Well, that’s basically what the military is dealing with as we speak.

Since Biden was elected, many in the military feared the day that their lives would be in the hands of an incompetent Joe Biden.

And their fears have come true as Biden’s administration botched the withdrawal out of Afghanistan, which has tragically led to the deaths of 13 brave service members who were killed in a terrorist suicide bombing.

Well, one Marine has had enough.

Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller went to social media late last week to post a video calling into question the ability of Joe Biden and senior leadership of the military to lead our military effectively.

In the blistering video, Lt. Col. Scheller stated, “I’m not making this video because it’s potentially an emotional time. I’m making it because I have a growing discontent and contempt for my perceived ineptitude at the foreign policy level and I want to specifically ask some questions to some of my senior leaders.”

Upset about what he has been witnessing taking place in Kabul, he continued by saying, “I’m not saying we need to be in Afghanistan forever, but I am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, ‘Hey, it’s a bad idea to evacuate Bagram Airfield, a strategic airbase, before we evacuate everyone?’ Did anyone do that? And when you didn’t think to do that, did anyone raise their hand and say, ‘We completely messed this up?’”

You can see all of his comments in his Facebook video below:

Then, as many would have expected, Scheller was disciplined for calling out the obvious.

According to another Facebook post, Scheller said he was relieved of his duties as AITB commander at the School of Infantry East at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Everything Scheller said he said for the love of his country.

Only if more members of the military would take a stand against the incompetency of Joe Biden and the leftist brass in the Pentagon.

They seemed to be more worried labeling white men as the leading threat of terror to our nation as they watched 13 service members die because of their lack of planning and all as they made the Taliban one of the most well-equipped militaries in the world.

Thousands of rifles, hundreds of hummers and artillery pieces, and dozens of planes all handed over to the Taliban on the taxpayer’s dime.

But hey let’s worry about a concerned Marine trying to make our military a better place and is actually focused on the enemy.  © Culture Watch News

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